Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 639

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 639: Teach You How to Behave

The second semi-final match was between Bellowing Waves Sect and Martial God Sect.

There was a half an hour interval between the two semi-finals. There was still a short time left before the start of the next match, but people were unwilling to leave and waited excitedly for the second semi-final match. What kind of sect was Bellowing Waves Sect, no one knew, but the arrogance and might of Nan Batian had long been known to everyone. He absolutely was one of the best experts in this Grand Sacrifice Competition. The matter of Marital God Sect, however, was different. In the Wilderness World, it was a large sect with a long inheritance like Ancient Sword Sect. The one who participated in this competition was Marital God Sect’s Big Disciple. He had defeated all of his previous opponents easily in this competition.

The victor between Heavenly Yao Sect and Ancient Sword Sect was already decided. But, what about the match between Bellowing Waves Sect and Martial God Sect? Who would win and reach the final to fight a decisive battle against Heavenly Yao sect?

People excitedly discussed with each other, waiting for the next match. As the start of the match was getting closer and closer, more and more people were rushing over to Heavenly Yao Square. Son of Heaven Jin Hong also hadn’t left far, he was resting just below the platform. He wanted to witness the match between Bellowing Waves Sect and Martial God Sect.

The disciples of Martial God Sect had always been known for their bravery. Each and every one of them had amazing strength, especially the Big Disciple of this generation, Yang Wenli. According to the rumor, he was an orphan, was abandoned by his family in the wild because he was too ugly and was raised by a female wolf. Therefore, people called him Wolf’s child. His entire body was covered with thick black fur and he innately had extraordinary strength. He was accepted as the personal disciple by Martial God Sect’s Sect Master. He had already reached Peak Daoist Master realm at young age and his combat power was astonishing. Such an opponent, even Jin Hong himself wasn’t sure whether he could defeat him. But, Nan Tiandu who had come from the Overseas World made him have even more scruple. In the next battle, if Nan Tiandu lost, then that would be the best; even if he won, he feared that it would not be an easy win. Like that, he would be able to see the flaw of the latter.

The match had not yet begun, but it had already affected the heart of people. The atmosphere of Heavenly Yao Square was getting more and more enthusiastic.

Among the large group of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples around Jin Hong, someone quickly gave him a pill to help eliminate his fatigue and regain his strength. Not to mention the disciples were flattering him, the guests of various sects also came over to congratulate him in advance. The final match would not start until noon and not even his opponent was decided yet, but some people were already congratulating him for winning this Grand Sacrifice Competition.

Although Jin Hong knew that these people were flattering him, under the compliment of them, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat smug.

This Grand Sacrifice Competition was extremely important for Elder Tianqing, but it was also the same for him, he absolutely couldn’t lose. Elder Tianqing needed the victory to prove that his reformation was successful. And he needed to win to become known throughout the world, proving his strength. If he failed, then he would forever live under the shadow of Heavenly Maiden while suffering slanders of people. After defeating the opponents of various sects, one by one, he would be the fitting and proper Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect, therefore, the congratulation of the people made Jin Hong especially happy. Naturally, the trump cards unexpectedly bestowed to him by Elder Tianqing was the best factor for his good mood.

Elder Tianqing was determined to win this Grand Sacrifice Competition, thus, he had spent a lot on Jin Hong. Nine Sages Battle Shield was only one of them. With trump cards bestowed to him by Elder Tianqing, Jin Hong was confident. Although Nan Batian made him feel a strong threat, he was confident in becoming the final victor. No matter who won in the next match, no one was his opponent.

Half an hour quickly passed.

A bell rang, announcing the start of the next match. A huge over two meters tall, burly fellow took the initiative to jump onto the stage. His appearance was strange and his entire body was covered with black fur. His upper body was bare, and his tall figure and well-developed muscles made people feel the pressure. There was a big iron rod in his hand. When he placed this big iron rod on the ground, the entire ground shook. It was at least over ten thousand jin.

“Look, he is Martial God Sect’s Big Disciple, Yang Wanli!”

“He looks really ugly, absolutely is a barbarian!”

Below the stage, a commotion quickly occurred.

After seeing the appearance of Yang Wanli, lots of people were greatly surprised. Looking from the distance, rather than saying Yang Wanli was a barbarian, it would be better to call him a chimpanzee. If he was encountered in the wilderness, then he would be treated as a yao beast for sure.

Just the big iron rod in his hand was over ten thousand jin heavy, coupled with such a fierce gorilla, who was his opponent? Can this Overseas World’s cultivator Nan Batian who considered himself the best in the world defeat this opponent?

Looking at the big iron rod in the hands of Yang Wanli, people commented in succession and subconsciously squeezed forward, becoming even more eager to watch this match between Bellowing Waves Sect and Martial God Sect. They expected this match to be a fierce and wonderful battle.

When the match was starting, Jin Hong who had been sitting cross-legged also couldn’t sit still and stand up. Upon clearly seeing the appearance of Yang Wanli and sensing the energy fluctuation of the latter, his complexion slightly changed. Without using the trump cards bestowed to him by Elder Tianqing, if he only relied on his own powers, then was he confident in defeating this gorilla? He was not even fifty percent certain.

Martial God’s Big Disciple Yang Wanli heated the atmosphere of Heavenly Yao Square even more, but, even after waiting for a while, there was no sign of Nan Batian.

“What’s going on? Is that arrogant disciple of Bellowing Waves Sect badly scared before the match? Does he not dare to come?”

“Yes, calling himself Nan Batian but still cowering before the match?”

The people were puzzled and many people quickly began to curse. For a long time, they were waiting for this brilliant battle, didn’t many people came from afar just to witness brilliant battles? If Nan Batian truly cowered before this match, then it was nothing strange for them to get angry.

“What’s going on here?”

Jin Hong couldn’t wait anymore. He asked the person next to him with a gloomy face.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, already sent…, sent someone to check, we will know in a while.” A subordinate replied while sweating profusely.

“In a while? Go and check personally, at once!” Jin Hong angrily roared. The unusualness of Nan Batian vaguely made him feel uneasy. Thinking about Ye Chuan behind Nan Batian, he felt even more uneasiness and his heart was disturbed. After clearly seeing the weak appearance of Ye Chuan, Black and White Elders no longer said anything, but he always felt that something was wrong. He vaguely felt that Nan Batian’s that Big Senior Apprentice Brother was not simple.


The subordinate bowed to accept the orders, and just when he was about to turn away, he was stunned.

In the distance, two burly fellows were carrying a sedan and leisurely walking over. Nan Batian was sitting on that sedan. In front of that sedan, there was a person holding a banner with ‘Invincible Everywhere Under Heaven’ written on it, and behind the sedan, there was another person holding a banner with ‘Teach Heavenly Son How to Behave’ written on it.

“Came, this fellow, no, this uncle finally is here!”

“Invincible all under heaven, teach Heavenly Son how to behave, good, what a big tone!”

The people on Heavenly Yao Square were in an uproar.

The complexion of Son of Heaven Jin Hong suddenly became blackish-red like a pig’s liver. No matter how one sees it, the words written on those banners were directed towards him. Within Heavenly Yao Sect, Nan Batian was openly provoking him, saying he would teach him how to behave, absolutely was intolerable!

Nan Batian!

Jin Hong was angry and overwhelmed by his impulse. He couldn’t wait to kill and tear apart this incomparably arrogant Nan Batian!

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