Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 670

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 670: Wilderness Era

“The matter of today, drop it here.”

The cyan robed Seventh Elder looked around and faintly said.

“Old Meng, this…”

White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi raised her head and looking at Ye Chuan with hatred, she gritted her teeth.

Although the Dragon Vein Foundation of Heavenly Yao Sect was already suppressed and the foundation was still there, many palaces, structures and restrictions were already destroyed. It was very hard to estimate the loss. In addition, she had lost one arm, so how could she just drop the matter here?

“What, Zhao Tianbi, do you have any objection?” Meng Qi asked.

“I don’t dare, you are the guardian of Wilderness World, you have the final say.”

White Haired Heavenly Empress lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Meng Qi again. Although she didn’t dare to speak out, her tone, however, was somewhat stiff, she was still unwilling in her heart. Naturally, after considering everything, she still didn’t dare to go against the command of Meng Qi. The Wilderness Guardian, that, however, was not elected by the people, rather rose from the sea of blood and corpse mountain.

A very, very long time ago, in the era when sages roamed around in Wilderness World, there was no such thing as Wilderness Guardian, there were only Great Sages with heaven-defying cultivation base. That was the most glorious Sage Era in the history of the Wilderness World. Later, the Sage Realm experts either passed away or vanished and Wilderness World stepped into the new era. The outstanding heroes contended for hegemony and the world fell into chaos. The strong fought each other and the common people suffered disaster, leading to a terrible situation. This was known as the Age of Barbarism. In the later stage of the Age of Barbarism, Meng Qi suddenly rose and defeated every cultivation overlord, one by one. Then, he came to be known as Wilderness Guardian. From this point on, the overall situation of Wilderness World gradually stabilized, which was known as Guardian Era.

White Haired Heavenly Empress had always set herself high above the masses and was very conceited, but, in front of Meng Qi, this Wilderness Guardian, she didn’t dare to speak her mind and also didn’t dare to come into blows with him. Even the previous Heavenly Empress, i.e. her Master, was defeated in the hands of Meng Qi without any suspense; the same was true for previous previous Heavenly Empress, after challenging the Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi, she returned and died after three days.

The moment Meng Qi ascended to the throne of Wilderness Guardian, he publicly announced that anyone who didn’t accept can come to directly challenge him and the winner could replace him as Wilderness Guardian. For tens of thousands of years, many experts challenged him, openly or secretly, but not a single one emerged victoriously. Fortunately, although Meng Qi outmatched all dynasties and cultivation sects of the Wilderness World, he never took part in the private affairs of these forces and ignored the struggle between the sects, therefore, people were sincerely convinced and willingly accepted his administration.

This time, why did Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi suddenly appear?

The experts of various sects were confused, naturally, White Haired Heavenly Empress was also the same. The more she thought, the more unreconciled she was.

For a long time now, Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi never took part in the fight between the sects. Although this battle between Ye Chuan and herself caused a sensation, who would have thought that this battle would actually alert Meng Qi, this Wilderness Guardian? What did he want to do?

“Zhao Tianbi, your Heavenly Yao Sect has a long inheritance and is the number one sect. Your sect’s Dragon Vein Foundation is extraordinary, if it truly broke away from the binding and flew away, then it would shake our Wilderness World’s crystal wall, or might even tear a new time and space rift, making even more experts of the Outer World crash their way through.” Meng Qi understood the doubt of everyone present and explained in brief.

He will not intervene in the fight between the sects. At that time, when Cloud Mist Sect was almost destroyed by State teacher Jiang Tunsheng and over 200,000 Daqing Dynasty’s soldiers, he didn’t even lift a finger. However, if something threatens the crystal wall and shook the foundation of the Wilderness World, then he couldn’t just sit by and watch. Ye Chuan’s last move would not only inflict heavy damage on Heavenly Yao Sect, it would also affect the entire Wilderness World.

It turned out to be like this!

