Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 643

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 643: Trump Cards

“I’ve waited a long time for you, Nan Batian, today, I will…”

Son of Heaven Jin Hong took out Nine Sages Battle Shield and looked at Nan Batian with dense killing intent. Thinking about the flag where “Teach Heavenly Son how to behave” was written, he gritted his teeth. However, before he could finish speaking, a cold light flashed as a big blade chopped towards him.

“You truly talk too much nonsense!”

Nan Tiandu took the initiative to attack, directly using his blade to chop down.

Clang, Jin Hong hurriedly lifted the Nine Sages Battle Shield to block, but he was still forced to retreat a few steps. Looking below, fortunately, the shield was not damaged. Although this bade slash of Nan Batian was fierce and that blade was terrifying, with this heavy shield bestowed to him by Elder Tianqing, it was useless no matter how ferocious Nan Batian was.

“Hahaha, what matchless under heaven, kid, do you only have such a small ability?” Jin Hong laughed looking at Nan Tiandue and said, “Come, kid, show all your abilities. Today, I will let you see what is called being expert and teach you how to behave!”

Below the stage, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples who were worried for Jin Hong cheered loudly.

The instant Nan Tiandu made the move, looking at that fierce over three feet blade light, many Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples were nervous. Only after seeing Jin Hong was able to stop that attack, they breathed a sigh of relief in succession and cheered loudly. Although Nan Batian who had come from the Overseas World was fierce, their Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple was also not any inferior!

On the platform, the cloudy expression of Elder Tianqing finally lit up and a hint of smile appeared on his face. In order to win this Grand Sacrifice Competition, he had spent a lot on Jin Hong, and the latter also didn’t disappoint him. With an indestructible treasure Nine Sages Battle Shield in Jin Hong’s hand, it was useless no matter how fierce Nan Batian was.

“Eh, this shield is truly not bad!”

Among the crowd, Ye Chuan muttered to himself in surprise.

Azure Dragon Moon Blade in Nan Tiandu’s hand was the big killing weapon Ye Chuan bestowed to Nan Tiandu after seizing it from Azure Dragon Sect’s Sect Master Long Fei in the past. This sharp blade had no profound mysteries, but was heavy and sharp. Even a Half Sage Realm experts might not be able to block it with their bare hand. It could easily cut ordinary treasure into two halves. Jin Hong had parried this blade in a haste and actually didn’t even fell. This was not because of his powerful cultivation base, rather because of Nine Sages Battle Shield in his hands. It was far superior to ordinary defensive treasure!

“Your Excellency, should we do something about it?” Rain Demon beside Ye Chuan frowned in worries looking at Nine Sages Battle Shield in Jin Hong’s hands.

“No need, Nan Tiandu naturally has a way to deal with it. If he couldn’t even deal with a Peak Daoist Master realm cultivator, then he is not Nan Tiandu!”

Ye Chuan was calm. Although he was somewhat surprised by the shield in Jin Hong’s hand, he had full confidence in Nan Tiandu, this brother. In the current Cloud Mist Sect, Nan Tiandu was undoubtedly the number one expert. At the moment, he couldn’t show his true strength because of the seal, nothing more. If he truly attacked with all his strength, then Jin Hong’s shield would not be able to block for sure!

“If you can!”

On the stage, Nan Tiandu coldly snorted and attacked ferociously again. For a moment, the stage was filled with blade lights, and the whistling sounds of blade slashes resounded in the ears of people. Jin Hong who was talking big also didn’t dare to be careless.

Two experts were locked in a deadly stalemate.

One was Heavenly Yao Sect’s dignified Big Disciple who was known as Son of Heaven. The other one was a ferocious expert that came from the Overseas World. In this battle, who would laugh in the end?

People opened their eyes wide, closely watching the changes occurring on the stage. Nan Batian was attacking. His big blade was moving all around. A straight thrust, sweep, slash, every move was very powerful with great momentum. Every move made people exclaim. Unlike Nan Batian, Son of Heaven Jin Hong was in defense. He seemed to be in a dangerous position, but relying on the heavy shield, he protected his vital parts. Both of them were great experts in the younger generation. One was ferocious, one was calm, this brilliant match made people continuously exclaim and cheer.

The path of cultivation was a path of defying heaven. Most of the cultivators could only stop at Wuzhe realm. Less than ten percent would break through to Xiushi realm, then from Xiushi realm to Daoist Master realm, it was again less than ten percent. From the perspective of real experts, Peak Daoist Master realm was also considered nothing, but from the perspective of the entire Wilderness World, only a few were able to reach this realm. They basically were the absolute elites. Being able to witness a battle between two Peak Daoist Master realm experts was once in a lifetime opportunity, it was very beneficial to a lot of people. On the stage, the battle between Nan Tiandu and Jin Hong opened the eyes of many disciples. They finally got to know how true experts attacked and defend.

“So powerful, Heavenly Yao Sect is after all Heavenly Yao Sect. Being able to cultivate such a Big Disciple is not a simple matter, no wonder they dare to reform Heavenly Maiden system!”

“Yes, even if Heavenly Maiden of this generation was here, she might not be any better!”

“Heh heh, Heavenly Yao Sect is not simple, but this Bellowing Waves Sect, isn’t it even more not simple?”


Below the stage, people discussed while watching. From time to time, they would also exclaim, and even argue with each other. Similarly Peak Daoist Master realm experts, upon seeing the battle between Nan Tiandu and Jin Hong, their complexion turned pale.

“Good, good, good, this is the appearance of the Big Disciple.”

On the platform, Elder Tianqing caressed his beard while nodding his head.

Looking at the heroic appearance of Jin Hong, his gloomy face had completely changed. The exclamation and comments of people in Heavenly Yao Sect’s system were exactly what he wanted.

“Your Excellency, after this match, people will know our sect’s Big Disciple, no one will remember former Heavenly Maiden.” The trusted aide didn’t miss this opportunity to flatter. He clearly understood the mind of Elder Tianqing.

“Hahaha, good, well said. Heavenly Maiden is already the thing of the past. In the future, our Heavenly Yao Sect will only have Big Disciple.”

Elder Tianqing laughed heartily. But, after a moment, his tone changed, “It’s almost the time, tell Jin Hong to display his trump cards. It’s time to show the true strength of my Heavenly Yao Sect. Use this madman Nan Batian’s blood and life to announce the arrival of Heavenly Yao Sect’s new era!”


A trusted aide bowed and accepted the order. Soon, a bell’s sound resounded throughout Heavenly Yao Square.

Jin Hong who had been defending on the stage, upon hearing the bell’s sound suddenly jumped backward to open a distance from Nan Tiandu. Afterward, he laughed and took out a red pill from his bosom. Below the stage, some sharp-eyed people saw this pill and their complexion changed greatly.

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