Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 646

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 646: Heaven List Assassin

A match between the younger generation disciples actually alerted Heavenly Empress to come?

Everyone on Heavenly Yao Square was greatly shocked, and then, they were excited, especially the numerous disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect, they were overjoyed. Even after joining Heavenly Yao Sect, many of them couldn’t see Heavenly Empress for even a few times throughout their life. If they could get the appreciation and favor of Heavenly Empress, then they would immediately ascend heaven in a single step! Jin Hong who was standing on the stage was also very excited. It was unknown where he got the strength from, he suddenly erupted with strength and ferociously counterattacked Nan Tiandu, wanting to show his talents in front of Heavenly Empress.

“Kill, Nan Batian, you must die today!” Son of Heaven Jin Hong roared loudly and the already deformed Nine Sages Battle Shield in his hand became redder and redder as he ferociously tried to smash his opponent with this heavy shield.

“Surnamed Jin, come, make your attack even fiercer, this title of being the first under heaven among younger generation disciples is mine, hahahaha…”

Nan Tiandu roared with laughter. Upon seeing Heavenly Empress had also come out, he was excited. This was something he hoped for. The plan of Big Senior Apprentice Brother Ye Chuan finally succeeded!

Nan Tiandu was excited, but his mind remained clear. He didn’t immediately use a hard hand to kill Jin Hong. On the contrary, he pretended to be in a passive state and was forced to retreat under the ferocious attacks of the latter, wanting to stall for time. He had created unprecedented commotion just to lure out White Haired Heavenly Empress, now, he had to stall Heavenly Empress and other experts here as long as possible. Although Ye Chuan was fast, he still needed some time to save a person!

The attention of people quickly shifted to the stage from White Haired Heavenly Empress. They watched the fierce battle on the stage without even blinking. No one noticed that, at that time, two shadows wearing a big bamboo hat quietly left Heavenly Yao Square and rushed straight towards Heavenly Yao Peak.

They couldn’t miss this chance. At this moment when White Haired Heavenly Empress was out, Ye Chuan started to make a move. He went straight towards Heavenly Yao Hall along with Rain Demon. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

The match of Heavenly Yao Square created an unprecedented sensation, attracting many Heavenly Yao Guards who originally were supposed to be on guard duty. Now, the guard of Heavenly Yao Sect’s forbidden places was most lax, if he didn’t make a move now, then what moment was he waiting?

Ye Chuan’s speed was very fast, although his physical body was greatly weakened in recent days, at this key moment, he was still fast. Behind, the speed of Rain Demon was also not any inferior. He even seemed to be able to easily keep up with Ye Chuan. With Rain Demon beside him, Ye Chuan was even more confident in breaking into Heavenly Yao Hall. Sure enough, along the path, they didn’t encounter anyone. The patrolling guards and hidden lookouts were much less than before. The few who were still holding their position were also distracted. Although Heavenly Yao Square was far away from here, they could still clearly hear the cheering voice coming from Heavenly Yao Square. This made their heart itchy and their mind was already at Heavenly Yao Square, entirely unaware of two uninvited guests.

Without the obstruction of guards, Ye Chuan and Rain Demon didn’t take long before they arrived at Heavenly Yao Peak. Looking from the distance, the patrolling guards of former days were absent, but the two heavily armored guards were still there. Although the loud cheers could be heard from here, these two heavily armored guards remained unmoved, strictly guarding Heavenly Yao Hall’s entrance as if two indifferent battle puppets.

“Hei Kui, go!”

Ye Chuan was already prepared. He summoned the puppet doll from his Cyan Lotus Space, and the latter smiled. Afterward, he wore a black robe, disguising as a burly man and went into the forest outside Heavenly Yao Hall. Immediately afterward, two cold lights flashed over and one heavily armored guard suddenly moved at lightning speed.

“Who’s there? Dare to intrude our Heavenly Yao Sect’s forbidden area, kill without pardon!”

This heavily armored guard shouted loudly and pulling out a sharp sword hanging on his waist, he attacked. As for the other heavily armored guard, he continued to stay guard in front of Heavenly Yao Hall without any movement. It seemed that after Ye Chuan’s intrusion to Heavenly Yao Hall last time, these two were suspicious and learning the lesson, they were even more vigilant. If they still want to break in like last time, using Hei Kui alone to lure them away was impossible. Fortunately, Ye Chuan had another expert beside him.

A cold light suddenly flashed in front of Heavenly Yao Hall.

Under the ferocious attack of a heavily armored guard, the burly figure was instantly cut into three pieces. Next, a piece of the body that fell on the ground suddenly jumped up and rushed into the forest along with laughter. The puppet doll Hei Kui used clever camouflage to deceive the powerful heavily armored guard and lured a tiger away from the mountain.

“It’s that dwarf again!”

The two heavily armored guards roared angrily, but the guard standing in front of the door still didn’t move and forcibly suppressed his anger. As for the other one, he, however, was unable to endure and chased after Hei Kui. Last time, they were played around by Hei Kui, this time they absolutely couldn’t let the latter escape. In anger, one heavily armored guard spared no effort to chase after a puppet doll. Upon seeing this guard was chasing after him, the old devil was not flustered. He even slowed down intentionally or unintentionally, making the eyes of the heavily armored guard shine with a ferocious glint and attack. Meanwhile, two people behind a tree swayed and transformed into a shadow.

“Be careful, there is an ambush!”

The heavily armored guard standing in front of the door warned loudly, unfortunately, it was already too late. A sharp dagger suddenly stabbed through a heavily armored guard’s body.

Within the darkened forest, Rain Demon’s appearance slowly emerged, directly piercing a blade into the throat of a heavily armored guard.

Just like Ye Chuan hoped, after cultivating Peerless Style Technique, Rain Demon had truly become the top-notch assassin. The old devil Hei Kui was responsible for luring out a person and he took advantage of that moment to get rid of a Peak Daoist Master realm expert. He was simply accustomed to killing a person without a trace.


The other heavily armored guard couldn’t simply standby. He subconsciously pulled out his sword and rushed towards Rain Demon. Just after he had stepped out, a figure sneaked into Heavenly Yao Hall without a trace.

After two days, Ye Chuan sneaked into Heavenly Yao Hall again.

Last time, at the final moment, he was stopped by ancient sword formation in Heavenly Yao Sect. This time, he, however, was prepared!

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