Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 64

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 64: Junior apprentice-brother, I’m sorry

After the unexpected surprise, Yi Suo looked at Ye Chuan and coldly asked: “Why choose me?”

With regarding the name list of this time, Yi Suo was extremely surprised.

As an elite inner sect disciple and a cultivator genius, he was eager to be head and shoulder above the others, he wanted to surpass any other disciple of the sect and moreover tried his best to be in limelight. For this, the Great Competition of this time was undoubtedly a good chance. Unfortunately, Ye Chuan was the leader of the group and all the participants for this battle would be chosen by him; thinking this, Yi Suo didn’t have any interest to participate and also didn’t hold any hope to be able to participate.

Just after returning from the travel outside of many years, he was hostile towards Ye Chuan in public and nearly fought with him. So Yi Suo didn’t believe that Ye Chuan had no ill feeling towards him and let him enter the competition. If he was in the place of Ye Chuan, he would have also done so. But, the current development of matter was beyond all expectation.

Now he could represent the sect to go to the battle, and exhibiting his awe-inspiring bearing, he would get into the limelight. Yi Suo was naturally happy, but he was also very puzzled in his heart, worrying whether Ye Chuan was concocting a scheme or not. Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun was also same. After being pleasantly surprised, he doubtfully looked at Ye Chuan and began to feel uneasy, facing a difficult choice. Yi Suo going to the battle, this was a chance, chance where Ye Chuan had delivered himself to the doorstep; but this chance came too suddenly and too timely, so he couldn’t help worrying whether Ye Chuan was scheming or not.

“Junior apprentice-brother, I’m sorry!”

Ye Chuan looked around, then stopping his gaze on Yi Suo, he sincerely said, “I was wrong before. It was I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother not carrying out well. You had just returned from outside, but not only did I not give you a welcome dinner, instead I treated you rudely. That wasn’t a proper magnanimity and self-restraint of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, sorry.”

All the people inside the Cloud Mist Hall were shocked one after another again and had their eyes wide open. Moreover they thought that they had heard wrongly.

The cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, but his status after all was sect’s Big Disciple. And Big Disciple apologizing to ordinary disciple in the presence of all, this was the first time. The sun truly rose from the west!

Yi Suo snorted, and coldly staring at Ye Chuan, he was still doubtful in his heart.

“Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, I know you have a problem with me. But, that is personal grievances, I believe you understand the major matters of principle.”

Ye Chuan paused and slowly continued, “I’m very ashamed, as a sect’s Big Disciple, I, senior apprentice-brother’s cultivation however is mediocre. I can do nothing about it, my talent is just like this, unworthy of all elders’ kindness. We all know, I never liked bustling activities, and originally, I didn’t want to participate in Great Competition of this time, but because of the stipulation of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, I have to participate. With my cultivation and strength, the odds of victory in this Great Competition is not big, so I hope to entrust hope on the real cultivation genius of the sect. Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, this battle is exclusively yours, if you don’t take part in this battle, we are certain to lose. I, senior apprentice-brother losing my face doesn’t matter, but losing in this Great Competition is too unsightly, moreover, it implicates the entire sect too! Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, this Great Competition cannot be without you, so, let’s go into battle together with me, senior apprentice-brother!”

The tone of Ye Chuan was downbeat, and was speaking in an earnest tone, which caused listening people unable to refuse. In the name of the sect, he did his utmost to invite Yi Suo to take part in a battle in the presence of all.

The complexion of Yi Suo slowly simmer down, no longer was so cold. He enjoyed these words of Ye Chuan very much. Sect’s Big Disciple, so what, encountering a big matter, didn’t he has to speak humbly under his breath in front of him?

Yi Suo no longer doubted now, and Zhu Sijia and others were also the same. Although him inviting Yi Suo to go into the battle greatly surprised people, but hearing his explanation, and thinking for a bit, they also found this fair and reasonable. Among the total of seven people taking part in the battle, the cultivation of Ye Chuan was mediocre, moreover, taking along fatty and two other useless outer sect disciples, if he didn’t request an expert to participate, then they basically wouldn’t be able to do anything in this competition.

