Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 653

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 653: Triumphant Escape

Ye Chuan picked up the jade pendant fallen on the ground and felt ice-cold. The front of this jade pendant depicted green bamboos swaying leisurely. This was the real form of Blue Eyed Yao Empress, also was her symbol; on the backside of this jade pendant was thickly dotted lines, which resembled some kinds of runes, but upon a careful look, it again resembled a very complicated map.

“Yao Empress, wait for me, I will come to find you!”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and put away the jade pendant with determination.

The last words of that white robe old man, Tian Tongzi, already made it clear. Blue Eyed Yao Empress hadn’t died, was waiting somewhere for him. Perhaps, she was in a certain place of Outer World from where she couldn’t return, or perhaps, someone imprisoned her, waiting for his rescue. At the last moment, although Tian Tongzi had no time to clearly tell where Blue Eyed Yao Empress was, just this news was already enough to make him excited. Although he couldn’t see through this jade pendant for the time being, as long as he had sufficient time, Ye Chuan believed that he would be able to see through it one day and reunite with Blue Eyed Yao Empress. After reincarnation, this was the first time he got any news about his former followers.

Blue Eyed Yao Empress was not dead, but what about that old rabbit Ghost Hand Medicinal King who established Cloud Mist Sect? Was he also still alive and waiting for him somewhere?

Nowadays, it was very hard to find true experts in Wilderness World. Even Half Sage realm experts could summon wind and rain. As long as he found any one of his former followers, who could stop his Yao Beast Legion in Wilderness World?

Ye Chuan was so excited that he couldn’t wait to enter seclusion and comprehend the secrets of this jade pendant. But, he had more important things to do now. After putting away the jade pendant, he rushed to the pond at the end of Heavenly Yao Cave, then using his Dragon Slaying Flying Swords, those rune chains that were binding Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia were cut off and he saved her. Under the intense torment, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia had long lost her consciousness. Her complexion was pale and her body was very weak. She was already at her last breathe.

“Zixia, I harmed you!”

Looking at the current appearance of Hong Zixia, Ye Chuan’s eyes turned. At this moment, his anger towards White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi and Elder Tianqing reached an unprecedented level.

In any case, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was still the personal disciple of White Haired Heavenly Empress, but, just because of one mistake, Heavenly Empress was so ruthless, locking her in this kind of place where she was tormented day and night by ice and fire. Ordinary people wouldn’t torture the arch-enemy who killed their father like this. This White Haired Heavenly Empress was the real great devil!

Ye Chuan was very angry. Now, he had no feelings towards Heavenly Yao Sect. Current Heavenly Yao Sect was no longer Heavenly Yao Sect under the rule of Blue Eyed Yao Empress, there was no longer any nostalgia. The fact proved that choosing Cloud Mist Sect after reincarnating was a wise choice. Although Cloud Mist Sect also had villains like Third Elder Bai Yanhu, there were also Great Elder Zhu Guohong, Second Elder Nangong Ren and other higher-ups with kindness, in addition, there were Zhu Sijua, Zhao Dazhi, Nan Tiandu and other loyal fellow apprentices, unlike Heavenly Yao Sect which had already become such a ruthless sect that only looked benefit.

“Your Excellency, since we have already saved her, what should we do now?”

The old devil Hei Kui walked over. At this moment, Rain Demon and he finally came back to their senses.

The series of things that happened just a moment ago was honestly too shocking. Even now, these two were still unable to completely calm down.

A Sage Realm heaven-defying expert, an ancient existence who could kill all of them with a flick of his finger actually bowed respectfully to Ye Chuan, moreover, called himself this subordinate. Who was that old man Tian Tongzi? What about Ye Chuan, who was he?

Rain Demon and the old devil Hei Kui were greatly shocked, even doubted that everything that just happened was a dream.

They always had doubts regarding to the true identity of Ye Chuan. Although Ye Chuan’s cultivation was not high, talking about experience, insight, calmness, courage and strategies, he was far superior to younger generation disciples. Without tempering oneself with countless stormy waves and without experiencing the test of corpse mountain and sea of blood, it was impossible to have this kind of strength of character. There were many old fellows who had cultivated for several tens of thousands of years, even the old devils that existed for several hundred thousand years, all didn’t necessarily have this kind of capabilities. Excluding the genius that wouldn’t appear even once in millions of years, Ye Chuan’s current circumstance had only one explanation, i.e. reincarnation and cultivating. Many people were well aware of reincarnation, merely, no one laid it bare. In Wilderness World, there were a lot of such cases. Because of all kinds of reasons, many experts used a secret technique to reincarnate.

Originally, Rain Demon and the old devil Hei Kui believed that Ye Chuan was a powerful Half Sage realm expert in his previous life, or even a powerful Sage realm expert. But, now as it seemed, they had far underestimated Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan’s relation with Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress was not shallow, even that old man Tian Tongzi whose cultivation was heaven-defying was very respectful in front of Ye Chuan, such a personage, what kind of existence was he?

Hei Kui was greatly shocked and couldn’t help imagining Ye Chuan’s previous identity. The heart of well-read Rain Demon shook, suddenly recalling a legendary figure. He almost asked on the spot, but he swallowed down those words. Merely, he looked at Ye Chuan was incomparable excitement. If Ye Chuan truly was that legendary figure, then he honestly was too fortunate. In the future, it would be difficult to not become a heaven-defying expert.

Recalling Peerless Style Technique Ye Chuan imparted him, Rain Demon was excited and was more and more sure of his guess. At that time, Ye Chuan had said that Peerless Style Technique was nothing, in the future, he would impart merit laws even Sage realm experts could cultivate. At that time, although Rain Demon was happy, he inevitably had some doubts, wondering whether Ye Chuan was just exaggerating to him or not. Where could he find the merit laws even the Sage Realm could cultivate? But Now, rain Demon had no doubts!

“Let’s go, go to the transmission formation at the foot of the mountain. Inform Nan Tiandu, Rhodes and others to withdraw immediately!”

Ye Chuan made a prompt decision without wasting any time. He then quickly torn off his robe and bound Hong Zixia on his back. Afterward, he turned away.

After that old man finished his task, that wisp of divine sense disappeared, and the Ice Bound Formation inside Heavenly Yao Cave also stopped. The terrifying severe cold also rapidly dissipated. It wouldn’t take long for someone to notice the unusualness of this place. If they didn’t leave now, then once White Haired Heavenly Empress rushed over or Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts blocked the entrance, then it would be hard to escape!


Hei Kui and Rain Demon followed Ye Chuan and the three ran faster and faster. Just after they rushed out of Heavenly Yao Cave, the old devil Hei Kui shot an arrow. That arrow whistled towards the sky and exploded high in the sky.

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