Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 650

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 650: Heaven Concealing Killing Artifact

Heavenly Yao Sect had many experts, but most of them were either stuck in Heavenly Yao Square and couldn’t get out for a while or were rushing up Heavenly Yao Peak in order to extinguish the fire. Ye Chuan set Heavenly Yao Hall on fire before leaving, making Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples very impatient, successfully diverting their attention. Without taking too many twists and turns, Ye Chuan arrived in front of Heavenly Yao Cave once again. Since the time was tight, he didn’t look around and immediately entered the cave.

“Cold, so cold!”

“What is this place? How can it be so cold?”

Rain Demon and puppet doll Hei Kui beside Ye Chaun exclaimed and shivered. Ye Chuan also had goosebumps on his arms. Just after a few days, Heavenly Yao Cave seemed to have gotten colder.

“This is Heavenly Yao Cave.”

Ye Chuan replied and using a technique, he opened the umbrella in his hand. The shivering Rain Demon and Hei Kui immediately felt a hint of warmth.

As the defensive treasure of Ye Chuan’s previous life, Heaven Concealing Umbrella could not only block the opponent’s ferocious attacks, but also could isolate heat, cold and even poison. In his previous life, this was one of the treasures he relied on to explore ancient ominous domains. Although Heavenly Yao Cave was strangely cold, under the protection of Heaven Concealing Umbrella, the three people were in much better shape. Under heaven, no one was more familiar with the wonderful functions of Heaven Concealing Umbrella. Although his body was still very weak, using Heaven Concealing Umbrella, he easily resisted the severe cold of Heavenly Yao Cave.

“Your Excellency, what is this?” The old devil Hei Kui was curious about Heaven Concealing Umbrella in Ye Chuan’s hand. The more he watched it, the more surprised he was. With his cultivation and insight, he actually was unable to see through the mysteries of this Heaven Concealing Umbrella.

“This is a treasure called Heaven Concealing Umbrella. Just a moment ago, we forcibly broke into Heavenly Yao Sect in order to seize this treasure which only the successive Heavenly Empress could use.” Ye Chuan replied as he continued to walk forward. While walking, he was using his divine sense trying to sense Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s aura.

These past few days, refining Yinyang Life Wheel, although his physical body had weakened, his divine sense, however, had gotten unprecedentedly stronger. Last time, even after going to a segment of Heavenly Yao Cave, he found nothing and was also unable to sense Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s aura. This time, before walking too far away, he already sense a hint of familiar aura. Although he couldn’t conclude that this was Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s aura, this already made him excited and his steps quickened.

“Heaven Concealing Umbrella? Allegedly, isn’t this the great killing artifact of certain Heaven Concealing Great Sage a very long time ago? How did it fall into Heavenly Yao Sect’s hands? Is this truly that legendary treasure?”

As an assassin, other than cultivating and researching the assassination path, Rain Demon also studied various kinds of records and intelligence. A first-rate assassin must have knowledge of all aspects. One should know that, to judge the position in the wild, an assassin should understand the terrain of every place and also understand their local customs. A knowledgeable person might not become a powerful assassin, but a first-rate assassin should be knowledgeable in all aspects. After learning and studying the experts under heaven, they would know what kind of targets could be achieved and what kind couldn’t be achieved.

The knowledgeable Rain Demon vaguely recalled reading an ancient book that recorded ancient artifacts many years ago. It had a brief introduction of Heaven Concealing Umbrella along with the vague history of this treasure. The record roughly stated that this was the great killing artifact of an ancient Heaven Concealing Great Sage and the might of this treasure was extremely powerful. Rain Demon had already forgotten the specific details written on that ancient book. Merely, he recalled the last sentence, “Once Heaven is Concealed, No one Fight for Mastery!”

