Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 660

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 660: Extremely Conceited

“Quick, Rhodes!”

Ye Chuan urgently ordered. Every second felt like forever. Elder Tianqing, however, was excited and saw hope.


Old Demon of Mount Yin responded. He also saw White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi flying over, and took out all the crystal stones he had. Boom, the ancient transmission formation below their legs rotated rapidly and emitted dazzling radiance, even the surrounding air rippled and twisted.

“When I ascend to Sage, only I will lord above and below heaven, the world will be under my feet.”

“When I shed mundane and become the Sage, I want this present, no longer aging, I want this land, no longer collapsing and time ceases to pass!”


A voice came from far away and reverberated throughout the world.

Great Wishing Technique!

White Haired Heavenly Empress who was flying over used the top-notch technique which only successive Heavenly Empresses were qualified to cultivate.

The people gathered in the vicinity of the entrance gate made a commotion, then the world suddenly became peaceful. Everyone, regardless of Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts or the guests of various sects, all stood still like a stone sculpture. Someone lowered their head, wanting to look for a place to hide, and someone opened their mouth, wanting to exclaim, but they couldn’t emit any sound, all were fixed in their action and expression of just a moment ago. Ye Chuan’s group was also the same. Even the ancient transmission formation under their legs also stopped as if it was frozen by someone. It stopped just a moment before they were teleported away.

Upon seeing Ye Chuan’s group were about to be teleported away, White Haired Heavenly Empress displayed her peerless technique, creating an astonishing scene, while rushing over.

Swish! A hint of cold light streak across the sky, creating an ear-piercing sound.

After using a great technique to stop time in order to prevent Ye Chuan’s group from teleporting away, White Haired Heavenly Empress brandished a sharp sword, directly attacking Ye Chuan. Although the Great Wishing Technique was powerful, it could only stop time for a moment, thus, she decided to kill Ye Chuan who was the root cause.

Clang, White Haired Heavenly Empress shook as the sharp sword was blocked by Heaven Concealing Umbrella in Ye Chuan’s hand.

After the moment, Ye Chuan came back to his senses and used Heaven Concealing Umbrella to block Heavenly Empress’s deadly move. In the past few days, refining Yinyang Life Wheel had made his body particularly weak, but his spirit had become much stronger, making him come back to his senses first. In the next moment, he didn’t have time to think, sword lights rose suddenly in front of his eyes. Furious White Haired Heavenly Empress used an even more powerful killing move, wanting to wipe out Ye Chuan’s group in one move! At that time, Nan Tiandu and others also came back to their senses and turned pale with fright.

“Withdraw, move back inside Heaven Concealing Umbrella!”

After commanding, Ye Chuan decisively dragged Elder Tianqing and jumped out of the transmission formation. Upon seeing this, Nan Tiandu and others also followed in succession and squeezed under Heaven Concealing Umbrella. Afterward, this ancient umbrella suddenly expanded and emitted black mist, tightly covering everyone.

Just a bit more and they could have teleported back to Cloud Mist Sect. Ye Chuan and others were furious, unfortunately, if they didn’t leave transmission formation, they would have died under Heavenly Empress’s hands, they had to retreat on their own. The group was in a terrible mood as they reentered the encirclement of Heavenly Yao Sect, their situation was anything but reassuring. Elder Tianqing who was captured as a hostage, however, became more and more excited.

“Boy, still not releasing this lordship? Heavenly Empress has personally come, even if you all have three heads and six arms, you all are screwed, hahaha…”

Elder Tianqing borrowed the tiger’s fierceness and laughed heartily, but soon, he was unable to laugh.

White Haired Heavenly Empress attacked again, her sword moves were frightening, but all were blocked by the Heaven Concealing Umbrella in Ye Chuan’s hands. Facing the furious White Haired Heavenly Empress, Nan Tiandu also didn’t dare to confront her. Since all of them were dripping with blood and also exhausted, they together were not her opponent. Perhaps, they might not be able to last a few rounds under her sword. However, beyond everyone’s expectation, the ancient Heaven Concealing Umbrella protected them like a layer of tortoiseshell.

“Impossible, although Heaven Concealing Umbrella is powerful, how can…”

Elder Tianqing became pale. He was surprised than anyone else, and his heart sunk further and further like falling down an endless abyss.

Heavenly Empress had come in person, but even she was unable to kill Ye Chuan’s group, wouldn’t that mean…

Elder Tianqing who had laughed heartily just a moment ago borrowing the tiger’s mind trembled and his old face also became a little red. He had been working in Heavenly Yao Sect for so many years, but when had he ever thought that he would be captured alive within Heavenly Yao Sect someday?

“Good, good, what a good capability and amazing means, you were actually able to comprehend the magical uses of Heaven Concealing Umbrella so quickly!”

White Haired Heavenly Empress coldly snored, then jumping onto a nearby stone pillar, she looked down, and with her face covered with a layer of frost, she said, “Such powerful means, this mistress actually thought that you are a certain gentleman of previous life, but didn’t expect, it actually turned out to be you, the boy surnamed Ye. At that time when you come to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, this mistress carelessly made an error of judgment. Boy, speak, who exactly are you? Don’t say that you are just an ordinary disciple of Cloud Mist Sect!”

At this time, if she couldn’t detect that Ye Chuan was unusual, then she wouldn’t be Heavenly Empress.

The gaze of White Haired Heavenly Empress was sharp like a dagger, wanting to see through the secrets of Ye Chuan. In Heavenly Yao Cave, he was already surprised and furious to see both Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and Heavenly Yao Senior had disappeared. In addition, when she found that everything was Ye Chuan’s method to lure her out, her fury increased, but no matter how furious she was, she looked cold and aloof on the surface without any expression. Only her dense killing intent indirectly displayed her anger.

“Heavenly Empress, who am I is not important, you just need to know that I, Ye Chuan, will take Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia away today at all events, you can be heartless and disregard the sentiment of master and apprentice, but it’s impossible for me. I, Ye Chuan’s woman for one day, my woman for a lifetime, whoever wants to kill my woman has to kill me first.”

Ye Chuan coldly replied. Even facing White Haired Heavenly Empress, this super expert, he didn’t have even a hint of fear on his face.

The on-looking people made commotion while sizing up Ye Chuan once again.

Nan Tiandu was already powerful enough, now, witnessing with their own eyes, Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice Brother, was more powerful than Nan Tiandu! This was not necessarily the case of cultivation, to achieve great matters, courage and strategies were even more important. Looking throughout the world, not to mention the younger generation, even among the Sect Master of various sects, how many could remain so calm and composed in front of White Haired Heavenly Empress?

Ye Chuan who had been planning and acting behind the scenes during this trip to Heavenly Yao Sect finally walked out from backstage to the front of the stage, directly facing the pressure of White Haired Heavenly Empress.

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