Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 65

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 65: Horned Demon

“Junior apprentice-brother Tiandu, did you make a breakthrough?” Ye Chuan sized up Nan Tiandu.

“No, still am Rank 3 Xiushi.”

Nan Taindu answered. Even when he was standing motionlessly, he gave people a threatening sword aura, and with his uncommunicative character, he looked very cold.

“What layer did your cultivation of Heaving Shaking Nine Swords reach? Are you able to condense flying sword out of spiritual power?” Ye Chuan asked again.

Nan Tiandu was dumbfounded, and immediately, his right hand subconsciously held the hilt of his sword, fixedly staring at Ye Chuan.  Now he looked just like a unsheathed sharp sword pointing towards the space between the eyebrows of Ye Chuan.

Heaven Shaking Nine Swords was an ancient technique he had accidentally obtained. After successfully cultivating this technique, one could condense one’s spiritual power into flying swords, and with a single thought, one could easily send out myriads of swords simultaneously. The might of this technique was truly monstrous. Other than his Master, Second Elder Nangong Ren, for the past many years, no one inside the sect knew his this secret, but how did Ye Chaun know?

“Don’t be tense, the might of Heaven Shaking Nine Swords is pretty good, but I don’t have any interest in this kind of technique, merely I understand a little about it by chance.”

The tone of Ye Chuan was flat. Facing the pressure of Nan Tiandu, he didn’t feel any discomfort. He just paused for a while and continued on, “The path of cultivation is the path of defying the heaven, unfortunately, many people don’t know that, in fact, the cultivation speed isn’t important, what truly is important is the foundation. One should properly temper body and spirit, and every realm should be cultivated to the pinnacle, only then they could go further and climb higher. To condense flying swords from spiritual power, just truly grasp the essence of Heaven Shaking Nine Swords, Tiandu, continue to strive.”

Intentionally or unintentionally, Ye Chuan gave some pointers, then left.

Although Second Elder Nangong Ren and Nan Tiandu were known as master and disciple, but in fact, Second Elder had taught him nothing. And most of the time, Nan Tiandu cultivate and comprehend by himself. Heaven Shaking Nine Swords had many details which even Second Elder also didn’t understand, but suddenly listening to Ye Chuan speaking about spiritual power flying sword, even Nan Tiandu who was calm as if water also couldn’t help being greatly surprised.

Seeing Ye Chuan was getting farther and farther, Nan Taindu came back to his sense and he hastily chased after him: “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Great Competition begins tomorrow, so when are we setting out?”

“After fatty returns, we will immediately set out. Tiandu, go to the underground market to meet fatty, then say him to not to delay any longer.”

Ye Chuan didn’t even turn his head and walked away.

Behind, Nan Tiandu bowed, receiving the order, then rushed towards the underground Ghost Market. Formerly, when he had stayed beside Ye Chuan because of the instruction of Second Elder Nangong Ren, although he said nothing, but unavoidably he somewhat looked down upon Ye Chuan in his heart. But now, he suddenly understood that Ye Chuan was far from as simple as he looked on the outside.

He even knows my life technique Heaven Shaking Nine Swords, moreover understands it deeply, was this discerning ability after reading books?

Now, Nan Tiandu couldn’t see through Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother more and more, and gradually he genuinely respected him.

Returning to Purple Cloud Peak, Ye Chuan sat cross-legged in the study, calmly waiting the time to set out.

Meanwhile, inside the dimly lit underground market, fatty Zhao Dazhi however was bitterly laughing while sitting on the ice-cold floor. When each person passed by in front of him, he would raise his head with expectation, then would despondingly lower his head again. In the stall of other people, there were many superb collections of beautiful things, and even the most incompetent among the other stall also had at least several kinds of things, but it was empty in front of fatty with the exception of one piece of paper pressed down with a stone.

Soon, he had to go to participate the Great Competition, but fatty still desperately wanted to make money, and didn’t dare to let any chance slip by.

Before, he didn’t need to worry about the basics, but now was different. The financial situation of his family had declined and his father was seriously ill, so he truly needed the money. Now, not only he had to feed himself, he also needs to purchase cultivation necessities, moreover also had to think of a way to give financial help to his family.

Ye Chuan had written something in that piece of paper pressed by the stone. But what was it, Fatty was unable to understand it, but Ye Chun had said that it was valuable. So he tried his best to sell it in this underground market. He didn’t have any ability to grow medicinal herbs, and also couldn’t concoct the pills, so he placed all his hope in this piece of paper.

The rustle of footsteps came as someone walked over.