“Maybe, or maybe it’s just a coincidence, nothing more. Or to say, it’s just a fake artifact. Naturally, whether it is fake or real, its might is pretty good.” Ye Chuan faintly smiled and didn’t explain too much. Speaking out his true identity was too shocking. Before breaking through to Half Sage realm or Sage Realm, he couldn’t reveal his true identity, otherwise, it might attract unnecessary troubles.

In Wilderness World, there were some great devils who were dedicated to hunting the reincarnated experts. They usually lied low and didn’t come out, but when they heard the rumor, they would immediately act. Heaven Concealing Great Sage who once dominated the entire Wilderness World, not to mention absorbing his blood, qi, essence and divine sense, just his memories was enough to enlighten these great devils into powerful experts.

“This subordinate also thinks that this treasure should be a fake, otherwise, with such a big killing artifact in hands, Heavenly Yao Sect would have already spread the news to hit the morale of its competitors.” The old devil Hei Kui shook his head and made a comment, no longer interested in Heaven Concealing Umbrella in Ye Chuan’s hand.

Listening to him, Rain Demon also felt he was somewhat reasonable. Although Heavenly Yao Sect had numerous experts and was known as the foremost sect under heaven, they were secretly feeling the pressure. They were being pressured by Ancient Sword Sect, Cold Spring Sect and other large cultivating sects, and even secular world’s Daqin Dynasty.

Once upon a time, the secular world’s dynasty was nothing in the eyes of cultivating sects, but with the rise of Daqin Dynasty, the trend of the world changed so quickly that it was unbelievable. The secular dynasty annexed many scattered nations, increasing their strength, meanwhile, the cultivating sects were getting weaker. In front of the overbearing Daqing Dynasty, the situation of small sects was already not good, and various large sects were also already feeling the pressure. If Heavenly Yao Sect truly possessed a great killing artifact left behind by ancient Heaven Concealing Great Sage, then it was unreasonable to not display it publicly to shake the opponents.

The current situation of the Wilderness World was complex like never before. Whether the secular dynasties or cultivating sects, they had reached a critical point in internal and external troubles. In this way, either one would completely collapse or both sides will suffer. Wilderness World was only so big, the resources wouldn’t increase, but the consumption was increasing. No one was willing to give up their benefit and were prepared to fight with each other. This was the sign of chaos, a new catastrophe was coming.

In the last catastrophe, Sages fell and various sects rose, what about this time? Will all the sects get annihilated or the secular dynasties would collapse?

No one knows what will happen after this catastrophe, but many figures had already felt the pressure. Knowledgeable Rain Demon naturally was no exception.

“Hei Kui, you are getting smarter.”

Ye Chuan smiled, merely, it was a bitter smile. While walking ahead, he muttered to himself, “Once the Heaven is Concealed, No one Fight for Mastery…”

Millions of years ago, in the era of sages, this phrase was known by everyone. Once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, these four words were heard, all evil devils wouldn’t dare to even fight. Now, after such a long period of time, anyone barely knew this phrase. Only the people who studied ancient books like Rain Demon knows a little. Who would have thought that Heaven Concealing Great Sage who once dominated the entire Wilderness World would actually be degraded to this current state?

Ye Chuan was lost in thought, recalling that magnificent era of sages, recalling his campaigns with his followers like Blue Eyed Yao Empress, Ghost Hand Medicinal King and so on.

A cold wind whistled. The deeper they went, the colder it was. Rain Demon and old devil Hei Kui began to shiver again. Once their breath reached outside the cover of Heaven Concealing Umbrella, it would instantly turn into a tiny ice crystal. Looking around, the walls, floor and ceiling were covered with a thick layer of ice. The ice layer was already azure in color, no one knew how long it had already existed.

Ye Chuan came back to his senses and inwardly circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he increased the might of Heaven Concealing Umbrella, completely isolating the severe cold of outside. Afterward, he went deeper along with Rain Demon and Hei Kui. Thinking about how Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was suffering in this Heavenly Yao Cave, his pace got faster and faster.

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