Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 641

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 641: Too Ferocious

Nan Tiandu who had come late greatly shocked everyone.
That was not an ordinary iron club, rather a treasure, a great killing weapon that weighted over 100,000 jin. Breaking it so easily like that, how many people could do that in this world?

Too ferocious!

Nan Tiandu’s means made people’s scalp tingle. Yang Wanli, the Big Disciple of Martial God Sect, was known as Wolf’s child and born with extraordinary strength, but this moment standing in front of Nan Tiandu, he also couldn’t help but tremble. Over the years, he had crushed many opponents and he also had taught enough people a lesson, but he had never encountered a ferocious person like Nan Tiandu. Breaking such a heavy and solid iron club with a bare hand, was he a human? What if he grabbed him?

This match attracted a lot of attention. Below the stage, Ouyang Huo also came, waiting to see how Nan Tiandu would die in this match. But, even before the match, he was greatly shocked, fortunately, he escaped with life at that time.

Since Nan Tiandue had cut off his legs, he hated the latter to his bone marrow before, now, he, however, realized that Nan Tiandu was already merciful. If Nan Tiandu had used his hands, then wouldn’t he be snapped into two?

Ouyang Huo who claimed to be Bone Crushing Crazy Demon trembled. In the past, he was crazy enough within Heavenly Yao Sect and was even crazier outside Heavenly Yao Sect. Now, he realized that he was just a frog at the bottom of the well before. This Nan Tiandu who had come from the Overseas World was the real Bone Crushing Crazy Demon. Being able to escape alive losing just legs, he could already be considered fortunate.

“Too terrifying, too ferocious, no wonder he claimed to be matchless in Overseas World!”

“He is matchless under heaven, he is so ferocious, which sect’s younger generation can be his opponent?”

Below the stage, people make all sorts of comments, reacting after the shock. After personally witnessing the might of Nan Tiandu, the entire Heavenly Yao Square was filled with commotion. Many Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts who originally were peeping from the distance also couldn’t help flying over, wanting to take a closer look at what exactly had happened. The wanted to personally see what kind of character Nan Tiandu was.

“This brother, I am sorry, I accidentally broke your iron club. Here, you can also try to break my sword so that it will be fair. I, Nan Batian has no opponent under heaven, but I never bully other people.” Nan Tiandu said as he pulled forward his Cyan Dragon Moon Blade to Yang Wanli.

Looking at the terrifying blade, the complexion of onlookers below the stage changed. On the stage, Yang Wanli’s complexion also changed and subconsciously took a step back. That move of Nan Tiandu breaking his iron club was honestly too frightening. He was already so frightened that a shadow was left behind in his heart. Moreover, without that big killing weapon, how could he block this terrifying blade? If Nan Tiandu ferociously chopped down, then with Nan Tiandu’s ferocious means, wouldn’t Nan Tiandu chop him into two halves?

Even before the start of the match, Martial God Sect’s disciple, Yang Wanli, lost the courage to fight.

“Wanli, come down, you have already lost.”

An aged voice came from the crowd.

The senior expert of Martial God Sect mixed in the crowd directly made Yang Wanli step down. He had no other choice, Nan Tiandu was simply too ferocious. Yang Wanli was greatly frightened and lost his will and courage to fight. Even if he had the iron club in his hands now, he couldn’t fight any longer. Stubbornly provoking the opponent would only lead to death!

“Right Elder, I…” The gorilla Yang Wanli had no courage to fight, but he was unwilling to run away from a battle like this. If he did so, then he would not have any face to meet others. In addition, after returning to the sect, how can he face his Master Sect Master and numerous junior apprentice sisters and brothers?

“I what I, lost then lost, you have lost to Nan Batian who is matchless under heaven, losing to such a person is not shameful, come down!” The aged voice resounded again and added, “On the contrary, you have to thank him for not directly killing you. If he had truly made a move, then instead of that iron club, your body would have been snapped into two.”

The Right Elder of Martial God Sect mixed in the crowd could clearly see and knew that Nan Tiandu was already showing mercy. Perhaps, this action of Nan Tiandu was arrogant and intentionally displaying his astonishing strength, deliberately seeking the limelight, but whatever one said, he had just broken that iron club, and not torn off opponent’s leg like Ouyang Huo or even directly torn the opponent into two halves. If that was not showing mercy, then what was? Although his methods were fierce, Nan Tiandu at least wasn’t homicidal maniac like Ouyang Huo.

“Thank you for showing mercy, senior brother Batian!”

The gorilla Yang Wenli came back to his senses and respectfully bowed to Nan Tiandue. He then jumped down the stage and disappeared into the crowd.

Below the stage, people were dumbfounded for a moment and the commotion became all the bigger.

Martial God Sect was not a small sect. That, however, was an ancient sect, like Ancient Sword Sect. Among the sects under heaven, they were close behind Heavenly Yao Sect. They were equally extraordinary. But, the sect’s Big Disciple actually took the initiative to admit defeat and even respectfully bowed to the opponent, when did Martial God Sect ever have this kind of matter?

“Coward, still go on to say you have extraordinary strength, Martial God Sect lost all its face!”

“No, this is not cowardly, this only proves that this gorilla has brains, he is a genius that can adapt to circumstances, this is not losing a face!”

Below the stage, onlookers excitedly made all sorts of comments. Some were disappointed and were cursing, some, however, were praising. However, no matter the situation, the momentum of Nan Batian who was standing on the stage was incomparable at this moment. In people’s hearts, he truly was an Overseas Overlord who was unmatched under the heaven. Before the start of the match, Martial God Sect’s Big Disciple with outstanding cultivation base and extraordinary strength was forced to withdraw. In the past Grand Sacrifice Competition, who was ever so ferocious?

He was not crazy, but he indeed had the crazy ability, and he had the qualification to be arrogant!

Looking at Nan Tiandu standing on the stage, the gaze of various sects’ disciples had fanatical glint. They were very impatient to watch the final decisive match. They wanted to see whether Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple Son of Heaven Jin Hong will win or this arrogant Nan Batian would win!

“Start the match, start the match……”

“A madman under heaven, Bellowing Waves Sect’s disciple, Nan Batian!”

“Unmatched under heaven, teach Heavenly Son how to behave, what a good saying! Start the match, where is Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple, what is he waiting for?”


It was unknown who shouted first, most of the disciples of various sects shouted loudly. Their shout got louder and louder, directly piercing through the skies, and echoed throughout Heavenly Yao Sect.

Originally, the final decisive match was to be held after the noon in accordance with the plan, but after witnessing the might of Nan Batian, the people were so excited that they couldn’t wait that long. Not to mention the guests, even the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect also couldn’t wait that long. But, they couldn’t easily shout in public, nothing more.

When the guests of various sects were excited, Son of Heaven Jin Hong and Elder Tianqing’s complexion was unsightly.

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