Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 654

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 654: Breaking Through a Tight Encirclement

On the Heavenly Yao Square, there was a bloodbath.

After the initial confusion, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples who were caught unguarded came back to their senses and began to gather together to organize a fierce counterattack. Soon, the disciples of various sects that were taking advantage of this moment to fish in troubled waters suffered a head-on blow. Not a single devil who had sneaked in escaped unpunished, the light result was getting captured alive and the heavy result was being hacked to death on the spot. Old Demon of Mount Yin who was taking advantage of this chaotic warfare to go on a killing spree also quickly felt pressure and his maneuvering space became smaller and smaller. In the end, he had to squeeze together with Nan Triandu, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King.

Among the five great experts beside Ye Chuan, other than Rain Demon who had followed Ye Chuan to go to Heavenly Yao Cave to save a person, all other four were besieged by Heavenly Yao Sect’s people. Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts were led by White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi who ruled Heavenly Yao Sect! Under the attack of the latter, Nan Tiandu and others were dripping with blood. Although they similarly were Half Sage Realm, Nan Tiandu, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King together were not the opponent of White Haired Heavenly Empress alone, even the addition of Old Demon of Mount Yin had no effect. At this moment, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples were just surrounding these four without attacking. They watched Heavenly Empress fighting against these four experts by herself while cheering.

The cultivation of White Haired Heavenly Empress was far beyond the people’s expectations. She seemed to have already reached the pinnacle of Peak Half Sage Realm, infinitely close to Sage Realm. Against such an existence, even Peak Half Sage Realm Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng might also be inferior. Looking throughout the Wilderness World, she might be counted as one of the very best peerless experts.

Nan Tiandu and others looked pale, their heart was incomparably heavy. Even with them together, they were not the opponent, and this was only White Haired Heavenly Empress, other experts of Heavenly Yao Sect had yet to make a move. If this goes on, then they four will die here, even if they wished to escape, there was nowhere to escape!

At that moment, an arrow whistled towards the sky from the direction of Heavenly Yao Cave and exploded in the sky!

The eyes of these four people shone with excitement. This was the signal they agreed with Ye Chuan. That arrow meant that Ye Chuan had already succeeded in saving a person. According to the plan, they could retreat without fighting now.

“Brothers, quick…”

Old Demon of Mount Yin was excited, and immediately, countless vines appeared within the radius of dozens of meters.

After the fierce battle, Old Demon of Mount Yin was already exhausted and also injured seriously, but, upon seeing Ye Chuan had succeeded, his spirit lit up and used all his strength to use his deadly move again. This time, he didn’t want to attack, just wanted to bring up the rear to retreat, nothing more.

“Quick, use all your strength to stall this White-Haired devil. Brothers, Big Senior Apprentice Brother is about to succeed, quickly use all your strength to stall her, preserve for a bit more!”

Before Old Demon of Mount Yin finished speaking, Nan Tiandu brazenly stepped forward and gritting his teeth, he launched even fiercer attacks at White Haired Heavenly Empress. Being in the tight encirclement, in addition, facing a peak expert like White Haired Heavenly Empress, how could they easily talk about escaping? On the contrary, they needed to attack desperately while saying they wanted to win some time for Ye Chuan. Like that, Heavenly Empress might be duped, which might give them a chance to break through this encirclement.

“Kill, brothers, preserve for a little while!”

“Go all out against this devil, kill!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin and others quickly responded understanding the meaning of Nan Tiandu and rushed up, toughening their scalp. But, not only their attack didn’t succeed, on the contrary, White Haired Heavenly Empress sent them flying.

After a hard battle, Nan Tiandu and others were all the more exhausted and their injuries also got heavier and heavier. White Haired Heavenly Empress, however, was at ease. Not to mention her powerful Great Wish Technique, her every action was a killing move. Fortunately, Nan Tiandu’s such words really duped White Haired Heavenly Empress. After sending them flying away, she didn’t chase them, rather flew away straight towards Heavenly Yao Cave. Her speed was very fast, she disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving behind only her cold voice, “All those who run amuck in my Heavenly Yao Sect, kill… without… pardon…”

Kill… kill… kill…

Even after White Haired Heavenly Empress had already disappeared, the word “kill” reverberated throughout the Heavenly Yao Square. The guests of various large sects felt chill, from the senior experts to the ordinary young disciples, all felt an incomparable chill. A centipede dies but never falls down, moreover, Heavenly Yao Sect still hadn’t died yet, merely, their Grand Sacrifice Competition had a sudden disturbance, nothing more. Their strength to look down upon others still exists. The very first person to come forward against them would be killed for sure!

The guests of various sects were tense. They were looking at Nan Tiandu’s group of four as if they were already four dead people.

Although White Haired Heavenly Empress had left, Heavenly Yao Square still had many Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples, and there was no lack of powerful experts among them. Although Nan Tiandu’s group was powerful, and three of them were actually Half Sage Realm experts, they were already exhausted and injured at this moment. Other than waiting for death, what else could they do?

People admired Nan Tiandu and others’ courage, but they felt that their action was stupid. They felt that Nan Tiandu and others were just throwing an egg against a rock and sighed in pity in succession. Naturally, there were also many people who took pleasure in other people’s misfortune. They were waiting to see how Nan Tiandu and others died. This time, among the sects that came from afar to participate in Heavenly Yao Sect’s Grand Sacrifice Competition, there were Ancient Sword Sect, Cold Spring Sect and other large sects that had been continuously pursuing Heavenly Yao Sect, and there were also small sects that attached themselves to Heavenly Yao Sect, all of them had their own thoughts, but soon, they discovered that they were wrong.

After White Haired Heavenly Empress left, Nan Tiandu and others became all the more excited and their fighting spirit rose, especially Old Demon of Mount Yin, he laughed heartily and quickly took out some pills from his bosom and threw them on the ground. Instantly, everything within the radius of 100 meters was covered in thick black mist, then screaming, crying and bone-breaking sounds suddenly resounded. After this black mist was dispersed by the wind, people discovered that Nan Tiandu and others had already disappeared without a trace.

Some people reacted quickly. They jumped onto a tall structure to look and saw that Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King were already outside Heavenly Yao Square, killing their way through the tight encirclement. They were supporting each other while rushing towards the transmission formation near the gate. All along the way, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples would rush forward to intercept, but since those groups didn’t have enough strong opponents, Nan Taindu and others would either bypass them, or directly crush them. At that time, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples in Heavenly Yao Square finally came to their senses and stepping on their flying sword, they chased after them.

“So powerful, those four, who exactly are they?”

“I dare say, they are definitely not some people of Overseas World, also aren’t the disciples of that something Bellowing Waves Sect, and they must have a big background! How can an ordinary sect have three powerful Half Sage Realm experts?”

“Yes, they must have a big background! They say that Nan Tiandu is not the most powerful among them. There furthermore is a Big Senior Apprentice Brother, who kind of character is he?”


The guests of various sects made all sorts of comments. Some people were still standing on tall structures, some, however, boldly followed, wanting to know who exactly Nan Tiandu and others were, and also see how they would break out of Heavenly Yao Sect!

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