Everyone present here suddenly saw the light and recalling the astonishing destructive might of that Dragon Vein Foundation, their complexion turned pale. At that time, many people were still gloating in their hearts, waiting for the destruction of Heavenly Yao Sect. But now, looking back, they knew how dangerous that situation was. Nowadays, the crystal wall of Wilderness World was already shaky and there were already many time and space cracks, which led to many experts of Outer World quietly entering the Wilderness World, challenging the existing order of the Wilderness World. Once a huge time and space crack appeared, perhaps, it might be the doomsday of Wilderness World, everyone might become the slave of the great expert of the Outer World.

“Ye Chuan, how about dropping the matter here today?” Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi turned to Ye Chuan. Although the words had the same meaning, his tone was much different. There was no room for negotiation when he was speaking to White Haired Heavenly Empress, but it was a lot more peaceful when speaking to Ye Chuan. Anyone could see the difference. These two not only knew each other, they seemed to be very close friends.

The complexion of White Haired Heavenly Empress sank and her heart felt heavier.

He had the protection of Wilderness Guardian, no wonder Ye Chuan, this boy, dared to be so crazy! How could she avenge herself in the future?

White Haired Heavenly Empress gritted her teeth, but no matter how angry she was and how much unwilling she was, she could only grit her teeth and swallow them. From the lesson of successive Heavenly Empresses, even if she had the guts of a leopard, she wouldn’t dare to challenge Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi, unless she broke through to Sage Realm.

Sage Realm, yes, I must break through to Sage Realm!

White Haired Heavenly Empress inwardly vowed in her heart and endured this humiliation by gritting her teeth.

“Fine, Seventh Elder, it’s settled like this today. But, in the future, I, Ye Chuan will return and personally kill Zhao Tianbi!”

Ye Chuan spat out words, one by one. Afterward, carrying severely injured Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he flew away. Old Demon of Mount Yin and others quickly followed after him. Only Nan Tiandu remained, standing next to Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi.

“Master, I…” Nan Tiandu looked at his teacher who had an unfathomable cultivation base, then looked at Ye Chuan and others who had stepped into the transmission formation and hesitated.

He also hadn’t seen his master Meng Qi for a long time and there were many doubts in his cultivation to ask for advice. In addition, in front of his master, he also didn’t dare to rashly leave, otherwise, it would be disrespectful. However, his heart was already not here. He was very clear about his Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan’s character. After returning to Cloud Mist Sect, if Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was saved, then everything would naturally be fine, but if by chance, she wasn’t saved, then he was afraid…

Nan Tiandu didn’t dare to imagine how sad and angry Ye Chuan would become if he witnessed Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia die in his arms. At that time, who could appease the sadness in his heart, who could control his bellowing flames of fury?

The more Nan Tiandu thought, the more he feared. With regard to Master Meng Qi, he only felt respect, but, with regard to Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice Brother, he felt respect as well as indescribable fear. Facing Ye Chuan, he felt like he was facing a supreme expert. Clearly, his cultivation was much higher than Ye Chuan, but why did he still feel this way, Nan Tiandu also didn’t understand. But from the past when he challenged Ye Chuan under the incitement of other people, this feeling had already taken root in his mind. He was unable to eliminate it.

“Go.” Wilderness Guardian Meng Qi faintly instructed.

“Master, take care of yourself!”

Nan Tiandu bowed, then flew away, and at the last moment, he stepped into the transmission formation and disappeared together with Ye Chuan and others, returning to Cloud Mist Sect. Behind, the complexion of everyone changed.


As it turned out Nan Tiandu’s true identity was the personal disciple of Wilderness Guardian. Perhaps, he was the next Wilderness Guardian, no wonder he was so crazy and so powerful. Then, what about Ye Chuan? What was his true identity?

The experts of various sects were shocked. White Haired Heavenly Empress’s heart, however, became even heavier and she was almost out of breath.

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