Now tired and also hungry fatty hastily raised his head, and eagerly kept gazing anxiously till his eyes were strained. The person that had walked over was a big and tall middle-aged man, wearing a heavy armor. He seemed to be a loose cultivator, and looked arrogant and overbearing. He walked towards fatty just like a crab holding his head high. And after he walked past, fatty despondingly lowered his head. But just when fatty lowered his head, this man returned back and asked: “Hey, what is this?”

Fatty immediately raised his head again with excitement. After waiting for so long, finally someone showed interest, so he hurriedly held the slip of paper and stood up. After that, he carefully opened the slip of paper, and with a smile on his face, he said: “Your Excellency, this is a treasure, invaluable rare treasure, take a look, this……”

Fatty used his glib-tongue, but he also didn’t know what this slip of paper was, so he could only speak vaguely, hoping to be able to encounter a person who was stupid in the money matter. But, this loose cultivator in front of him clearly wasn’t.

Middle-aged man shot a glance at the slip of paper in the hand of fatty, then looked at fatty with disdain and said: “Kid, are you a person of Cloud Mist Sect?”

“Yes.” Fatty answered and was somewhat confused. He didn’t know why this middle-aged man suddenly asked this.

Although all kinds of goods are sold in the underground market, but selling a slip of paper, this kind of affair was also the first time, and the overwhelming majority of people snorted disdainfully at this. And seeing someone really took interest in the stall of fatty Zhao Dazhi, lots of people gathered around to watch the excitement. Even Exploiter Hu who was only concerned about making money also couldn’t help but walked over to take a look at the bustling.

“Let me see, what is this? Child’s graffiti? Hahaha……”

The middle-aged man suddenly snatched the slip of paper from the hand of fatty, then looking at it for a while, he casually threw it to the ground, and said while roaring with laughter, “What a joke, can this kind of thing also cheat people, still calling it priceless rare treasure, truly ridiculous. Never thought that the grand Cloud Mist Sect unexpectedly have this kind of swindler. It seems Cloud Mist Sect is really on the point of death……”

The middle-aged man strode away. And along with the whisper among themselves, the people looking on roared with laughter. Fatty was embarrassed. A former cash daunting hero fatty who spent without restraint, now truly had nowhere to hide his shame.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I truly am suffering miserably here!”

Fatty cried without tears, then crouched down to pick up the slip of paper on the ground.

When this slip of paper was handed over to him, Ye Chuan was serious. Although fatty was unable to make sense of what he was looking at, but he had to believe, and with a good dream, he came to this underground Ghost Market. Little did he imagined that he was purely indulging in his wildest fantasy. Ye Chuan had mercilessly buried him alive!

Big Senior Apprentice-brother was definitely comforting in his own way, seeing I was so sad, yes, it’s definitely like this!

Fatty consoled himself in his heart, thinking the only explanation.

A pair of heavy deer skin boots suddenly emerged in front of fatty, then the slip of paper he was about to pick up suddenly disappeared without a trace as this person had grabbed it.

Fatty raised his head, and in front of him was an extremely burly figure. His height was nearly 3 meters, and his arms were twice as thicker as the thigh of ordinary people. Standing in front of fatty, he looked just like a mountain and his aura was threatening. His entire body was covered with a black robe, revealing only a pair of dark red eyes. He also wore a big bamboo hat on his head. Fatty who was squatting down, looking at this person from down, coincidentally, he indistinctly saw two lumps on the head of the other party which looked just like a pair of ox horn.

Horned Demon?

Fatty was startled, and the fat meat all over his body trembled.

In the Wilderness World, cultivators are usually divided into Martial Cultivator and Spirit Cultivator, these two styles. One specialized in cultivating body and other give priority to cultivate spirit. But in many remote places, there is another secret type outside those two main types, that was Demonic Cultivator. They specialized in seizing yao beasts’ qi and blood as well as their innate skill. They wouldn’t even hesitate to transplant some part of yao beasts’ body on their own body, even to the extent of joining together the yao beast and their cultivation technique, becoming not human not beast monster. Their cultivation advance at an amazing speed and they are incomparably fierce. According to their different physique, they are divided into many categories, and Demonic Cultivator with horns on their head is called Horned Demon.

Wherever it was, Demonic Cultivators were practically rejected by all, as all big sects didn’t tolerate them at all. Although the topography of Cloud Mist mountain range was complex, but because of the existence of Cloud Mist Sect, ever since the ancient times, Demonic Cultivators didn’t dare to roam about freely here. And suddenly encountering a Demonic Cultivator, moreover a fierce Horned Demon all of a sudden, fatty was badly scared!

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