Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 651

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 651: Cruel Torture

All the way down, after several kilometers deep into Heavenly Yao Cave, the sounds coming from outside gradually vanished. It was so quiet inside Heavenly Yao Cave that they could hear their heartbeat. At the same time, it also became colder inside the cave. Even with the protection of Heaven Concealing Heaven, their eyebrows were vaguely frozen. Breathing also became difficult as if the air had already solidified here. Every step took a lot of effort.

Rain Demon and the puppet doll Hei Kui continuously tremble, but they still forcibly persisted. On the contrary, Ye Chuan who was walking in the front almost unable to persist. In these past few days, Ye Chuan’s divine sense had become advanced by leaps and bounds, but his body had become extremely weak. Now, urging Heaven Concealing Umbrella to resist the cold, his vitality was getting lesser and lesser.

“Your Excellency, are you okay?” Rain Demon worriedly asked.

This was the most dangerous action in recent times. There was no strong enemies and restriction in Heavenly Yao Cave, it was just unimaginably cold, making people find it hard to advance. If this goes on, then they might not be able to advance in the end, turning into an ice sculpture. This place basically didn’t need any guards. If ordinary people intruded this place, then without the cover of protective treasures like Heaven Concealing Umbrella, they would be frozen stiff before long!

“I’m fine, I can still go on, heard that, what is that sound?”

Ye Chuan exhaled a mouthful of air and vaguely heard some strange noises.

The three men erected their ears and listened carefully for a while. That strange sounds were coming from the depths of Heavenly Yao Cave. Those noises resembled the sound of iron chains being dragged on the ground.

“Zixia, it’s Zixia!”

Ye Chuan’s spirit was invigorated. No one knew where he got the strength from, he suddenly strode forward, even started to run while shouting. Those strange sounds coming from the depths of Heavenly Yao Cave became clearer as he advanced.

The coldness of Heavenly Yao Cave was astonishing, how was Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was imprisoned here still alive?

Rain Demon and Hei Kuo looked at each other. They were worried, but they didn’t have much time to think now, they could just rush after Ye Chuan. Slowly, the sounds of iron chain became clearer, and after more than a thousand meters, an astonishing scene appeared in front of these three people.

At the end of Heavenly Yao Cave, there was a pond with a radius of five meters, where hot underground springs would gush out from underground. The springs coming from the depth of the underground was very hot, heatwaves could be felt from far away, however, that was only at the moment when the spring gushed out. In the next moment, after coming into contact with the coldness of Heavenly Yao Cave, the spring would instantly turn into cold water.

A woman with long hair was imprisoned in this pond. Her four limbs were fixed to the surrounding cliff using arm-thick rune chains. Just her head was barely outside the water level. When the boiling hot underground spring gushed out, she would feel like she was burned by a raging fire, she could even smell the smell of burning; when the underground spring cooled and splashed down, thoroughly drenching her head, she felt like her entire body was frozen. This repeated again and again, and she was forced to continuously endure this torture of ice and fire. Even the harshest torture in this world was just so-so in front of this. The woman who was imprisoned in the pond was already in a daze and her head was drooped down. She was already very weak. Occasionally, she would subconsciously pull the rune chains wrapped around her body.


Ye Chuan shouted loudly and just when he was about to rush over to save her, he suddenly felt intense danger and stopped his steps. Following his gaze, Rain Demon and Hei Kui behind him also noticed a humanoid statue in front of this pond.

This was an old man. He appeared to be very, very old. His face was completely filled with wrinkles and his hair was completely white, in addition, his beard had already reached his chest level. He was wearing a simple white robe. He was empty-handed, no treasure could be seen around him. He was just quietly sitting cross-legged on the ground. It seemed he had broken into Heavenly Yao Cave long ago and after sitting here to rest, he no longer god up. The severe coldness in the cave made him look lifelike, preserving his expression and action before his death. His face was calm like sleeping.

“Your Excellency, what’s wrong?” The old devil Hei Kui asked in confusion. He didn’t know why Ye Chuan suddenly stopped.

It was just an ice sculpture, was there any need to fear? They had forcibly crashed their way through here, they had even killed two Peak Daoist Master realm heavily armored guards at the entrance of Heavenly Yao Hall, why should they fear this trifling ice sculpture?

Rain Demon didn’t utter a word, but he had a solemn expression with a frown. He also vaguely felt somewhat ill at ease. But, what exactly was wrong, he was unable to see at the moment. He was similarly Peak Daoist Master realm, in terms of cultivation base, he might be a bit superior to Ye Chuan, but, when it comes to experience and insight, this first-rate assassin was inferior to Ye Chuan. Even looking throughout the entire Wilderness World, there might not be a single person who was more experienced and knowledgeable than Ye Chuan.

“This is not an ice sculpture, rather a living person, the true guard of Heavenly Yao cave!”

Ye Chuan replied, looking extremely solemn.

Rain Demon and Hei Kui behind him couldn’t discern, but he sensed a wisp of very weak aura of life from this frozen old man. This was definitely a real ice sculpture. In other words, the person before their eyes wasn’t a dead person, rather a living extremely powerful expert!

Although the coldness within Heavenly Yao Cave was astonishing, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was still alive. That was because the underground spring was continuously gushing out, and the water in the pond was not frozen. The old man sitting cross-legged on the ground, however, was still alive without the protection of any treasure, guarding Heavenly Yao Cave with such an extreme environment, he had to be a super expert.

Ye Chuan’s heart became heavier and heavier. Even after observing carefully for a while, he could only see that this old man was unusual, but he couldn’t see through his cultivation realm. That unfathomable feeling made them feel invisible pressure!

Crack, crack…, cracking sounds resounded.

Cracks began to appear on the layer of ice above this old man. This old man who seemed to have already died was not truly dead like Ye Chuan had expected. On the contrary, his vitality flourished and a majestic energy fluctuation rippled within his body. This energy fluctuation was far superior to any Half Sage realm experts Rain Demon and Hei Kui knew. It was directly comparable to Sage Realm Octopus Empress imprisoned in the ancient grave world.

This was a Sage Realm expert!

The trio of Ye Chuan simultaneously stepped back in great shock. Ye Chuan and Rain Demon were somewhat fine, they could barely cope with this pressure, but Hei Kui who had attached himself to a puppet doll was just a Rank 3 Daoist Master realm cultivator at his peak, he directly fell to the ground unable to endure this pressure. Without making a move, just the energy fluctuation he released made other people tremble!

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