Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 664

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 664: Decisive Battle

“Hahaha, hahahaha…”

White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi who was standing on a stone pillar was also dumbfounded for a moment, then she laughed, “Good, good, boy, you are crazy enough, you are even crazier than your junior apprentice brother something Nan Batian. Well, I will let you experience the might of Heavenly Empress today!”

White Haired Heavenly Empress was so furious that she laughed. When her laughter was still reverberating throughout the sky, she had already jumped down, stabbing the sword in her hand towards Ye Chuan’s chest.

Since the temptation failed, she used force!

White Haired Heavenly Empress took action without any hesitation. She immediately used fatal moves. Her speed was already fast enough, but since she was jumping down from high above, her speed was even faster. Instantly, her figure couldn’t be seen with naked eyes, even Ye Chuan also just saw a blurred hint of sword gleam, and at the same time, his glabella crazily twitched, feeling strong danger. Immediately afterward, he subconsciously turned over Heaven Concealing Umbrella.

Ding! A crisp sound resounded in the ears of people.

White Haired Heavenly Empress was sent flying back over ten meters, Ye Chuan under Heaven Concealing Umbrella was still sitting cross-legged without any movement, seemingly had taken no damage. However, upon a closer look, it could be seen that Ye Chuan’s face was deathly pale and the hand holding Heaven Concealing Umbrella was trembling. Relying on Heaven Concealing Umbrella, Ye Chuan forcibly blocked the all-out attack of White Haired Heavenly Empress. Although Heaven Concealing Umbrella wasn’t damaged, the strong impact, however, almost ruined Ye Chuan’s entire arm. The greater part of his body was tingling.

The gap between a Peak Daoist Master Realm and Half Sage Realm was big, not to mention, he was now facing Peak Half Sage Realm peerless expert. This absolute gap between their cultivation bases was not something that could be filled by treasures. Treasures without sufficient self-strength were useless. Fortunately, Ye Chuan was not fighting alone. Other than seriously injured Plague Archfiend Abasi, Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and Diamond Ape King, these four great experts were sitting beside him, overlaying their respective powers on Ye Chuan. The help of the four great experts coupled with Heaven Concealing Umbrella, they barely stopped White Haired Heavenly Empress’s attack.

“So powerful, what exactly is the origin of that umbrella?”

“Everyone said that Nan Batian is crazy enough, no one expected that this boy is even crazier, no wonder he is the Big Senior Apprentice Brother and even Nan Batian is obedient to him!”

The onlooking crowd finally reacted and exclaimed in succession.

In the Grand Sacrifice Competition, Nan Tiandu in the pseudonym of Nan Batian was incomparably arrogant in the eyes of people. Many great experts had never seen such an arrogant person. Now, when they saw Ye Chuan, the understood the principle of the peak beyond the peak. There was an even crazier person. Within the territory of Heavenly Yao Sect, daring to blatantly make fun of Heavenly Empress, Ye Chuan was absolutely the first person in the history. For millions of years, there were many people who hated Heavenly Yao Sect to the bones, including many great devils with heaven-defying cultivation bases, but who dared to be so bold and arrogant in front of Heavenly Empress?

The people opened their eyes wide, not wanting to miss a single spectacular scene.

The Grand Sacrifice Competition of this time was already spectacular. Many geniuses appeared from various sects, showing the younger generation disciples were getting more and more powerful. After watching the matches between the disciples of various sects, many people had their eyes opened this time. The match between Nan Tiandu and Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple Jin Hong was even more amazing. But now, witnessing the battle between Ye Chuan and White Haired Heavenly Empress, people were excited like never before. If the competition between the disciples before was brilliant, then this fight was the fight of the millennium. Whether Ye Chuan won or lose, this fight was destined to be remembered for thousands of years!

“Boy, last chance, submit or not?” White Haired Heavenly Empress’s complexion was even colder. When she spit out words, people felt chill to the bottom of their hearts. In addition, even though they were observing from over a hundred meters away, they couldn’t help shivering. They couldn’t imagine what kind of pressure Ye Chuan was enduring.

“Stop spouting nonsense, Heavenly Empress, come, show your most powerful technique, let your Heavenly Yao Sect’s storm become even more violent!” Ye Chuan coldly replied. At this moment, his complexion was deathly pale and he was in far worse situation than White Haired Heavenly Empress, but his gaze was firm, devoid of fear and hesitation. Afterward, roaring loudly, he crazily circulated all twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and his energy fluctuation rose again, then opening his mouth, he spat out a blood-red flying sword, which circled around Heaven Concealing Umbrella.

Facing the overbearing White Haired Heavenly Empress, Ye Chuan didn’t shrink back, instead took out Dragon Slaying Flying sword to prepare a desperate counterattack. He used all his vitality along with the energy supplied by Nan Tiandu and others to use Heaven Concealing Umbrella and sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword.

In front of Heavenly Empress who stood at the peak of Wilderness World, the difference in their strength was too big, ordinary means were useless against her. Thus, Ye Chuan simply took out the sword and fully utilized his powerful spirit!

He had been waiting for this moment for a long time and he was already prepared. Using Heaven Concealing Umbrella to protect himself and using spirit infused Dragon Slaying Flying Sword to counterattack, this was his already prepared method to respond against White Haired Heavenly Empress, this super expert. Such a method might not defeat her, but, it would definitely make things difficult for her and she also wouldn’t be able to quickly end the fight. And as time goes by, some changes might appear, giving them a gleam of hope! It was for this reason Ye Chuan deliberately provoked White Haired Heavenly Empress in public and made her angry. The more ferocious White Haired Heavenly Empress’s attacks were, the more she couldn’t keep going for a long time!

The battle between experts was like playing chess. Other people took a step and calculate another step, but as the former Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan before taking each step, he would have already calculated three steps ahead. Other people laughed at him for being too arrogant, but who would know that killing moves that would kill without spilling blood was placed all over here.

Sure enough, after seeing Dragon Slaying Flying Sword circling around Heaven Concealing Umbrella, a hint of seriousness appeared on the always cold face of White Haired Heavenly Empress. As the overlord of Heavenly Yao Sect, Heavenly Empress quickly discerned that the flying sword of Ye Chuan was unusual. Not to mention its sharpness, the divine sense attached to it was vast and mighty. If this flying sword pierced the injury it inflicted was secondary, if one was not careful, the soul might be scattered.

“Wrong, this isn’t an ordinary flying sword, that is a Soul Artifact!”

“No, also not a true soul artifact, it’s just that the divine sense of that boy is so powerful that it can directly attack the opponent’s soul!”

Among the onlookers, there was no lack of powerful experts. They quickly saw through the might of Dragon Slaying Flying Sword and exclaimed in excitement.

Although this battle was exciting, they believed that there was no big suspense in this battle before, but now, a little suspense suddenly emerged, increasing the excitement, which made people look forward to the battle.

The cultivation of Ye Chuan appeared to be not up to much, but he had many means and various treasures. Who will win this battle in the end? In terms of cultivation, Ye Chuan was clearly far worse, could he still withstand White Haired Heavenly Empress’s ferocious attacks?

People watched on without blinking their eyes. Even as a bystander, they couldn’t help staring to get nervous.

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