Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 652

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 652: Heavenly Yao Elder

The energy fluctuation of this old man was becoming more and more terrifying. In the end, the layer of ice within the entire Heavenly Yao Cave began to crack.

Among these three people, the cultivation of the old devil Hei Kui was the shallowest. He already was unable to keep standing and fell to the ground. Under the terrifying might of this old man, he was unable to move. Ye Chuan and Rain Demon were barely standing, but they were trembling continuously as if they were carrying a big invisible mountain.

The energy fluctuation of this old man who was quietly sitting for an unknown number of years in Heavenly Yao Cave continuously rose as if it was boundless.


How can there be a Sage Realm expert here?

Ye Chuan’s complexion greatly changed. He had meticulously planned this action and all along the way they didn’t encounter any danger, making them relax their vigilance a bit. But, he had never thought that they would encounter such a powerful opponent here.

After roaring in his heart, Ye Chuan crazily circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, activating Heaven Concealing Umbrella in his hand. This was a body protecting treasure which had accompanied him to sweep through the Wilderness World in his previous life. It quickly black light which condensed into black mist, protecting these three people. The energy fluctuation of this old man was like a fierce wild, whistling throughout Heavenly Yao Cave. But, this fierce wild dispersed after coming into contact with black mist around these three people. The black mist continuously fluctuated under the fierce wind, but didn’t disperse, continued to linger around these three people. Slowly, this black mist was spread out, wanting to envelop the entire Heavenly Yao Cave!

In this life, Ye Chuan began cultivating from the scratch, in addition, his physical body had gotten a lot weaker because of refining Yinyang Life Wheel these past few days, thus, his current strength was incomparable to his past life’s strength when he dominated the entire Wilderness World, as a result, he was far from being able to display the true might of Heaven Concealing Umbrella. But even like that, they were able to resist the pressure of this old man. Heaven Concealing Umbrella once again played a vital role.

Without the protection of this treasure, not to mention these three people would have already frozen stiff, they would have been crushed by the invisible pressure of this old man. The means of people who had already cultivated to the Sage Ream were beyond the imagination of ordinary people. They didn’t need to personally make a move, just their energy fluctuation was enough to kill a person, even a thought or a gaze could inflict serious injuries to the opponent!

“Once Heaven is Concealed, No one Fight for Mastery! What a good Heaven Concealing Umbrella!”

The old man sitting cross-legged on the ground finally opened his eyes and resurrected from an ice sculpture. He first looked at Heaven Concealing Umbrella, then set his eyes on Ye Chuan. His eyes were deep, and like a vast starry sky, they were filled with vicissitudes of life. Just his one glace made Ye Chuan and others feel like they were losing consciousness and their present and past lives appeared in their minds. In front of this old man, they had no secret. When they came back to their senses, all three were drenched with sweat, and as if they had relived their past and present, they also had the aura of vicissitude.

“Who are you?”

Ye Chuan was greatly shocked. He also felt unprecedented danger. In front of this awakened old man, he actually felt like he couldn’t even resist, and also felt like all his techniques and treasures were useless. As long as the other party went all out, Heaven Concealing Umbrella in his hand wouldn’t be able to resist, he couldn’t even hide his secrets. This feeling was very uncomfortable, making Ye Chuan, this former Heaven Concealing Great Sage, feel fear. Even when facing that peerless yao beast Octopus Empress before, he had not felt like this.

Even Ye Chaun was like this, no need to mention Rain Demon and Hei Kui. The performance of Rain Demon was still slightly better, he could barely keep standing, as for Hei Kui whose cultivation was very shallow, he was completely prostrating on the ground, looking at this old man with unprecedented fear.


Even after carefully planning for so long, and exhausting time and power to come here, in the end, they reached the dead end, even returning alive was impossible!

Ye Chuan’s heart was filled with bitterness. The heart of Rain Demon and Hei Kui was also heavy. Encountering other experts of Heavenly Yao Sect, no matter how bad it was, they would still be able to escape with life, but in front of this unfathomable old man, they three didn’t even have the thoughts of resistance. It was impossible to do anything, everything was in the hands of the other party.

Such a severe cold coupled with a heaven-defying terrifying Sage Realm expert personally guarding this palace, who under the heaven could break in here?

Ye Chuan’s heart got heavier and heavier, knowing he had still underestimated Heavenly Yao Sect. After millions of years, Cloud Mist Sect had declined, but Heavenly Yao Sect had gotten stronger and stronger, becoming the foremost sect under the heaven. This was not simply a fluke. If Cloud Mist Sect had such a heaven-defying expert guarding the rear, then who would dare bully the sect, moreover, how could it decline?

“Tian Tongzi pays respect to the Sage Monarch!”

Just when the trio of Ye Chuan lost color, considering they would die here for sure, the old man suddenly flicked the ice and dust from his sleeves, then respectfully bowed to Ye Chuan. That majestic and astonishing pressure that made them practically unable to breathe also quickly dispersed, even the chill of Heavenly Yao Cave also gradually faded away.

“Tian Tongzi?”

Ye Chuan was very surprised. Even after searching through the members of his past life, he couldn’t remember such a person, “Who exactly are you?”

“This subordinate used to be a cowherd in the mountain, later, this subordinate accidentally encountered Yao Empress, becoming Heavenly Yao Lad beside you. Sage Monarch not remembering this subordinate is very normal, but Sage Monarch’s demeanor is forever inscribed in this subordinate’s mind, never to forget” The old man respectfully replied. Perhaps, he was excited, or perhaps, he was feeling uncomfortable because he was frozen for a long period of time, he continuously trembled and his white robe was slowly fading away, “This subordinated waited millions of years for you, Sage Monarch.”

“Did Yao Empress make you wait for me here, what had happened? What about Yao Empress? Where is she?”

Ye Chuan was very excited as he quickly understood the identity of this old man. He immediately took a step forward and impatiently asked to clarify his doubts. But, the figure of the old man Tian Tongzi was fading away at an astonishing speed, transforming into specks of starlight.

“Sage Monarch, this subordinate’s vitality is already exhausted, I am unable to accompany you, this is set aside by Yao Empress for you, she said she will be… waiting for you… in…”

The old man quickly disappeared into the air, only his voice reverberated in Heavenly Yao Cave. His voice also got smaller and smaller, and the key points couldn’t be heard. Ding, a jade pendant fell beside Ye Chuan.

In the past, after Ye Chuan was trapped in God Burial Valley, this old man was ordered to wait for Ye Chuan’s return here. In order to extend his life as much as possible, he specially used a great technique to arrange a frozen formation to seal himself, yearning for that day when Ye Chuan returned. The result, after waiting for millions of years, Ye Chuan’s reincarnation was finally here, but he had long exhausted his vitality, leaving only a hint of divine sense incarnation which completely disappeared in a short moment after unsealing the formation, leaving greater doubts and a small jade pendant for Ye Chuan.

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