Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 640

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 640: The Difference between an Expert and a Yao Beast

Looking at Nan Batian sitting on the sedan, Son of Heaven Jin Hong was so angry that he gritted his teeth. But, he forcibly suppressed his impulse to jump out.

On the stage, he could openly kill Nan Batian with justification, but it won’t do now. If he rushed out now, then not to mention whether he could instantly kill Nan Batian or not, even he succeeded, that would be a serious violation of Heavenly Yao Sect’s law and he would be punished severely. With various sects present here, even if Elder Tianqing favored him, he also wouldn’t be able to protect him.

The sedan approached closer and closer, but Nan Batian had no intention to go down. He continued to lazily lie on the sedan, letting those two burly fellows carry him forward.

“Tsk tsk, what a big arrogance!”

“Without being arrogant to the death, he cannot enjoy to the full, this fellow is unique, it shouldn’t be easy to nurture this kind of Big Disciple for that Bellowing Waves Sect.”

“No, I heard Nan Batian is still not the strongest younger generation disciple of Bellowing Waves Sect, someone else is the Big Disciple.”

“Is that so? Then, wouldn’t he be even more powerful?”

Below the stage, people commented in succession and stepped aside to make way. They truly admired Nan Batian who dared to lie on the sedan in front of so many experts in the world. They weren’t admiring his cultivation, rather his arrogance. One could say that he was an incomparable fool, one could even say that he was a frog in a well, but being so arrogant in front of so many people, such madness, they had to admire him.

Invincible everywhere under heaven, who else dares to claim this?

Teaching Heavenly Son how to behave, these words were even more arrogant. If this didn’t mean that the imperial throne of this world’s dynasty didn’t enter his eyes, then suddenly waving such a flag within Heavenly Yao Sect, wasn’t that clearly humiliating the first Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect after the reformation, Son of Heaven Jin Hong?

Nan Batian’s entrance created a big sensation, and more people rushed over from all directions.

After hearing the commotion here, the disciples and guards of Heavenly Yao Sect who originally were guarding various peaks couldn’t control themselves and quietly sneaked over to watch the excitement in succession. They wanted to witness who was so arrogant and watch the brilliant next match. With regarding Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples and guards neglecting their duties, the leaders of various levels also noticed but they couldn’t prevent it and also had no intention to stop them. Even many leaders themselves couldn’t help strolling towards Heavenly Yao Square.

The final decisive match had yet to begin, it was just a semifinal, but there was already a big sensation.

Whoosh! A big figure soared from the sedan, bringing along a fierce wind.

When the sedan reached the edge of the stage, Nan Batian who had been lazily lying on the sedan jumped onto the stage and looking around Heavenly Yao Square, he laughed heartily, “Hahaha, sorry, I was late. Are you Martial God’s Big Disciple? I’ve troubled you to wait for a long time!”

He was deliberately late for this match, moreover, came to the stage in such an extremely arrogant manner because he wanted to create a greater sensation.

According to Ye Chuan’s plan, victory or defeat was not important, creating an unprecedented commotion to lure the out super experts of Heavenly Yao Sect who were guarding the forbidden areas and even White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi was more important. Now, White Haired Heavenly Empress had not appeared yet, but there were many people in Heavenly Yao Square. Many disciples and guards who originally were supposed to be on guard duty had sneaked over. The battle had yet to start but the commotion was already so big, Nan Tiandu was greatly satisfied with this. This was just the semifinal, the final match would be even more sensational!

“Yes, I am Martial God Sect’s Big Disciple, Yang Wanli, I heard you are very crazy, come, let me see what kind of abilities do your Overseas World’s sects have!”

Like a gorilla, Yang Wanli slammed the big iron rod in his hand, shaking the ground. This iron rod was very heavy.

“Is that big iron rod of yours very heavy?” Nan Tiandu asked. He didn’t immediately make a move, rather looked at the big iron rod in Yang Wanli’s hands as if he was frightened by its extreme weight.

“It’s not very heavy, it’s just 180,000 jin, nothing more.”

The gorilla Yang Wanli complacently laughed and said, “What? Are you afraid? Don’t worry, a single smash will just break your bone at the most, nothing more. It will not crush you to death. It’s very rare to encounter such a crazy opponent, how can I be willing to crush you to death in one shot? I will at least use ten shots, letting you fully taste the flavor of our Martial God Sect’s Invincible Divine Rod before dying. Among those two banners of yours, I like one of them, but I don’t like the other one. You haven’t even tasted the flavor of my Invincible Divine Rod, how can you call yourself invincible everywhere under the heaven, hahahaha…”

Nan Batian was crazy, but Yang Wanli was also a madman.

Upon seeing Nan Batian had encountered a strong enemy, Jin Hong who was watching the match from the audience was happy, but upon hearing their words, his complexion turned unsightly. The front half was not very good, but he liked the latter half, what does this gorilla Yang Wanli meant, does that mean he also wanted to teach him how to behave?

Below the stage, people covered their mouths and laughed up their sleeves, subconsciously looking at Jin Hong. The latter’s complexion became even more unsightly.

On the platform, the complexion of Elder Tianqing was also very unsightly. Son of Heaven Jin Hong, this Big Disciple was his card, was the first Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect after the reformation. Humiliating Jin Hong was like slapping his face hard. Nan Batian came from uncivilized Overseas World, he didn’t know the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth, but what about Martial God Sect’s Big Disciple, did he want to shed all pretense of cordiality with Heavenly Yao Sect?

Elder Tianqing was furious as killing intent brew in his heart. He then scanned through the crowd, wanting to look for senior experts of Martial God Sect. Unfortunately, Heavenly Yao Square was very crowded, he couldn’t find the people of Martial God Sect in this crowd.

“Tsk tsk tsk, 180,000 jin, so frightening.”

Nan Tiandu shook his head with a look of fear, then in the next moment, no one saw what he did, Yang Wanli’s big iron rod was already in his hands.

“Invincible Divine Rod, return it to me, you…” The gorilla Yang Wanli was greatly surprised.

Below the stage, the people suddenly quieted down and their complexion changed. Even Daoist Master realm experts who were standing less than ten meters away from the stage just saw a blur and the heavy big iron rod was already in Nan Tiandu’s hand. They couldn’t clearly see what had happened.

“Don’t be nervous, I will return it to you, I am just looking, nothing more.”

Nan Tiandu laughed and truly returned the iron rod, but he didn’t toss it whole to Yang Wanli, rather like a cornstalk, he broke it and tossed it piece by piece.

Below the stage, people were shocked.

A big iron rod that weighted over 100,000 jin was broken with bare hands just like this?

Heavenly Yao Square filled with countless people suddenly became silent. The hubbub of voices just now was completely gone, even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard now. The other disciples and guards of Heavenly Yao Sect also couldn’t help rushing over in succession to see what was going on. Even many old fellows who would not easily show up in former days also were unable to bear and looked over from the distance.

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