Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 67

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 67: Senior apprentice-brother, I love you to death

Fatty Zhao Dazhi ran faster and faster, exhausting all the strength in his body, and his body was completely drenched with sweat. But, everything was in vain.

After rushing out from the underground Ghost Market, he had already run more than 10 li, but that feeling of being followed not only didn’t disappeared, instead became more and more strong, even to the extent that now he could faintly hear the sound of footsteps, which was getting nearer and nearer.

Fatty again turned back, sure enough, that burly figured Horned Demon was not urgently and not slowly chasing after him. “Youngster, why are you running so fast? Am I so terrifying? Gagagaga……”

The voice of Horned Demon drifted through the air. And just like a rigid corpse, he was hopping after fatty. Although his movement appeared somewhat comical, but his speed however was very fast.

In the underground Ghost Market, this Horned Demon Na Gusi had acted very cautiously, in order to avoid exposing his identity. But here in this uninhabited wilderness, he didn’t have any misgivings.

The Ghost Talisman sold by fatty Zhao Dazhi, it didn’t have any big use for common people, but for those Demonic cultivators, it was a priceless treasure. It could be used for refining yao beasts’ spirit, resolving the heart demon which was caused by forcibly fusing with yao beasts.

This time around, Na Gusi had heard that an ancient Paradise Realm was discovered in Cloud Mist mountain range, so he had quietly come to see what exactly was the case. But unexpectedly, although he discovered nothing about this Paradise Realm, he accidentally found a long lost Ghost Talisman.

Recently, he had forcibly refined a Horned Dinosaur, so his body was often unwell, his legs were stiff and blood was clotted. As a result, even walking was very difficult, that’s why he was hopping. And when he was confronting the backlash of Horned Dinosaur’s spirit, he just happened to find this Ghost Talisman! So no need to talk about 10,000 taels of silvers, he would have paid even ten times that amount if needed.

“I don’t have any more talisman, I only had that one, don’t……, don’t chase me!”

Turning around and looking at Horned Demon chasing after him, fatty Zhao Dazhi’s heart trembled and he knew that this situation was anything but reassuring, then he desperately ran like mad towards the direction of Cloud Mist Sect. Suddenly, he understood that he had made a fatal mistake under panic. He shouldn’t have immediately left the underground Ghost Market, instead should have stayed there, seeking the help of sect’s expert guarding in the underground Ghost Market.

If Big Senior Apprentice-Brother was in his place, then he would have definitely not made such mistake. Now, what should he do?

While running, fatty was feeling around his body, but other than those piles of banknotes, he didn’t find any message talisman in his body. Now, in such a crucial moment, in the vast desolated wilderness, he had no way to contact sect to ask for help.

Turning around to see, he saw Horned Demon Na Gusi was getting nearer and nearer, and fatty was so nervous that his heart was jumping rapidly. Now, he realized that he had one foot in the grave. At this time, he didn’t think about Sect Master, rather Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan. He was also thinking from the different perspective, if Ye Chuan was in such dangerous situation, then how would he deal with it?

In the period of time he had stayed beside Ye Chuan, not only Fatty Zhao Dazhi had obtained Marrow Cleansing Pill from him to breakthrough to Xiushi realm, he had also learned to be calm from Ye Chuan. The more dangerous the situation, the calmer he needed to be.

With the distance between him and fatty shortening, Horned Demon Na Gusi laughed heartily in his strange voice. Just like a cat that caught the mouse, he leisurely chased after fatty, waiting for the moment when the fatty would be exhausted completely. But, he suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

Desperately running fatty suddenly changed his fleeing pattern. He no longer stubbornly ran in a linear line, rather ran in a zigzag pattern. This caused difficulties for Horned Demon Na Gusi to change the direction who could only hop to chase after him, slowing down his speed, and fatty began to slowly open up the distance between them.

The fatty, who had calmed down, thought of the ways to throw off the pursuer, and gathering his courage, he took turn after turn while running. And it turned out this method was really effective!

“Humph, want to run?”

Horned Demon Na Gusi coldly snorted, then his dark red eyes flashed with pallid light, and he no longer played around with fatty, he suddenly exerted strength on the ground and jumped. He jumped more than 10 meters with such single jump, instantly increasing his speed. In a blink of an eye, he was already behind the fatty and stretched out his hand to catch him, “Boy, hand over all the talismans you have, otherwise, I will let you experience the feeling of death is better than life!”

