Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 661

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 661: Ruthless

“Hahaha, hahahaha, I didn’t expect you to be a romantic-type person!”

White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi laughed heartily and standing on a stone pillar, she looked down at Ye Chuan. Her voice was cold as she added, “Boy, hand over Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and Heaven Concealing Umbrella, and allow yourself to be seized with your hands tied, otherwise, you and your sect will have a tragic fate! Considering the ancient oath of alliance between your Cloud Mist Sect and my Heavenly Yao Sect, in these last few years, this mistress has been secretly looking after your Cloud Mist Sect, otherwise, your Cloud Mist Sect would have been destroyed long ago!”

White Haired Heavenly Empress emitted dense killing intent, threatening to destroy Cloud Mist Sect.

All the onlookers closed their mouths, waiting to see how Ye Chuan would respond. The words of White Haired Heavenly Empress was astonishing, but no one doubted as she had that ability. With the strength of Heavenly Yao Sect, if she truly wanted to destroy Cloud Mist Sect, then there was no need for the whole nest to come out, just White Haired Heavenly Empress alone might be enough.

“Everything is decreed by fate, regardless of an individual or a sect, an individual would eventually die no matter how long the lifespan is, as for the sect, it would also perish one day no matter how long the inheritance is. If my Cloud Mist Sect is doomed to be destroyed, then no one can save it.” Ye Chuan calmly said as if he was an outsider. He then paused for a bit and added, “On the contrary, Heavenly Empress, your Deacon Elder is in my hands, do you truly not want to save him?”

Ye Chuan exerted strength, and Elder Tianqing immediately felt tingling pain on his head as if five sharp daggers were pressing against his scalp. Afterward, his complexion became paler as he trembled. He already somewhat understood Ye Chuan’s nature. When Ye Chuan caused havoc In Heavenly Yao Sect last time, he knew that Ye Chuan was a hard nut that yielded neither to persuasion nor to coercion. Since Ye Chuan said he would kill him, that was not an empty threat, he would truly be ruthless!

“Heavenly Empress, save me, Heavenly Empress, save me…” Elder Tianqing loudly begged in public without hesitation.

In the past, he was well-known for treasuring his face and extreme vanity, now however, he couldn’t afford to care. After falling in the hands of Ye Chuan, this ruthless person, he couldn’t not admit defeat. If White Haired Heavenly Empress didn’t make a move to save him, then he would truly die here. In former days, when punishing other people, he would ruthlessly behead them like cutting up vegetables, but now, when it was his turn, he had already pissed in his pants even before his head rolled on the ground.

White Haired Heavenly Empress looked at Elder Tianqing without any expression and didn’t say a word.

“Tsk tsk, a Deacon Elder is also so worthless? It seems I made a mistake, in such a big Heavenly Yao Sect, there is no personage with some weight!”

Ye Chuan shook his head, pretending to be disappointed. Afterward, the five fingers pressed against Elder Tianqing’s forehead suddenly sunk in and blood suddenly burst out of the old fellow’s forehead. He adopted the attitude of wanting to kill Elder Tianqing, leaving behind five holes on his forehead.

“No…, noble son Ye, spare me, no…”

Elder Tianqing screamed like a slaughtered pig. Under the suppression of Heaven Concealing Umbrella, he couldn’t even move an inch let alone resist. He could only pin all his hopes on Heavenly Empress. “Save me, Heavenly Empress, save me…, I, Tianqing has worked hard for you for so many years, Heavenly Empress, save me…”

Elder Tianqing begged loudly. White Haired Heavenly Empress who was standing on a stone pillar was his only hope now. And at the same time, this hostage was also the only hope of Ye Chuan’s group to get out of this place. Although Heaven Concealing Umbrella was powerful, with the current cultivation of Ye Chuan, he couldn’t display even one-tenth of its might. He could only block the attacks of White Haired Heavenly Empress, and it would be impossible for him to retreat to the ancient transmission formation while protecting his entire group.

“Tianqing, you also have such a day!”

“Heh heh, yes, I truly had never expected for this fellow to also have such a day. Unfortunately, with the protection of Heavenly Empress, it looks like this old fellow won’t die yet, it’s a pity…”

The people looking from far away made comments while pointing upon seeing this scene.

Over the years, Elder Tianqing tyrannically abused power, no one knew how many people were dying to kill him, merely, they didn’t dare to take the dangerous risk and also didn’t have such ability, nothing more. Not to mention other sects, even within Heavenly Yao Sect, there were many who were discontented with him. They wanted Ye Chuan to immediately kill this old fellow Elder Tianqing. Unfortunately, after careful thought, people felt that it was very unlikely.

The status of Elder Tianqing was extraordinary, far from being comparable to younger generation disciples like Jin Hong. Elder Tianqing had been controlling Heavenly Yao Sect for many years representing White Haired Heavenly Empress. For people, Elder Tianqing represented Heavenly Yao Sect and he also represented the will of White Haired Heavenly Empress. Sacrificing a younger generation disciple was nothing, but letting such an elder die, how can that be possible?

Elder Tianqing also knew this point. He understood that his status and position were extraordinary, in addition, he knew many secrets of White Haired Heavenly Empress which was unknown to many people. The latter had many affairs that shouldn’t see the light. He was the absolute trusted aide of White Haired Heavenly Empress who had been working for many years for her. So, he begged her regardless of losing his face. However, slowly, he noticed that he was wrong and his heart sunk.

Even after begging for a while, the aloof White Haired Heavenly Empress had no change in her expression, her face was still cold and expressionless, it was even colder without any hint of compromising and saving intent.

“Heavenly Empress, you can’t let me die, I am Tianqing, am Heavenly Yao Sect’s Deacon Elder, I…” Elder Tianqing panicked. Some of his words were incoherent.

“Tianqing, you are thinking too much, when this mistress said you are the Deacon Elder, then you are the Great Elder above millions of people and under just one person, but when this mistress said you aren’t, you aren’t. Life as a pawn is difficult to manage, don’t blame I, this Heavenly Empress for being ruthless, if you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for being incompetent. A grand Deacon Elder was actually captured alive by a junior, how can you still be my Heavenly Yao Sect’s Deacon Elder? Considering your service for many years, I will send you on your way!”

White Haired Heavenly Empress finally spoke. Her tone was ice cold without a hint of emotion. Afterward, she flicked her finger from the distance.


Elder Tianqing screamed, then his body weakly fell down. A bloody hole was added on his glabella.

Before Ye Chuan made a move, White Haired Heavenly Empress herself killed Elder Tianqing. In the eyes of average people, Elder Tianqing was a very important figure, was an aloof Great Elder who could command the entire sect, but in the eyes of White Haired Heavenly Empress, he was just a dog, or to say, a pawn that could be sacrificed at any time, nothing more.

Suddenly, the world became very quiet, everyone turned pale with fright and were scared witless. Nan TIandu and others were also the same. After seeing the powers and ruthlessness of White Haired Heavenly Empress, Ye Chuan’s heart also sunk deeper and deeper.

Just when everyone closed their mouth and feeling restless, a burst of laughter suddenly resounded.

“Hahaha, hahahaha, Elder Tianqing, as it turned out you are also a pawn of someone, you are also just so-so, hahahaha…”

Son of Heaven Jin Hong who was lying on a pool of blood actually was still alive. After witnessing the bad end of Elder Tianqing by his own eyes, he laughed heartily as if he had gone crazy. Afterward, he got up and left while laughing like a lunatic. His laughter got farther and farther away, disappearing outside Heavenly Yao Sect. Among the two arrogance and powerful figures of Heavenly Yao Sect, one turned into a corpse and another became crazy.

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