“How about that, junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, did you consider clearly?” Ye Chuan struck while the iron was hot. He still had sincere and expectation written all over his face, but he was sneering in his heart. And without revealing any trace, from the corner of his eyes, he took a quick glance at Third Elder and Jin Zhikun.

Didn’t you want to play dirty? Well, feel free to give all you’ve got, let’s see what you can do!

Ye Chuan met plot with plot, wanting to seize the opportunity to draw a snake out of its hole, and think of a way to eradicate Jin Zhikun, Third Elder and so on, this kind of scums in one fell swoop. Otherwise, the longer these fellows hide inside the sect, the more detrimental they are!

Yi Suo didn’t utter a word, just looked at Third Elder on the side. And seeing latter secretly nodding his head, he snorted and nodded his head to agree, “Fine, for the sake of the sect, this young master will walk with you for a round trip.”

Yi Suo still put on airs, but Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun who was arrogant on account of his seniority however had a happy face. He had worried for so long, now the matters were finally settling. Next was to discuss the concrete action plan, to make Ye Chuan disappear forever.

Jin Zhikun took a quick glance at Ye Chuan and lowered his head in order to avoid giving himself away. He was very excited, as after gnashing his teeth and enduring for so long, he finally had a chance to take revenge!

“Senior apprentice-brother is wise!”

Ye Chuan cupped his hand with a smile on his face. He looked as if he was entirely unaware of the danger of inviting a wolf into his house.

Conversely, Zhu Sijia who was standing at one side felt something was fishy, but she also didn’t retort in public for the time being, and said angrily, “Ye Chuan, let’s forget about taking fatty with us, but what’s going on with those outer sect disciples called Wu Yong and Wang Li? Are you worried about us Cloud Mist Sect losing not miserable enough for intentionally bringing along these two people into the battle?”

Zhu Sijia angrily gritted her teeth. She had worked laboriously for so long to help Ye Chuan make a draft name list, moreover had also persuaded several experts to go into the battle. But who would have thought that, he simply didn’t use it at all, and he unexpectedly advocated arbitrarily.

“Yes, what’s going on with this matter?

“He spared no effort to invite arrogant Yi Suo to go into the battle, but also brought two worthless outer sect disciples, what does Ye Chuan want to do?”

People began discussing spiritedly, and even after thinking until their head broke, they didn’t understand the reason behind this.

“Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo is matchless in cultivation, and is also our sect’s genius who appears only once in thousand years, so in this Great Competition, he alone is more than enough. As for those two outer sect disciples, the location of competition is far away, and there must be someone to run errands, prepare dishes and so on, no?” Ye Chuan answered.

Everyone passed out, those two outer sect disciples were going just for preparing dishes and running errands? No one had the ability to think this way, only Ye Chuan alone would be able to think so!

All people stared dumbfounded and were having a difficult time to believe what they had heard. But Ye Chuan didn’t even bat an eyelid, completely ignoring the criticism of everyone. Although his cultivation was not up to much, the skin of his face was sufficiently thick.

Great Elder was speechless, then shaking his head, he left. Zhu Sijia ferociously glared at Ye Chuan, then she also turned around and left. In just this fashion, the crowd of Cloud Mist Hall dispersed. People shook their head one after another. Now they even more didn’t have any hope for this Great Competition. Only Yi Suo was in high spirit and was still very happy with the words of Ye Chuan. Whether sect loses its face or not, he actually didn’t care at all. Even if they were utterly defeated in this great Competition, he didn’t care. As long as he alone gained far-flung fame and got in the limelight, it was fine.

“In this war, I want to let common people remember two people, one is trash Ye Chuan and another is me, Yi Suo!”

Looking at Ye Chuan, Yi Suo put on a false smile, but resolutely vowed in his heart then walked away.

Ye Chuan also laughed. Looking at the back view of Yi Suo, Third Elder and other people, he smiled fatuously, making people shook their head. Only a single person had his complexion unchanged from the beginning till end, and that person was Nan Tiandu. He stood straight as if a sheathed sharp sword in that place from the beginning to end. With calm as if water mind, he was not affected by any external circumstance.

There was a sentence Ye Chuan didn’t say wrong. In this Great Competition, as long as there was one person, it was enough. But this person wasn’t Yi Suo, rather Nan Tiandu who had just came out from seclusion!

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