Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 642

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 642: Rising Arrogance

When Heavenly Yao Square was in big commotion, no one noticed that a figure wearing a big bamboo hat had quietly arrived at Heavenly Yao Square. That figure stood on the outskirts, watching Nan Tiandu who was standing on the stage.

The decisive match of today was different from the matches of last two days. The success and failure of the entire plan depended on this match. Thus, Ye Chuan also came to Heavenly Yao Square. Nan Tiandu shocked everyone and displayed his outstanding strength, but no one knew that someone else had planned all this. Ye Chuan hid behind the scenes and used Nan Tiandu, this butcher’s knife, to control the direction of this competition.

“Kakaka, Your Excellency, it’s a success!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin quietly came beside Ye Chuan and laughed. His eyes were flashing with madness, seemingly, the one on the stage enjoying the limelight was not Nan Tiandu, rather himself.

“It’s still early, now is just the beginning.”

Under the big bamboo hat, Ye Chuan’s face was indifferent. His eyes were cold without any emotional fluctuation.

Nan Tiandu on the stage had successfully lured out many Heavenly Yao Sect’s old fellows. But the crucial character, who truly controlled Heavenly Yao Sect, White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi, had yet to appear. Thus, it was far from being successful. The result was not yet determined, they had yet to see if Nan Tiandu could lure out White Haired Heavenly Empress during this final match. If that succeeded, then that would naturally be the best; if that was unsuccessful, then they had to forcibly make a move. In any case, they had to break into Heavenly Yao Cave today!

Ye Chuan looked calm, but his eyes were filled with determination. No matter whether Nan Tiandu succeeded or not, he had already decided to make a move today. In order to save Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was suppressed under Heavenly Yao Peak, he would pay any price!

“Your Excellency, do you truly not need our help to save her?” Old Demon of Mount Yin was still somewhat worried. His original excitement, after thinking about the danger Ye Chuan would take next, disappeared and was filled with worries.

“No need, you all just need to stall peak experts of Heavenly Yao Sect, and if you don’t see me return within three hours, then you all don’t need to wait for me, immediately retreat to Cloud Mist Sect. At that time, transmit my secret order, Nan Tiandu would be the new leader of Cloud Mist Sect and make Jiajia and others transfer to Overseas World’s Dragon King Island. And until they broke through to Half Sage realm, they are not allowed to set a foot on the mainland.” Ye Chuan solemnly instructed.

“Your Excellency…”

The face of Old Demon of Mount Yin sunk further and his eyes became a little red.

He, Rain Demon and others had discussed, wanting to go to Heavenly Yao Hall together with Ye Chuan to seize the treasure and then break into Heavenly Yao Cave to save Heavenly Maiden, unfortunately, all were rejected by Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan would take this danger alone, he might never return to Cloud Mist Sect and this might be his final words.

“Your Excellency, Rhodes and others will stay here to help Nan Tiandu stall Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts, I will go together with you.”

The assassin Rain Demon walked over. Although his cultivation hadn’t changed, was still Peak Daoist Master realm, after comprehending Peerless Style Technique imparted by Ye Chuan, he had extraordinary air around him and his step was also lighter. For a first-rate assassin, movement techniques were extraordinarily important. At the critical moment, being a bit faster would vastly increase their combat power.

Ye Chuan’s eyes lit up, “Rain Demon, the comprehension of Peerless Style Technique, which level did you reach?”

“Third level, this subordinate is dull, Your Excellency, I disappointed you.” Rain Demon replied.

“No, this is already very good, very good! Rain Demon, you will go together with me!”

Ye Chuan was overjoyed and suddenly changed his decision and prepared to take Rain Demon along with him.

Peerless Style Technique was divided into seven levels. The starting part was already difficult enough, but the cultivation of subsequent levels was one more difficult than the previous one. With his previous insights and experience, Ye Chuan was at the sixth level now. Rain Demon, however, had reached the third level just after cultivating for a few days, wasn’t this fast enough?

Ye Chuan sized up Rain Demon and was more and more surprised. This Peerless Style Technique was simply tailor-made for Rain Demon. After cultivating this technique, he would not be a burden later. Not to mention anything else, with him together, he would be able to seize Heaven Concealing Umbrella faster, and the probability of success would also increase!

“Your Excellency, we will also go together with you!”

Plague Archfiend Abasi and Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo walked over and requested again. No matter whether Heavenly Yao Hall or Heavenly Yao Cave, both were extremely dangerous. They hoped to follow Ye Chuan.

“No, you all should stay here. Although Nan Tiandu is strong, it is impossible for him alone to stall so many super experts of Heavenly Yao Sect. Act as planned, why should you all go? Rain Demon, let’s go!”

After instruction, Ye Chuan left with Rain Demon, disappeared into the sea of people. Behind, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others looked at each other for a moment and acted according to the plan.

“Start the match, start the match……”

“Who is the strongest expert among the younger generation? We want to know. Where is Son of Heaven Jin Hong, what is he waiting for?”

“Martial God Sect’s Big Disciple didn’t fight and withdrew, could it be that even Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple is frightened and doesn’t dare to go on the stage?”


On Heavenly Yao Square, people continued to should loudly. They couldn’t wait to see the final decisive match. Some people just shouted loudly, but some people began to ridicule with ill intentions. Ye Chuan’s party that gathered for a short moment didn’t attract anyone else’s attention. Everyone was concerned about the final battle.

Along with the shout and ridicule of people, Jin Hong was more and more unable to sit still and his face turned green.

Fighting with Nan Tiandu now, not to mention was violating the rule, he still had misgivings in his heart. The scene of Nan Tiandu breaking a treasure with a bare hand was honestly too ferocious and made his scalp tingle. That strength was not something a Daoist Master realm cultivator should have. Although he had obtained some trump cards from Elder Tianqing, after seeing this scene, his confidence to become the final victor was shaken.

It was not appropriate to fight in advance, but waiting like this just to hear people’s ridicule and screams, Jin Hong felt uncomfortable and his face was getting more and more unsightly.

On the platform, Elder Tianqing’s complexion was also very unsightly.

Originally, he stood up and was already prepared to go off in a huff, but upon hearing the ridicule of people, he sat down again with a gloomy mood. He then instructed something to his subordinate. The latter was startled, immediately afterward, he bowed and accepted the order. Soon, the ancient copper bell resounded again for nine times, announcing the start of the final decisive match.

The final match was starting now?

Jin Hong was very surprised, but he didn’t have much time to think. He had to toughen his scalp and jump onto the stage.

Nan Tiandu could leisurely come late, after all, he was a rough fellow that came from uncivilized Overseas World. No one would bicker about his lateness. But, he was different. Once the bell rang, he had to be on the stage, otherwise, when Elder Tianqing blamed him, he will have to take the consequences.

“Surnamed Jin, you finally came, I have been waiting for you for a long time, hahaha…”

Nan Batian roared with laughter, looking at Jin Hong who had just jumped onto the stage as his energy fluctuation successively rose along with dense killing intent.

“Kill, kill…”

Below the stage, people shouted loudly and the atmosphere suddenly heated up.

The final decisive match of the Grand Sacrifice Competition was about to begin. Everyone was very excited and was looking forward to a brilliant battle!

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