Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 657

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 657: A Gleam of Hope

White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi’s voice resounded throughout the sky for a long time.

In the vicinity of Heavenly Yao Sect’s entrance gate, Ye Chuan’s complexion suddenly changed and ordered without any hesitation, “Kill, rush forward!”

A red light flashed in Ye Chuan’s hand as he took the initiative to rush forward while brandishing Iron Blooded Banner.

Originally, he was still hesitant, worried that the head-on confrontation would be too costly for him. But now, he already had no choice. If they didn’t make a move now and waited until White Haired Heavenly Empress arrived here, then perhaps, their entire team wouldn’t be able to escape!


Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others roared and followed behind Ye Chuan, cooperating to forcibly breakthrough the blockade.

“Come, we have waited for you all for a long time.”

Elder Tianqing sneered and under his order, Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts standing behind him also rushed forward to meet Ye Chuan’s group head-on, quickly stopping Ye Chuan’s group. Especially two Half Sage Realm experts, Black and White Elders, they laughed while attacking ferociously. Nan Tiandu and Diamond Ape King who went against them were in danger. After hearing the news, more and more Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples besieged Ye Chuan’s group. Ye Chuan’s group was just less than 100 meters away from the transmission formation, but at such a distance, Ye Chuan’s group was stopped.

“What a good Big Disciple, boy, I will take your life! After I capture you, I will see how that kid Nan Batian will run amuck!”

A shadow suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chuan. He was holding a sharp sword with dense killing intent. His sword quickly stabbed straight towards Ye Chuan’s heart, throat and other vital parts. Catching Ye Chuan off guard, that sowed almost pierced through Ye Chuan’s heart.

Son of Heaven Jin Hong who was standing behind Elder Tianqing suddenly made a deadly move.

Two days ago, when he came to avenge Ouyang Huo, he felt that Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice Brother of Nan Tiandu, was not simple. However, even Black and White Elders were deceived by Ye Chuan’s weak and emaciated appearance, at that time, he couldn’t say anything. Now, he knew that his suspicious of at that were indeed correct, everyone was just being led by the nose. Although Nan Batian was hateful, this brat Ye Chuan should be killed even more. At a glance, he knew that Ye Chuan was the mastermind behind the scene!

Jin Hong’s sword moved faster and faster. Taking advantage of Ye Chuan’s weak body, he went all out, one move was fiercer than others. He wanted to seriously injure Ye Chuan and take him hostage. At that time, he didn’t need to fear that Nan Batian wouldn’t be submissive.

In the final match of Grand Sacrifice Competition, Jin Hong lost without any suspense. What’s more, he lost in a complete mess, losing his face altogether. After breaking through to Half Sage Realm relying on the best quality Heaven Recovering Pill, he was already powerful enough. Although that was only a temporary state and he couldn’t maintain that state for long, he already looked down upon outstanding heroes, leaving behind the disciples of other sects far behind the dust. However, beyond his expectation, he unexpectedly encountered Nan Tiandu, this demon! His breakthrough was just temporary, nothing more, however, Nan Taindu was a real Half Sage Realm expert, furthermore, ordinary Half Sage Realm experts couldn’t compare to him.

When Nan Tiandu released his seal and emitted his powerful energy fluctuation without any restriction, displaying his true power, everyone on and below the stage were stunned including Jin Hong. In less than three moves, he suffered a crushing defeat in the hands of Nan Tiandu and was forced to revert to his original state. All his words of before turned into a fart. Immediately afterward, witnessing the battle between Nan Tiandu and Heavenly Empress, Jin Hong received a big blow. It could be said that Nan Tiandu left an unforgettable shadow in his heart, which turned into a demon blocking his path of cultivation.

Originally, Jin Hong thought that he would never be the opponent of Nan Tiandu throughout his life, and he wouldn’t be able to personally avenge himself. But, the situation suddenly changed beyond everyone’s expectation, now, Ye Chuan’s group was besieged heavily and it was difficult for them to get out of this situation. At this moment, as long as he was able to capture Ye Chuan as a hostage, he didn’t need to worry about Nan Tiandu not submitting. When the time comes, couldn’t he do whatever he pleased to avenge himself?

Jin Hong became excited and his attacks became even more ferocious. Weak Ye Chuan who was carrying Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia became delicious meat in his eyes.

“Surnamed Jin, want to take me hostage?”

Ye Chuan sneered, his eyes, however, were lit up, suddenly thinking of a way to break out of this situation, and seeing a gleam of hope.

Under the attacks of Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts, Nan Tiandu and others were desperately fighting back. None of them could pull away to help him. It was also because of this point, Jin Hong dared to attack Ye Chuan at ease. Ye Chuan had to say that this fellow had a bit of gut and also strength, in addition, he was worthy of being the first Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect, unfortunately, he was still too inexperienced!

Beside Ye Chuan, a cyan light suddenly flashed and a Cow Demon appeared in front of them.

“Eh, this Big Senior Apprentice Brother of Nan Batian is a beast tamer?”

“So what if he is a beast tamer, isn’t he still going to die? If his pet was a dragon or something, then there is a hope of breaking out of this encirclement, but, summoning a cow demon in this situation, isn’t he humiliating himself and also courting death?”


The on-looking guests of various sects commented in succession. Looking at the Evil Eyed Cow Demon beside Ye Chuan, they shook his head in unison.

In Wilderness World, Evil Eyed Cow Demon was an ordinary yao beast. Although it bore the name of a yao beast, it couldn’t even defeat a powerful hunter of the secular world. At the critical moment, summoning such a yao beast to stop Jin Hong’s attack, that absolutely was a big joke?

“Hahaha, hahahaha…, boy, is this all you got? If you have other techniques, then show all of them, hahahahaha…”

Jin Hong was dumbfounded for a moment and laughed heartily. Elder Tianqing who was standing at the back, however, didn’t laugh, he frowned as he vaguely felt a danger, but, he didn’t know where this danger was coming from. When Jin Hong was laughing, the cyan light around Ye Chuan became bright and more and more Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared. They rushed forward without fearing death. These trifling yao beasts actually launched a ferocious counterattack against Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts. Instantly, roars filled the sky and the scene became very chaotic.

A single Evil Eyed Cow Demon was indeed not worth mentioning, although the cyan light beam its eyes emitted wasn’t bad, unfortunately, the accuracy was too poor. It alone almost had no threat to a Daoist Master Realm expert. But, with several hundred of Evil Eyed Cow Demons suddenly appearing on the compact space and launching ferocious attacks, the situation was completely different. Although these light beams weren’t deadly enough to threaten their lives, being caught off guard, the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect instinctively dodged. If they were facing ordinary opponents, this wouldn’t have become a problem, they would have easily killed off all these Evil Eyed Cow Demon in no time and regrouped. Unfortunately, they were facing Ye Chuan, this expert who once was peerless. As long as they exposed a little flaw, it was enough!

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