Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 673

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 673: Returning to Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm

After the addition of layer upon layer of restrictions, Ye Chuan carried the heavy sarcophagus and stood up.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, where are you going?”

Zhu Sijia’s heart was filled with worries. She was worried that Ye Chuan wouldn’t be able to endure this heavy blow and do something stupid. If he attacked Heavenly Yao Sect in impulse again, then it would be very dangerous. Ye Chuan naturally hated White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi to his bone marrow, but the latter who had lost an arm also hated Ye Chuan. If they meet again, then they would not rest until one of them died!

“Going to a place no one knows, Little Long’er, come with me!”

Ye Chuan’s voice was hoarse. He called Little Long’er and flew away with a heavy sarcophagus. The latter immediately transformed into Demon Dragon and followed behind. One person and one dragon quickly left Cloud Mist Sect and disappeared from the sight of people.

After Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s body was frozen, the next step was to find a place to bury.

Although Cloud Mist Sect was showing the signs of recovery now and the internal areas were heavily guarded, when the world fell into chaos, even Heavenly Yao Sect wouldn’t remain unscathed, not to mention Cloud Mist Sect. Cloud Mist Sect was not secure enough to bury this sarcophagus. The Dragon King Island under the control of White Dragon Sage and his wife Chu Hongniang was relatively safe, but it was too far away from Cloud Mist Sect. After considering for a bit, Ye Chuan thought of a place, Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

That place was the place where he and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had turned into lovers from enemies. That place witnessed their love and it was also the place where they two experienced life and death together. Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia would definitely be happy to be buried there.

Ye Chuan didn’t say a word, his speed, however, got faster and faster. In the end, Little Long’er who used to have faster speed was unable to keep up. The two passed mountains and ridges, getting farther and farther away from Cloud Mist Sect.

In the beginning, Little Long’er was still at a loss. He didn’t know where Ye Chuan was taking him. But slowly, as he got closer and closer to the Demon Dragon Paradise Realm, he understood a little. The love between Ye Chuan and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia started from Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, it would also be ended in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, this could be regarded as a glorious final destination. But the question was, Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm had already collapsed, how can they get in?

“Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm is huge and magnificent, it is a completely different world inside with layer upon layer of restrictions. Although it has already collapsed, the entrance is not completely blocked. As long as we spend a little bit of time, we inevitably will find a way to enter.”

Ye Chuan explained briefly as he understood the doubt in Little Long’er’s heart at a glance.

“Okay, I will listen to Big Brother’s arrangement!”

Little Long’er nodded his head and acted obediently, obeying Ye Chuan. Besides, since it had already been several years, he also wanted to return to Demon Dragon Paradise Realm to see his mother Agusiteli buried inside.

Before long, one dragon and one human rushed to the site of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. And after careful observation, they found a layer of soil that was relatively thin. They then directly dug a tunnel in that place and entered. Just as Ye Chuan expected, many places inside had already collapsed and were covered with soil, but there were also many places that had not been damaged under the protection of the restriction. Basically, there were relatively well-preserved areas at intervals. Relying on his powerful spirit, Ye Chuan searched these areas and entered Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, returning to the once familiar place.

In the dark underground, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er carefully advanced.

Compared to before, it was more difficult to travel through this collapsed Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. Often, not to mention they had to dig a tunnel, they also had to take precautions against various kinds of remaining incomplete restrictions and traps. These incomplete restrictions were even more difficult to detect because they were even more inconspicuous than the intact one. In an extremely short distance of one thousand meters underground, a human and a dragon encountered many traps. Fortunately, they were able to forcibly break through them relying on their powerful cultivation.

Continuing on with their journey, they dug more tunnels and arrived at a space. Ye Chuan carrying sarcophagus on his shoulder was walking in the front and Little Long’er was following behind. It seemed that this place originally ought to be a huge palace. Later, during the collapse, a large amount of soil poured in, but space was still left in this hall which was surrounded by rocks as tall as humans. It seemed there were no restrictions and traps, merely it was difficult to travel, nothing more. The two people strode forward. But, while walking, Ye Chuan who was walking in the front carrying a sarcophagus suddenly stopped.

“Big Brother Ye Chuan, what’s wrong?”

Little Long’er was a little surprised. He looked left and right but couldn’t sense any danger. Just when he wanted to ask further questions, he was absolutely terrified upon hearing subtle rustling sounds. In addition, beside him, the earth slid like a quicksand. Within collapsed Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, the collapse of rocks and earth again was normal, but it was different this time, after the earth slid, a humanoid giant appeared. It was over five meters tall, its body was extremely sturdy, but had a frightening ox-head. Little Long’er instantly felt a strong danger.

Bang, before Little Long’er could react, Ye Chuan had already made a move. The lower body of the ox headed person was broken into a pile of crushed stones. The upper part, however, rushed towards the two people using two hands to support. The remaining half actually hadn’t died.

Ye Chuan coldly snorted and made a move again. This time, he attacked the head of this ox headed person and this fellow thoroughly died. Although its combat power was not high, its vitality was frighteningly tenacious. Getting caught off guard by this fellow would be dangerous.

“Big Brother Ye Chuan, what is this?”

Little Long’er asked with lingering fear while looking around, worried that another similar fellow would suddenly pop out of the ground. Now, Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm had already been covered by a large amount of soil, no one knew how many such fellows were hidden inside this soil.

“This is a stone puppet, the head is the only vital part. If you encounter such fellows, then either escape quickly or smash their head, remember this.” Ye Chuan warned Little Long’er and squatting on the ground, he felt about. In the past when he had entered Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, Little Long’er was not together with him and he had not seen the power of these stone puppets.

After feeling about for a while, Ye Chuan really found a small cyan crystal man, this was a treasure popped out from that stone puppet’s head. Many runes were inscribed on it, should be a merit law. At that time, this type of cyan crystal man was a rare treasure. Every time it appeared, it caused a lot of fights. Liu Hong, that hot and sexy Miss of Five Style Sect, had used all kinds of schemes to obtain this. Even at that time, Ye Chuan was not too interested in these puppets, he was even less interested now. It was just a familiar thing that made him recall past events, nothing more. He roughly took a glance at it and tossed it to Little Long’er, “This should be a merit law, Little Long’er, try to comprehend it.”

“Many thanks, big brother.”

The eyes of Little Long’er shone and at a glance, he sensed that the merit law recorded in this small cyan crystal man was not simple. It was not up to much for Ye Chuan, but for others, it was a rare peerless merit law, “Big Brother Ye Chuan, are there many such stone puppets?”

Just a moment ago, Little Long’er was worried, but now, after getting a treasure, he was so excited that he couldn’t wait to encounter more such stone puppets like Liu Hong and others who had arrived in the forest of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm in those years.

“I don’t know, maybe.”

Ye Chuan faintly said and continued to advance, carrying the heavy sarcophagus. The sudden appearance of the stone puppet made this operation even more dangerous, but, Ye Chuan was fearless, and he directly went straight towards the end of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

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