Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 658

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 658: You Are Just a Pawn

Suddenly summoning a large group of Evil Eyed Cow Demon, Ye Chuan didn’t intend to break out of this encirclement relying on these several hundred Yao Beast Legion. His real intention was the same as Son of Heaven Jin Hong, he wanted to capture a hostage.

When Evil Eyed Cow Demons were still appearing, Ye Chuan flew towards Jin Hong. His physical body was very weak, in addition, he was carrying a person on his back, but, with twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans circulating crazily within his body, he instantly erupted with astonishing speed, and at the same time, he shouted, “Rhodes!”

“Here, Your Excellency, I’m coming!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin who was standing not far away quickly understood the meaning of Ye Chuan. He ignored the attacks of Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts and rushed over. Then, along with his roar, a large number of vines appeared around Jin Hong, wanting to tie up his hands, legs and body, in addition, pierce his throat and chest.

“You dare, boy, you…”

Jin Hong was shocked and also angry. He quickly understood the intention of Ye Chuan. Unfortunately, under the attacks of Evil Eyed Cow Demons and dealing with the vines that were trying to bind him, he didn’t have time to do anything despite understanding the intention of Ye Chuan. When he had just cut off the vines that had bound him with difficulty, a heavy banner had already appeared in front of him. Bang, he was ferociously knocked to the ground and he became dizzy for a moment.

“You dare, release the arrows, release the arrows!”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother…”

The surrounding disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect also reacted and rushed forward to save Jin Hong in succession. White Elders also rushed over. Unfortunately, there was someone who was faster than him. A tensile vine suddenly emerged from the ground and pulled Jin Hong who had fallen to the ground over.

Among the five great experts around Ye Chuan, the cultivation of Old Demon of Mount Yin was far from being the strongest, but his response was quick and was the most astute. After realizing what Ye Chuan wanted to do, he knew what to do without Ye Chuan’s order.

“Kakaka, boy, with your bird-like appearance, you still want to take our Excellency as a hostage? Kakaka, what a joke!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and placed the dagger he found who knows where on Jin Hong’s throat. Then he roared, “Nobody move, stop for this lord! Otherwise, your Heavenly Yao Sect’s first-generation Big Disciple will die here!”

The disciples who were rushing over from all sides stopped and looking at Jin Hong coughed by Old Demon of Mount Yin, they didn’t dare to make any move. Meanwhile, Ye Chuan’s group, however, gathered together and slowly walked towards the ancient transmission formation taking advantage of this moment. As long as they step into ancient transmission formation less than 100 meters away, they would be safe! Behind, many disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect slowly followed. All of them held a sharp sword with dense killing intent, but no one dared to rush forward.

“Amazing, they actually find a way out of their predicament!”

“Who said that the Big Senior Apprentice Brother of Nan Batian is mediocre? He has both courage and cunning, this is the real expert!”

“Yes, a person who is able to become Nan Batian’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother, how can he be so simple? I am sure that that uninvited guest who broke into Small Yao Lake before is him!”

The guests of various sects made all sorts of comments and looked at Ye Chuan with surprise and admiration.

Now, the people could see that Ye Chaun was the leader of Nan Batian’s group as long as they were not stupid. As now it seemed although Ye Chuan’s body was weak and his cultivation also seemed to be not very high, in the heart of people, he was even more amazing that Nan Batian, giving people unfathomable feelings. Otherwise, what did he riled on to break into Small Yao Lake, in addition, how did he plan everything and successfully saved Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia from Heavenly Yao Cave?

Looking at Ye Chuan who was wearing a big bamboo hat, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples were also shocked inwardly and hesitated to make a move. On one hand, they had misgivings that Jin Hong would truly be killed, and on the other hand, being unable to see through Ye Chuan’s identity, they didn’t dare to act recklessly. When all was said and done, the person lying on Ye Chuan’s back was not someone ordinary, rather their Heavenly Yao Sect’s Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia!

As one of the former three giants together with Elder Tianqing and Kumu Warrior Tianku, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had great prestige in Heavenly Yao Sect. As the next successor of Heavenly Empress, she was aloof and her status was even above Tianku and Elder Tianqing. Although she was ordered to be imprisoned in Heavenly Yao Cave for a long time, she was still irreplaceable Heavenly Maiden in the heart of traditional Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples. At this moment, since they didn’t know Ye Chuan’s identity or his relation with Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, who dared to easily make a move?

On the surface, Ye Chuan’s group had only one hostage, Jin Hong, but as Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples see it, they had two hostages. Even if they ignored the life and death of Jin Hong, what about Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia? The swords had no eyes, when they attacked all at once, if by chance killed Heavenly Maiden, then who could afford to take the responsibility?

Ordinary disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect had misgivings to attack, even White and Black Elders, these super experts, were the same. Their killing intent was bellowing but no one dared to make a move.

“Attack, kill them all, spare no one! If Heavenly Empress questioned, I alone will take full responsibility!”

A hoarse voice suddenly resounded in the ears of people.

Seeing Ye Chuan’s group was getting closer and closer to the transmission formation, Elder Tianqing who had been in the back couldn’t endure any longer. He roared and took the initiative to ferociously attack Ye Chuan’s group.


With Elder Tianqing in the lead, the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect also rushed out. They roared and began to attack ferociously. Instantly, Nan Tiandu, Diamond Ape King and Rain Demon were surrounded and were in danger. Plague Archfiend Abaisi wanted to help but he couldn’t make any move due to his injuries.

“Tianqing, you have long disliked Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who hindered your scheme of controlling Heavenly Yao Sect and want to kill her, but Jin Hong is the Big Disciple you have personally promoted, do you want to personally destroy him?” Ye Chuan’s complexion was cold as he loudly asked. Meanwhile, upon seeing the situation was not good, Jin Hong no longer cared about his face and began to loudly wail and beg in front of everyone, begging Elder Tianqing to save him.

“Hahaha, boy, do you really think that Jin Hong is important? He is just a pawn this lordship used, I can choose another one immediately. Even if my Heavenly Yao Sect has nothing else, we have a lot of outstanding young disciples! Thinking to make us retreat using this fellow as a hostage, boy, you must be dreaming, hahaha…”

Elder Tianqing laughed heartily, ignoring the wailing and begging of Jin Hong. Then, he initiated even more ferocious attacks to directly kill Ye Chuan. It seemed that regardless of the life and death of Jin Hong, he wanted to take advantage of this situation to kill unconscious Heavenly Maiden on Ye Chuan’s back!

A grand Big Disciple was just a pawn?

Upon hearing the words of Elder Tianqing, the complexion of Ye Chuan and others changed. As for Jin Hong, he looked pale and despaired. For a long time, he looked down on everyone due to his high status and called himself Heavenly Yao Sect’s Son of Heaven who would replace Heavenly Empress to control Heavenly Yao Sect one day. But now, after hearing Elder Tianqing, he understood that he was just a pawn that could be sacrificed at any time.

Lost, despair, unprecedented humiliation…, Jin Hong felt all kinds of tastes and suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood, then died before someone else killed him.

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