Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 638

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 638: Like the Sun at Noon

Under the intense gaze of onlookers, just the moment before the cyan-colored flying sword was about to pierce through his glabella, Son of Heaven Jin Hong finally moved. He quickly retreated backward, and his left hand flashed with black light as a shield that was half as tall as him, appeared.

Ding, the ferocious cyan-colored flying sword was sent flying.

The complexion of Gu Han, the Big Disciple of Ancient Sword Sect, changed. He grabbed his flying sword and took a few steps back. After pulling some distance, he carefully observed. The blade tip of his cyan-colored flying sword actually had a very small nick. As for the black colored heavy shield in Jin Hong’s hand, he couldn’t see even the slightest damage, not even a scratch.

The noisy Heavenly Yao Square suddenly quieted down.

Some sharp-eyed fellows saw the nick on the flying sword of Gu Han and were greatly shocked.

In the Wilderness World, a flying sword was the most common treasure, but there were not many truly powerful flying swords. Most of the flying swords were ordinary items, nothing more. The flying sword in Gu Han’s hand, however, was not simple, it was a great killing artifact with a long inheritance of Ancient Sword Sect. According to the legend, a very long time ago, a Sage realm expert of Ancient Sword Sect had personally refined it. It could cut through anything that blocked its way. In addition, when its speed was pushed through the limit, the opponent couldn’t clearly see it and could only vaguely see a hint of cyan light, therefore, it was called Cyan Line.

This Grand Sacrifice Competition of Heavenly Yao Sect was very important. In order to make Gu Han stand out from the crowd, Ancient Sword Sect had especially bestowed this great killing artifact to him. In this competition, the latter had killed over a dozen experts relying on this weapon. But, in this match, with Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple Son of Heaven Jin Hong as his opponent, it was impossible to easily win this match. Gu Han was already prepared for this, but he had never imagined that, in a single round, his treasure, Green Line, would suffer damage.

What a good Son of Heaven!”

That black-colored heavy shield in his hands, what kind of treasure was it?

Below the stage, people were greatly shocked, let alone Gu Han on the stage. The experts of Ancient Sword Sect below the stage immediately felt this situation was not good.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, kill him!”

“Although Wilderness World is big and there are countless elites under heaven, only our Heavenly Yao Sect’s Son of Heaven is peerless!”

The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect who were tense just a moment ago loudly cheered and their morale rose.

Originally, when they saw Gu Han’s extraordinary move, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples were sweating for Jin Hong. They closed their mouths and were concerned. Now, upon seeing Jin Hong instantly turning the tide, all of them were excited. For a moment, the entire Heavenly Yao Square was filled with loud cheers. Basically, the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect who used to be arrogant got even more arrogant.

On the platform, Elder Tianqing’s complexion was slightly relaxed. Looking at the heavy shield in Jin Hong’s hands, he caressed his beard while nodding his head.

The cany-colored flying sword in the hands of Gu Han was extraordinary, but the black heavy shield in Jin Hong’s hands was also not simple. On the eve of the final match, Elder Tianqing had especially given this peerless treasure to Jin Hong. According to the legend, in the history of the sect, there were a total of nine Half Sage realm experts who choose this heavy shield, the defensive treasure. All of them used their energy to nurture it before their death, therefore, this black colored heavy shield was also known as Nine Sages Battle Shield. It could block the attack of any treasure. Unless a Sage realm expert personally made the move, no one else could break through the defense of this treasure.

In Heavenly Yao Sect with countless treasures, this Nine Sages Battle Shield was also famous. Although it was not on the level of Heaven Burning Furnace which claimed to suppress the sect’s fate, it was one of the few top-grade peerless treasures within the sect. Originally, Elder Tianqing used it as his personal defense treasure. In order to obtain this treasure, he had paid a great prince and almost died under the sword of a fellow sect expert. Upon seeing the ferociousness of Nan Batian, he had to endure and bestow this treasure to Jin Hong to help him win!

“I said that you are not my opponent, if you don’t want to die, then step down, don’t waste my time here!”

Jin Hong looked at Gu Han who was standing ten meters away and coldly said. After discovering there was no damage to Nine Sages Battle Shield in his hand, he was sure that he had already won this match!

Originally, according to his plan with Elder Tianqing, this Nine Sages Battle Shield was the secret weapon to deal with Nan Batian. This Gu Han was not the real opponent in this competition. But, under the threat of this Gu Han’s flying sword, he was forced to take out this treasure in advance. This made Jin Hong very unhappy. His killing intent was dense, he couldn’t wait to crush Gu Han to death with this heavy shield. But, thinking about the upcoming decisive match, and in order to save strength to fight against Nan Batian, he had to endure.


The disciple of Ancient Sword Sect, Gu Han, shouted loudly and rushed forward.

Just after a single round, he already understood that he had lost, not to Jin Hong, but to a peerless treasure, Nine Sages Battle Shield. His flying sword couldn’t penetrate the defense, and all his attacks were useless, how could he fight this battle?

Gu Han knew this truth, but a warrior could be killed but not humiliated. The tone and expression of Jin Hong deeply insulted him. His blood and qi surged as he gritted his teeth and rushed forward. Even if he lost, he would also make his opponent pay dearly. He wouldn’t let Jin Hong humiliate him like this!

A dazzling sword light left a deep scar on the stage.

Ding, ding, ding, Gu Han launched a series of ferocious attacks. His small flying sword flew all around, continuously attacking Jin Hong’s glabella, throat, heart and other vital parts. In addition, his speed was getting faster and faster. In the end, the people standing below could only see a wisp of cyan light.

Gu Han had reached this stage of the Grand Sacrifice Competition not only because of this cyan-colored flying sword in his hands, but also because of cultivating Ancient Sword Sect’s sword techniques to the perfection. With a flying sword in his hands, similar realm experts might not necessarily be able to approach him. His combat power was no small matter, causing people to repeatedly exclaim in admiration. However, even though his attacks were fierce, in the end, they were useless, all his attacks were stopped by Nine Sages Battle Shield in Jin Hong’s hands. Finally, the cyan-colored flying sword fell to the ground. The tip was completely broken. Jin Hong stepped it, then ferociously smashed Gu Han with his heavy Nine Sages Battle Shield, directly sending the other party sent flying out of the stage while vomiting blood. And after falling to the ground, he didn’t move at all, even if he didn’t die, he would only have a breath left.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother is mighty!”

“With Son of Heaven here, we don’t need Heavenly Maiden!”

Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples were absent-minded for a moment and then cheered loudly. Someone took advantage of the moment to praise the reformation of Heavenly Yao Sect, naturally, was the trusted subordinate of Elder Tianqing. Similarly, the complexion of guests below the stage greatly changed and they took a deep breath in succession.

In the midst of the cheers, Jin Hong held the heavy shield high and roared loudly, displaying his overflowing fighting spirit. His powerful cultivation base and combat power were displayed to all. For a moment, his momentum was threatening like the sun at high noon, making the disciples of other large sects look dull in contrast. Now, he had already reached the final match, on the contrary, Nan Tiandu who had been shocking everyone in the past few days might not necessarily reach the final match. If he wanted to reach the final match, then he still had to defeat a powerful opponent!

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