Turning around his head and seeing Horned Demon instantly jumping behind him, fatty was scared out of his wits. And when he wanted to speed up to escape, his both legs however softened. Moreover, under the panic, he mistakenly stepped on a smooth stone and fell over to the ground, coincidently dodging the hand of Horned Demon. Riiip, Horned Demon Na Gusi’s attack missed, he wasn’t able to grab fatty, merely tore the clothing of fatty.

“Help me, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, save me ah……”

Fatty immediately got up and desperately ran again. Now his mind was almost blank, and just cried out for help subconsciously.

“Gagaga, boy, don’t waste your time, gagaga……”

Horned Demon Na Gusi laughed, then exerting pressure to the ground, he jumped again, then he palmed towards fatty.

Although he had already spent a lot of silvers to buy a Ghost Talisman, but for him, this single one was far from enough. Even if he settled the demon heart of this time with the help of Ghost Talisman, but next time, after refining another yao beast he would again have the same kind of problem. It was really not easy to encounter long lost Ghost Talisman, so he naturally wanted to trace back the origin of it, and want to know how this fatty found this Ghost Talisman? Moreover, he wanted to see whether this fatty has more Ghost Talisman or not too.

A fierce wind suddenly swept past the wilderness.

And before fatty could take several steps, his body was suddenly sent flying, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. Then looking at Horned Demon Na Gusi coming towards him, he struggled to stand up to continue to escape, but with burning pain in his back, he wasn’t able to stand up.

“Boy, if I said you can’t run, then you can’t, and nobody can save you too, gagaga……”

Demon Horned Na Gusi slowly walked towards fatty. And when he was considering this fatty would surely die, his laughter ceased abruptly, and he suddenly turned around.

A pallid light suddenly appeared in front of Horned Demon Na Gusi which was accompanied by a bone-piercing chill.

That was a sword, a sword emitting sharp sword qi!

Horned Demon Na Gusi punched out, and his fist collided with this sword, unexpectedly issuing a metal colliding like sound. The ferocious impact gave rise to the smoke, dust and fallen leaves. After the smoke, dust and fallen leaves dissipated, there was no one in front of him, and the fatty behind him had also disappeared. And after spreading out his divine sense, he saw a little black dot in a distance place, and it was getting farther and farther, towards the direction of Cloud Mist Sect.

In imminent peril, Nan Tiandu had arrived in the brink of time, saving fatty who had thought that he would certainly die, then carrying fatty on his back, he ran like mad.

“Senior apprentice-brother Tiandu, is that you?” Fatty who was still badly shaken found his current situation hard to believe.

Nan Tiandu was a rare genius, and he was indifferent to all the matters, but to his surprise, the person who had rescued him was unexpectedly Nan Tiandu who didn’t have any relation to him.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother sent me to pick you up.”

Nan Tiandu answered coldly, then became silent. Even though he was carrying overweight fatty, his speed however wasn’t any slower, and the more he ran the faster he was. Now holding a sharp sword dazzling with pallid light with his right hand, he was expressionless as if nothing had happened, merely his right arm was lightly trembling, and blood was dripping.

“Big Senior Apprentice-brother really is Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

Fatty choked with sobs, and suddenly cried with tears streaming down his cheeks, soaking the robe of Nan Tiandu.

Within so many years he had joined Cloud Mist Sect, he was cursed, beaten, ignored and ordered around by people, but no one had ever cared for him like this.

Nan Tiandu didn’t speak, and coldly letting fatty choke with sobs by himself, he continued to rush forward as if a never tiring horse. Now the Cloud Mist Sect’s entrance was already visible on the horizon.

Behind two people, now the complexion of Horned Demon Na Gusi became cloudy, and hesitating for a little while, he gave up. Then watching until Nan Tiandu and fatty Zhao Dazhi disappearing inside the entrance of the Cloud Mist Sect, he turned around and left angrily.

Although Cloud Mist Sect was steadily deteriorating, but it after all was an ancient lineage sect, and its actual strength was far from what was seen on the surface. Even if he was ferocious, and also aspired to obtain even more talismans, but Na Gusi also didn’t dare to easily charge in.

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