Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 648

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 648: Bait

With a loud bang, the tiger-skinned chair which had accommodated many Heavenly Empress cracked open.

A dazzling black light suddenly shot out from the cracked tiger-skinned chair and soared towards the sky. Upon careful look, he could see an umbrella. At first glance, its style looked a bit old-fashioned, but upon the closer look, it felt different to some extent. On the old fashioned surface, there were many patterns engraved with great care, giving people a refined feeling; looking again, the feeling changed again, making people feel domineering air. The patterns of the umbrella seemed to wriggle and emit black mist, which quickly spread all over, wanting to blot out the sky. In the midst of the dark mist, sounds of a very powerful army could be heard vaguely and a strong slaughter aura submerged the entire place, making people suffocate and gasp for breath.

Heaven Concealing Umbrella!

This great killing artifact that followed Ye Chuan in his many campaigns throughout Wilderness World in his previous life appeared in front of Ye Chuan again.

“Heaven Concealing Umbrella, return!”

Ye Chuan circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and suddenly made unique law seals using his hands. Afterward, Heaven Concealing Umbrella fluttering in the sky suddenly trembled, then transforming into a whip of black light, whistled over and landed in Ye Chuan’s hand. The patterns on the umbrella handle lit up one by one as it continuously vibrated, seemingly, it was also endlessly excited to sense the aura of Ye Chuan, this former master.

All intelligent things could recognize their master, yao beasts were like this, and higher grade magic treasures were also like that. On Heaven Concealing Umbrella, someone had laid out layer upon layer of restrictions to camouflage this treasure’s aura, but they were unable to erase its spirit, which made this treasure happily return to Ye Chuan after sensing its former master’s aura.

“My baby, you really haven’t forgotten me, come, in the previous life, you followed me to sweep across Wilderness World’s all great ominous domains, in this life, I will let you follow my campaigns again!”

Ye Chuan chanted a merit law and spat out a mouthful of essence blood. Heaven Concealing Umbrella immediately made crackling sounds as the layer upon layer of restrictions above it dispersed in succession, gradually displaying its true appearance. On the umbrella handle, many relief sculptures appeared, there were beasts of prey, birds and also ** human heads. All of them were beheaded by Ye Chuan in his previous life during the exploration of great ominous domains. Every time a powerful expert was killed, the corresponding relief sculpture would appear on the umbrella handle. This treasure was not only his previous life’s great killing artifact, was also the witness of Ye Chuan’s greatness in his previous life. All experts who didn’t heed his commands, regardless of ancient beasts of prey or Sage Realm great experts, all met their dooms under Heaven Concealing Umbrella.

“In the previous life, I just concealed heaven, and everyone called you Heaven Concealing Umbrella. In this life, I am determined to establish greater glory and want to swallow heaven. From here onward, you shall be called Heaven Swallowing Umbrella!”

Ye Chuan said, word by word, speaking out his great aspiration in Heaven Concealing Hall.

His new life had started from the time he escaped from God Burial Valley. He naturally wanted to look for the secret manipulators who trapped him in God Burial Valley to take revenge and also wanted to investigate the whereabouts of Ghost Hand Medicinal King, Blue Eyed Yao Empress and other followers, but his aspiration wasn’t just limited to this. He would settle the enmity and also look for people, but his greater wish was to create greater glory than his previous life.

In the previous life, he already had no opponent in the entire Wilderness World, but at that time, his sight was limited to Wilderness World only. In this life, he, however, found that outside Wilderness World, there furthermore was even vaster Outer World with even more powerful opponents, how could he be content with just the achievements of his previous life?

Ye Chuan’s voice echoed in the majestic hall, and the ancient stone pillars also lit up as if shocked by his great ambition. Meanwhile, a powerful bloody light sprang out from Heaven Concealing Umbrella and soared towards the sky. That bloody light reached high in the air and exploded, turning into specks of light, then, those specks of light condensed into a huge palm, covering the vast majority of the sky.  At the same time, Ye Chuan felt like his heart suddenly shrunk and was unable to breathe, which was very uncomfortable. Fortunately, this feeling only lasted for a short moment. The huge palm in the sky also quickly disappeared, but that was already shocking enough.

At Heavenly Yao Square, White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi looked at the sky and her complexion greatly changed;

In Daqin Dynasty’s palace, Emperor Cauldron which symbolized Daqing Dynasty’s power and influence suddenly made sounds on its own. And along with each sound, many cracks appeared on it;

Hundreds of millions of li away from Heavenly Yao Sect, below an abyss, an old man who had been in seclusion for who knows how many years suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were very sharp as if his gaze pierced through time and space, watching the scene in the sky above Heavenly Yao Sect;

At the same time, a pair of skinny hands suddenly sprang out from an unmarked grave, then an inhumane howl resounded throughout the sky, and all the yao beasts wandering nearby immediately ran away desperately;


The scene above Heavenly Yao Sect suddenly alarmed the entire Wilderness World, and countless old evil spirits awakened.

In Heavenly Yao Hall, Ye Chuan’s face suddenly sunk.

“Bait, someone did something to Heaven Concealing Umbrella, this is a trap, is a bait!”

Ye Chuan was solemn as he vaguely understood what was going on.

The bloody light that shot out from Heaven Concealing Umbrella had no attack power, this was not even a restriction, was merely an ingenious trick. In the last ages, he didn’t know how many Heavenly Empresses used Heaven Concealing Umbrella, but until now, this trick was not triggered. Clearly, someone had deliberately aimed towards him, just when Heaven Concealing Umbrella fell into his hands, this trick was triggered.

Was it Blacksnake Monarch, that formidable enemy? Did he think that he will not easily die in God Burial Valley, therefore, especially prepared this trap, waiting for his return? Or did Blue Eyed Yao Empress left behind this seal while quietly waiting for his return in some corner of Wilderness World or Outer World?

Ye Chuan’s thought rapidly, beginning to secretly calculate. Regardless of anything, the person who was able to tamper with Heaven Concealing Umbrella was absolutely not an average person! Unfortunately, before he could think more, ear-defeating hubbub came from the direction of Heavenly Yao Square, followed by familiar whistling sound and energy fluctuation.

Ye Chuan exerted strength on his toe and soared with the support of Heaven Concealing Umbrella, directly breaking through the roof of Heavenly Yao Hall. Then, looking over, he saw Heavenly Yao Square was already in a great mess. Son of Heaven Jin Hong had already disappeared without a trace, he wondered if he had already hidden away or was killed by Nan Tiandu. Now, the one fighting with Nan Tiandu was not anyone else, was White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi who controlled Heavenly Yao Sect.

Upon seeing the image above Heavenly Yao Peak, everyone knew that something had happed in Heavenly Yao Hall. The first reaction of White Haired Heavenly Empress was, she wanted to rush over to Heavenly Yao Peak, but she was suddenly blocked by Nan Tiandu. At that time, Nan Tiandu finally displayed his true strength. A huge phantom that was neither dragon nor mouse appeared behind him as he used all his strength to tie up White Haired Heavenly Empress who had a heaven-defying cultivation base.

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