Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 644

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 644: You Are Screwed

The brilliant match suddenly paused.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on the red pill in Son of Heaven Jin Hong’s hand. Some people’s complexion greatly changed, but even more had confused expression, not understanding what was going on.

“Hahaha, hahahahaha, Nan Batian, you are screwed!”

Jin Hong roared with laughter. His chest was undulating rapidly, but the excitement was written all over his face as he sternly said, “Open your eyes wide and look at this, what is this?”

“Isn’t that just a pill, what’s so great about it?”

Nan Tiandu sneered and the Azure Dragon Moon Blade in his hand vibrated as he said, “Surnamed Jin, you don’t seem to understand something, even if you eat a hundred pills, or a thousand pills, today, you will be defeated! Heavenly Yao Sect is a great sect, has a long inheritance, but you, Jin Hong, are not qualified to be Big Disciple. Many great sects are all corrupted by scum like you. it’s a pity, it’s a pity…”

Nan Tiandu shook his head, rudely pointing and humiliating Son of Heaven Jin Hong.

The face of Jin Hong turned black, then red, then black and then red again. He just wanted to show off the pill in his hand, but this rogue didn’t recognize it and even humiliated him!

“Nan… Ba… tian…”

Jin Hong was furious and roared a word at a time, then added, “Look clearly, this is the highest grade Heaven Restoring Pill passed down from ancient times. Today, I will use this pill to cut your hands, legs, and also cut off your tongue, then I will see how you will still be so arrogant!”

Jin Hong opened his mouth and swallowed that red pill. Immediately afterward, a violent aura erupted from his body and his energy fluctuation multiplied in succession. It was not as simple as rising successively, rather multiplying instantly. His entire body also made crackling sounds and he quickly became half a head taller. In addition, an incomparably violent energy fluctuation swept across the entire Heavenly Yao Square along with extremely dangerous aura. This aura even shocked the old fellows of various sects and had the feeling of hard to contend.

This was the aura of a Half Sage Realm expert!

After swallowing the red pill, Jin Hong’s strength increased sharply, breaking through to Half Sage realm in one fell swoop. However, this strength was just a temporary eruption, he wouldn’t be able to last long. It was just a temporary breakthrough to Half Sage realm, nothing more. But, this was already enough for Jin Hong who wasn’t at any disadvantage to get rid of Nan Batian!

Half Sage Realm, Son of Heaven Jin Hong, he…, did he really broke through to Half Sage Realm?”

“The highest grade Heaven Restoring Pill, it seems Heavenly Yao Sect is truly going all out this time. They seemingly want to kill Buddha if Buddha blocked their way to win this competition. This disciple of Bellowing Waves Sect is in danger!”


Below the stage, people exclaimed in succession. Looking at Jin Hong, there was a hint of fear in their eyes.

On the peaks, some distance away from Heavenly Yao Square, even more Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts were peeping. The appearance of a Half Sage realm expert, no matter where was very eye-catching. No matter which sect, a Half Sage realm expert was a top-notch expert. Sensing Jin Hong’s majestic energy fluctuation, some old fellows who had been in seclusion for thousands of years also couldn’t help coming out in advance.

On Heavenly Yao Square, people made all sorts of comments in succession. This final decisive match suddenly had no suspense.

Half Sage against Rank 7 Daoist Master realm, the result cannot be more obvious. In the eyes of people, Nan Batian was already powerful enough. He was definitely the first-rate expert among the younger generation. He could even fight against one to two Peak Daoist Master realm experts. With the might of Nan Batian, if it was any other past Grand Sacrifice Competition, then he would have become the final victor without any issue, unfortunately, this time, he encountered Jin Hong, this formidable opponent. Although Jin Hong’s true cultivation base was not much stronger, and he even was slightly inferior to Nan Batian in strength, he, however, had many treasures. Not to mention he had Nine Sages Battle Shield, he actually had the highest grade pill that could greatly enhance his combat power, who could stop him?

The disciples of various sects looked at Nan Tiandu with some pity and regret. Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples, however, were very excited. With the appearance of a Half Sage Realm expert among the younger generation disciples, no one was his match. Even if this state could only be maintained for a short period of time, it was enough, who else had this kind of ability?

Elder Tianqing who was sitting on the platform had a smile and also a sneer on his face.

Everyone was greatly shocked, but, he had been looking forward to this moment. In order to ensure everything will be fine, he spent a lot on Jin Hong. Giving Nine Sages Battle Shield alone was not enough, he endured great pain and also gave the highest grade Heaven Restoring Pill to Jin Hong. With these two trump cards together, who among the younger generation under heaven was Jin Hong’s opponent?

In order to prove that his reformation was the correct choice before the guests of various sects, and also stabilize his authority and position, Elder Tianqing had carefully planned this Grand Sacrifice Competition. The shock and even fear of people were something he wanted to see. Only with the birth of a very strong Big Disciple, he no longer needed to worry about internal strife and also let people forget about Heavenly Yao Sect’s Heavenly Maiden!

“Half Sage Realm?”

Nan Tiandu frowned and looked a little solemn, seemingly, he was also greatly shocked and felt unprecedented pressure.

“Hahaha, kid, you are screwed! Today, I will kill you, you will absolutely not see the sun of tomorrow, hahahaha…”

Jin Hong roared with laughter and suddenly lifted the heavy shield. This shield known as Nine Sages Battle Shield burst with a dazzling red light. Now, it was like a red hot iron plate, and it seemed to be getting hotter and hotter.

There was a big gap between Peak Daoist Master realm and Half Sage realm. An ordinary treasure, in the hands of Peak Daoist Master cultivators, could only display 80% or so of its might, but in the hands of Half Sage realm cultivators, they could display their 100% might or even exceed the limit.

Before Jin Hong broke through to Half Sage realm by swallowing the red pill, he was already able to block the attacks of Nan Tiandu relying on this shield treasure. Now, his cultivation had vastly increased, how could Nan Tiandu deal with this?

Now, people were looking at Nan Tiandu as if watching a dead man.

Nan Tiandu’s defeat was certain, and also his death, just seeing how he would die was left.

“Surnamed Jin, you are the one who is truly screwed! Do you think that I, Nan Batian, was unmatched in the Overseas World with just this small cultivation base? What a joke, I will let you see the true ability of I, Nan Batian!”

Nan Tiandu sneered. Even though other people were looking at him as if he already was a dead man or with a look of regret or gloating, he, however, was fearless, was even excited. The more powerful Jin Hong was, the more excited he became. Bang, he broke the seal and a powerful energy fluctuation erupted which was above Jin Hong’s!

Another Half Sage Realm expert?

On Heavenly Yao Square, a huge commotion occurred. The complexion of Elder Tianqing also greatly changed and he involuntarily stood up. Looking at Nan Tiandu who cultivation rose sharply after he broke the seal, his eyes were filled with disbelief!

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