Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 645

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 645: Critical Moment

“Nan Batian, you…, how is this possible?”

Son of Heaven Jin Hong was the first to bear the brunt. He was greatly shocked, looking at Nan Tiandu in disbelief. Just a moment ago, he was roaring with laughter, claiming Nan Tiandu was screwed and he wouldn’t be able to see the sun of tomorrow, but in the blink of an eye, his strength was directly suppressed by Nan Tiandu. He couldn’t believe this.

Half Sage Realm, breaking through after saying so, what was going on here?

He had relied on the highest grade Heaven Restoring Pill and was just able to temporarily breakthrough to Half Sage Realm, in addition, he couldn’t maintain this state for long, but what about Nan Tiandu?

Jin Hong’s heart was in chaos and full of bitterness. He was even somewhat scared. When the cultivation of Nan Tiandu suddenly erupted, he finally felt a real danger and began to involuntarily felt fear.

“I said, I, Nan Batian, am unmatched under heaven. What can you, a trifling Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect, count as? You are inferior to even squids and snake monsters of Overseas World. Boy, let me teach you how to behave today, and let you experience what is called a peak above a peak, hahahaha…” Nan Tiandu roared with laughter with arrogance.

This laughter pierced straight into the heart of Jin Hong.

Nan Tiandu then made a move, his attack was even more ferocious than before as his blade chopped down towards Jin Hong’s head. The latter looked flustered and hastily lifted the shield to block. Dong, he was sent flying along with the shield. Afterward, looking at the shield, although Jin Hong didn’t see any cracks on this shield that claimed to be invincible, there was a big dent and the entire shield was deformed.

The blade had not changed, but the person using it was completely different. Nan Tiandu who had broken his seal finally displayed his true combat power.

After temporarily breaking through to Half Sage Realm relying on a pill, Jin Hong had become far stronger, making him invincible among the younger generation disciples of all sects, but, compared to Nan Tiandu whose seal was removed, he suddenly became inferior. During the time when Ye Chuan went to Overseas World to explore Sea Demon Clan’s racial holy land, Nan Tiandu had worshipped Seventh Elder as his master. And under the guidance of the later, he broke through the realm that was unimaginable to other people. He even surpassed similarly Half Sage realm Plague Archfiend Abasi and Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo, becoming the strongest expert among the people around Ye Chuan.

“So powerful, a single slash can chop a mountain into two!”

“Heavens, truly is a Half Sage Realm, no wonder he is arrogant!”


Below the stage, people made all sorts of comments in amazement and sighed endlessly.

This was just a contest between younger generation disciples, nothing more. It was not the confrontation between the peak experts of the sects. In the past, among the participants of this Grand Sacrifice Competition, there were only a few people who had reached Peak Daoist Master realm and they were particularly dazzling. But this time, there were Half Sage experts, moreover, two of them! Was this the beginning of the transformation of Wilderness World to reproduce the era of Sages like in the ancient times? Or was Wilderness World showing the sign of the arrival of a great calamity?

People were shocked as they watched Nan Tiandu with fear and admiration, finding this more and more unbelievable.

Originally, in people’s hearts, Nan Tiandu was already a dead person, and there was no suspense in this match. But, beyond their imagination, the situation reversed in the blink of an eye.

In the peaks of Heavenly Yao Sect, more and more senior experts of Heavenly Yao Sect began to come out of their seclusion and flew over, stepping on a flying sword.

The battle between Half Sage experts, even for these old fellows who had been in seclusion for thousands of years was a rare sight. After sensing the changes in Heavenly Yao Square, they rushed over in succession. Among them, there was no lack of previous generation seniors, previous previous generation seniors and also great experts who had been in seclusion for many years.

On the platform, the complexion of Elder Tianqing became uglier as he felt great pressure. The senior experts of Heavenly Yao Sect who had rushed over in succession gave him invisible pressure. Some of these old fellows didn’t even come out during the disturbance of Heavenly Maiden, but now, they were coming out in succession. If Jin Hong won, then everything will be fine, but if he lost, then it would be very troublesome.

“Not bad, actually can stop my blade, again, let’s see if you can block several more!”

Nan Tiandu roared and rushed forward again, initiating continuous attacks. He showed no quarter and attacked as if he wanted to reap his life. Jin Hong lifted Nine Sages Battle Shield to block, but he was sent flying along with the shield. It appeared as if he was able to successfully guard himself, but under the repetitive violent attacks of Nan Tiandu, Jin Hong’s complexion gradually turned pale. The material used to forge Nine Sages Battle Shield was truly extraordinary, under the brute force bombardment of Nan Tiandu, it didn’t crack, but the deformation got bigger and bigger, and gradually distorted beyond recognition. After several moves, it no longer had the appearance of a shield, rather looked like a piece of crumpled rag.

The match on the stage was getting more and more intense. After a brief shock, onlookers came back to their senses and began to cheer loudly. The atmosphere became even more enthusiastic. A burst of invisible shockwaves would repeatedly spread out from the stage, which was the aftermath of the collision of Nan Tiandu and Jin Hong, making the disciples standing close to the stage retreat in succession. In the sky above, people’s commotion and dense killing intent were rippling. Frequently, the intense shockwave would directly pierce through the cloud. Half Sage realm experts’ unique aura and energy fluctuation spread all around.

When the match was in full swing, a powerful energy fluctuation suddenly came from the direction of Heavenly Yao Peak. That energy fluctuation was majestic and powerful, making all those cultivators below Sage Realm feel the pressure.

On the Heavenly Yao Square, the people with a strong divine sense looked back in succession and saw a shocking scene.

A graceful woman wearing a white robe descended from Heavenly Yao Peak, then walked over, step by step. She was beautiful, her skin was smooth and delicate like an infant’s, and her figure was graceful and more beautiful than any younger generation female disciples. She looked to be in her twenties, however, her hair was completely white, and her eyes were cold without any expression. She neither used a flying sword nor used any treasure, but she walked on the air like flat ground. In addition, her every step covered a distance of over a hundred meters.

White Haired Heavenly Empress!

The true overlord of Heavenly Yao Sect, Heavenly Empress was also alarmed by the final match and she suddenly made an appearance at the critical moment.

“We pay respect to Heavenly Empress!”

“Long live Heavenly Empress, long live, long live!”

All the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect including even Elder Tianqing hastily knelt down and greeted Heavenly Empress. In Heavenly Yao Sect, every Heavenly Empress was the supreme existence, i.e., the overload of Heavenly Yao Sect, was the emperor of the cultivation world!

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