Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 66

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 66: Ghost Talisman

The sudden appearance of Horned Demon made people uniformly take few steps back. The complexion of everybody tightened and no-one uttered a word.

Other than fatty who was squatting on the ground, no-one saw the lumps on the head of this Horned Demon, so they didn’t know he was a Horned Demon. But with nearly three meters tall body, and furthermore that killing intent surrounding his body, all of the onlookers were shocked without exception.

All the people in the underground Ghost Market were sly people, and their eyes were very sharp, quickly realizing that this person was an expert, moreover a great devil who killed people without batting an eyelid!


This fatty of Cloud Mist Sect is finished, unexpectedly taking out a sheet of casually scribbled paper in front of this person, now, not only he would not earn money, he will be leaving even his little life here!

People sighed in their heart, but not a single one of them dared to step forth to help.

In the underground Ghost Market, the best way to survive was to put one’s safety before matters of principle, moreover no-one wants to be meddlesome. Although Fatty Zaho Dazhi was pitiful, but this pitiful person certainly had hateful aspect, who asked him to take out such slip of paper to tease people? Swindling money is also a skill, it isn’t something an average person could do casually. Just like Exploiter Hu, although he is known as stripping off a layer of people’s skin, but those people have never come to make any big trouble for him. He clearly knows who to swindle, and have swindling skill too.

“Your Excellency, you…, I…” Fatty trembled with fear and stood up, then looking at this terrifying Horned Demon, he spoke incoherently.

Now fatty didn’t want that slip of paper, merely was wishing he could immediately flee from here. The farther from this Horned Demon, the better. But his legs had gone soft and without any strength, he began to tremble more and more violently.

“This paper……, I want it, how much? Name the price!”

The hoarse voice of Horned Demon came through. After spreading out the piece of paper in his hand and taking a look for a little while, his dim red eyes emitted unusual radiance, just like a starving wolf wandering in the wilderness.

The surrounding became very quiet. All the people stared dumbfounded, including fatty.

This person isn’t here to kill someone, but to buy something?

This slip of paper, is someone really buying it?

People found it very hard to believe, and that loose cultivator who had already walked far away also came back, but similarly stared dumbfounded. But this time he was better-behaved, in front of the Horned Demon, he was well-behaved just like a cat, and didn’t dare to show his earlier arrogance.

“As long as, as long as……” Fatty calmed down a little bit, and thinking about his seriously ill father back at home, he gritted his teeth and gathering the courage, he stretched out his finger.

“50 taels? Trying to sell a piece of paper at such price, this fatty really dared to speak without thinking!”

“Exactly, truly caring for money over his life. But it’s strange, what is that thing to be so expensive?”

People whispered all sorts of comments.

The face of fatty reddened, then paled. He continuously recalled the instruction of Ye Chuan, so even though the people were already feeling 50 taels was already an exorbitant price, he was far from being satisfied. But, standing before him was not a loose cultivator, rather a Horned Demon, so who would dare to haggle with him?

Horned Devil didn’t utter a word. And seeing Horned Devil was silent and the atmosphere around them getting tense, fatty felt more and more uneasy.

Fortunately, the silence was only for a moment. Horned Demon finally opened his mouth: “8,000 taels, how’s that?”

The people who were making all sorts of comments suddenly became quiet.

8000 taels?

People doubted whether they had heard wrongly, 8000 taels for a sheet of paper, isn’t that price as high as heaven?

Fatty was also greatly surprised, he had never thought that as soon as Horned Demon opened his mouth, he would be so bold and uninhibited, so fatty was truly dumbfounded, “Your Excellency, this……”

“Is that still not enough?”

The face of Horned Demon was covered with a black cloak, so his expression couldn’t be seen, but his eyes flashed with cold light, then taking out a pile of banknotes from his bosom, “12,000 taels, no more than this, if this is still not enough, then……”

“Enough, it’s enough!”

Fatty as if awakening from the dream took the banknotes from the hand of Horned Demon while trembling. He was half restless and half excited.

12,000 taels, this price had far exceeded his expectation. Originally, he had thought that if he could sell this paper at several hundred taels, then he would laugh up his sleeve. But Ye Chuan hadn’t spoken wrongly, this slip of paper was very valuable. Most people would not understand, but there will always be few discerning people.

With banknotes in his hand, fatty as if hiding a hot potato, bowed and walked away. He wanted to quickly leave this place now so as to avoid troubles that may arise due to a long delay. But just after he had walked few steps, Horned Demon’s burly figure instantly appeared in front of them, frightening fatty.

“Wait a bit, youngster, do you still have this kind of talisman?” Horned Demon looked at fatty with scorching hot eyes.

This graffiti scribbled casually by Ye Chuan appeared useless for an average person, but discerning people would know that this was a kind of very powerful talisman with a single glance. This could be used to attack, and it had another great use for some people!

“No, just this one.” Fatty shook his head, and turning around, when he wanted to walk away, Horned Demon again blocked him.

This Horned Demon had a burly body, and looked like a mountain, but his speed was strangely fast. There were a lot of experts among the onlookers, but not even a dozen of them saw his movements clearly. Everyone was surprised in their heart.

“Where did you obtain this talisman?” Horned Demon continued to question closely. As if the ghost lingering around, now fatty was even more nervous and restless.

“Picked up, I accidentally picked up in the wild.”

Fatty nervous heart quickly jumped, and again turning around, as if running for life, he hurriedly walked away.

Fortunately, this time, this Horned Demon didn’t block his way. Merely, after fatty disappeared at the end of the underground passage, this Horned Demon also disappeared suddenly. Just like that, he disappeared on the blackened side of the wall without a trace. The skill used by him was similar to the earth style technique of the Five Style Sect, but was more brilliant. It didn’t leave any traces and energy fluctuation.

“Powerful, who was that black robed person?”

“Strange, that paper with child scribble was a talisman, how come I didn’t notice it?”

Underground Ghost Market seethed with excitement.

After Horned Demon with threatening aura was gone, people relaxed and talked with each other.

All day long, Exploiter Hu who flaunted himself as having sharp eyes and no treasure would escape from his eyes was in a daze. Standing alone in the dark, he muttered, “Ghost Talisman? Could it be that it truly was long lost Ghost Talisman……”

Exploiter Hu who pulled a long face all day long as if everyone owed him 300 taels of silver in former days, now for the first time, stood motionless for a long time, and didn’t take advantage of many people and also didn’t care about his stall at all.

More than 10 meters away, that middle-aged loose cultivator was beating his chest and stamping his feet, and was endlessly regretting.

That slip of paper of fatty, he was the first person in the underground Ghost Market to show interest to it, and was even earlier than that Horned Demon. Regrettably, he had eyes but didn’t see, and just like this, he let this chance slip in vain. At that time, if he had haggled a little with fatty, then perhaps he could have bought that paper in several hundred or so taels of silvers, then selling again, he could have made a profit of more than 10,000 taels of silvers!

It was a tragedy to cultivate for a lifetime, but not having a protective treasure.

And what was even more tragedy was, there was a lot of treasure in front of you which was extremely easy to obtain, but let them slip by being unable to discern them!

In the underground Ghost Market, everyone was discussing this matter. And above the ground, fatty however was running wildly, as if a bird that starts at the mere twang of a bow, he was desperately running towards Cloud Mist Sect. He turned his head to take a look, he saw nothing behind, but fatty always had a feeling as if someone was staring at him, and even after going all out, he was unable to shake him off.

It’s that Horned Demon!

He is secretly following me!

Sweating profusely, fatty felt unprecedented fear.

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