Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 656

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 545: Must Kill Order

On the Small Yao Lake with rippling waves, a Heavenly Yao Boat was advancing rapidly straight towards Heavenly Yao Cave on the other end. On the boat, a graceful woman with white hair was standing. Her exquisite face was cold without any emotion fluctuation, but her eyes which were staring at Heavenly Yao Cave far away without blinking unintentionally showed a hint of restlessness and anxiousness.

When Elder Tianqing led people to stop Ye Chuan’s party, White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi, however, had come to Heavenly Yao Lake.

As the deduction of Ye Chuan, after the sudden changes in Heavenly Yao Cave’s coldness, White Haired Heavenly Empress who was fighting against Nan Tiandu and others in Heavenly Yao Square sensed it, in addition, Nan Tiandu and others just said that they would use all their strength to stall her. Although she knew that that was very likely to be their plot, she had no choice but to leave Heavenly Yao Square and go straight towards Heavenly Yao Cave.

Looking around, the scenery of rippling Small Yao Lake looked beautiful. It was no different from the past, but White Haired Heavenly Empress quickly sensed something unusual. The ancient restrictions that covered the entire Small Yao Lake were dispersing, and the speed of dispersion was getting faster and faster.

“Heavenly Empress, it seems… seems like the restriction power is fading, look…”

On the helm of the boat, a Heavenly Yao Sect’s guard was standing. His cultivation base was just Rank 1 Daoist Master Realm. In Heavenly Yao Sect that had countless experts, he was nobody, but if he was in an average sect, then he would be pretty good. He similarly sensed the change in Small Yao Sect’s restrictions. Following his gaze, White Haired Heavenly Empress saw a dark thing floating up from the bottom of the lake, which resembled a part of the sunken boat.

In the past, anything that entered Small Yao Lake would sink. Other than this specially made Heavenly Yao Boat, no other boat could sail through this lake. But now, the parts of sunken ships were floating everywhere, what did this mean?

The complexion of White Haired Heavenly Empress changed slightly. She determined that the ancient restrictions that existed for tens of thousands of years were truly disappearing. Something drastic must have happened in Heavenly Yao Cave.

“Heavenly Empress, how…, how can this happen? Isn’t only Heavenly Yao Boat able to float on Small Yao Lake?” The guard at the helm asked, feeling very restless. He had been responsible for guarding and driving Heavenly Yao Boats for at least 10 years. He had sailed through Small Yao Lake for many years but had never seen this kind of circumstance.

Today, White Haired Heavenly Empress suddenly came to go to Heavenly Yao Cave on the other side of the lake, this made this guard overjoyed. Originally, as a small commander, he didn’t need to personally take the helm, just arranging a guard was enough. But, being able to get closer with Heavenly Empress who would normally stay in seclusion, such an opportunity could never be bought with money, who would let it slip?

The small commander thought that a pie had fallen in his lap today. After serving White Haired Heavenly Empress, his future might be smooth or he might even ascend to heaven in one step. But now, he felt very restless for some unknown reason, and this feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

“Can it be…?”

White Haired Heavenly Empress was still expressionless and coldly said, “This doesn’t explain anything, for our Heavenly Yao Sect, you jump into the water in person to test.”

“Heavenly Empress, spare me, Heavenly Empress, spare my life…”

The small commander turned pale and begged for mercy while kneeling. Unfortunately, before he could finish speaking, White Haired Heavenly Empress waved her hand and that small commander was sent flying, then fell into the ice-cold lake. Afterward, the small commander struggled for a bit and was engulfed by the waves.

Something has truly happened to the restrictions of this Small Yao Lake!

Who secretly destroyed the foundation of Heavenly Yao Sect?

White Haired Heavenly Empress’s expression became even colder. She then suddenly jumped out and treaded on the waves. She was so anxious that she abandoned the Heavenly Yao Boat and directly flew towards Heavenly Yao Cave on the other end of Small Yao Lake. That was Heavenly Yao Sect’s forbidden area, it was also the place where the ancient restrictions of Small Yao Lake were located. Since there was a problem with these ancient restrictions, something must have drastically changed in Heavenly Yao Cave!

Above rippling Small Yao Lake, a white figure flew rapidly, even faster than a flying sword. Although the cultivation of Heavenly Empress was heaven-defying, in the past, she also didn’t dare to ignore the restrictions of Small Yao Lake, but now, since the restrictions were dispersing and she couldn’t afford to waste time, she flew at her full speed. Even the later stage Daoist Master Realm experts wouldn’t be able to clearly see her figure, could only see a hint of white light flashing past Small Yao Lake.

After a few seconds, White Haired Heavenly Empress arrived at Heavenly Yao Cave on the other end of the lake. She then entered the cave without any hesitation, and ran all the way to the end of this cave and stopped. Afterward, taking a closer look, her complexion greatly changed.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who originally was imprisoned in the pool had disappeared. But, what she couldn’t believe was, the ice sculpture that was known as Heavenly Yao Senior sitting cross-legged beside the pool had also disappeared. In addition, the severe coldness of Heavenly Yao Cave that could freeze even a Half Sage Realm expert in former days was quickly fading away.

“Impossible, this is impossible! Who did this, who…”

White Haired Heavenly Empress screamed. She was frightened and also furious.

Imprisoning Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia here, this was not only a punishment, but it was also making her a bait to deal with State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng. Now, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had suddenly disappeared, sabotaging her entire plan. But, even more serious matter was, Heavenly Yao Senior had also disappeared. He, however, was a Sage Realm expert who had been guarding Heavenly Yao Sect for millions of years. He was the support and the backing of Heavenly Yao Sect. Only successive Heavenly Empresses knew that there was such an expert in Heavenly Yao Sect.

Heavenly Yao Senior had disappeared, in addition, the restrictions of Heavenly Yao Cave and Small Yao Lake were also disappearing rapidly, what did this mean? Could it be that Heavenly Yao Sect’s luck was truly coming to an end? Was the sect doomed to decline?

White Haired Heavenly Empress was shocked and furious like never before. In addition, she felt ill at ease she had not felt for a long time and her heart was restless. This was something she had never felt after breaking through to Half Sage Realm. This made her even more disturbed, even was frightened. She then looked up and roared.

“All disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect, heed my orders, no one is allowed to take even half a step out of the sect, spare no effort to capture those intruders who broke into my Heavenly Yao Cave, if anyone discovered any suspicious people, kill on the spot, whoever dares to resist, kill…”

The voice of Heavenly Empress suddenly reverberated throughout the sky, spreading to every corner of Heavenly Yao Sect. Her voice was cold accompanied by dense killing intent and bellowing energy fluctuation. The ancient bell on Heavenly Yao Peak also rang on its own even though there was no wind, and its sounds became louder and louder, reaching every inch of land within Heavenly Yao Sect. Afterward, a rune soared towards the sky and exploded into sparks of bloody light after reaching a high altitude, and transformed into a huge “Kill” word. Inside and outside Heavenly Yao Sect, all disciples shuddered and knelt down to accept the order. Even more experts of Heavenly Yao Sect who were in seclusion came out. Among them, there was no lack of seniors who had been in seclusion for over ten thousand years.

Must Kill Order!

The furious White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi issued a Must Kill Order. She wanted to kill those uninvited guests who had broken into Small Yao Lake at any cost.

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