Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 637

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 637: Ancient Sword Sect

On the eve of the decisive battle, the undercurrent of Heavenly Yao Sect surged.

Tonight, Heavenly Yao Sect’s guard was even stricter. Guards with torches could be seen moving back and forth everywhere. Small Yao Lake, Dove Peak and Guest Receiving Peak turned into the focused areas, especially Guest Receiving Peak, almost 10,000 guards were strictly keeping close watch over the guests of various sects. The courtyard Ye Chuan’s party was staying was under even heavier surveillance. Even a mosquito couldn’t fly out without anybody knowing.

Ye Chuan’s extremely weak body had dispelled the suspicion of Black and White Elders and made them return in a huff. But, it was unknown whether Elder Tianqing had orders or Son of Heaven Jin Hong had incited, the guards didn’t relax their vigilance and strengthened the surveillance of Bellowing Waves Sect.

The deployment of Heavenly Yao Sect naturally wasn’t hidden from Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, but the wing where they were staying was very quiet. All doors were closed, turning a blind eye to those guards outside. The guards outside also didn’t make any move, they just surrounded the courtyard without attacking. Although they had seer advantage in numbers, without real evidence, they also didn’t dare to make a move on Bellowing Waves Sect.

Everyone was quietly waiting for the decisive battle to come.

After dawn, the grand competition was held as scheduled.

Son of Heaven Jin Hong who had disappeared without a trace for an entire day yesterday was the first person to jump onto the stage. His opponent was a youth wearing black heavy armor. He was the Big Disciple of Ancient Sword Sect.

After many years, the current Wilderness World was much different from the Wilderness World Ye Chuan used to know in the past. The Sage realm experts who once contended against each other seemed to have disappeared overnight. Perhaps, they had all been killed by a certain super force, or perhaps, they reached the end of their lifespan at the same time and passed away, or perhaps, they discovered an ancient passage leading to the Outer World, there were only a very few living Sage realm experts in the world now. Meanwhile, all kinds of sects, however, sprang out and vie for remaining small numbers of spiritual mountains, crystal stone mines and so on resources in the Wilderness World. Once a sect collapsed, two-three sects would spring out the next day. There were countless large and small sects in Wilderness World now. Compared to millions of years ago, the cultivators’ cultivation was much worse, but their number was much higher.

Among countless cultivating sects, Heavenly Yao Sect with countless experts was known as the foremost sect. It was the cultivation giant considered as one of the very best in Daqin Dynasty and even the entire Wilderness World. However, this really didn’t mean that Heavenly Yao Sect could control Wilderness World and act willfully. Below Heavenly Yao Sect, there were many pursuers, if Heavenly Yao Sect became a bit careless, then another sect might overtake it. Among those sects includes Ancient Sword Sect, the sect this heavy armored youth, Gu Han, belonged to.

Like Heavenly Yao Sect, Ancient Sword Sect had a long inheritance. Many famous great experts had appeared from Ancient Sword Sect in history. It had a glorious history. Even after experiencing hardships, unlike Cloud Mist Sect that had declined greatly, it maintained stability for a long time, always maintaining the status of a large sect. Although its overall strength was a little worse than Heavenly Yao Sect, it was also not bad. The Big Disciple of this generation, Gu Han, had broken through to Peak Daoist Master realm quite early, standing out from his fellows. In this grand competition, he had beat his opponents one by one throughout the journey. His cultivation and combat power was not necessarily below Son of Heaven Jin Hong. He was a formidable opponent for the latter.

Jin Hong had no change in his expression. He coldly stared at Gu Han standing opposite to him. The latter similarly observed him carefully. After going onto the stage, the two didn’t immediately make a move, they just observed each other.

If they wanted to reach the next match, i.e. the final match, then they must defeat the opponent in front of them!

Regardless of Jin Hong or Gu Han, this battle was extremely important and couldn’t be lost. If they lose, then all their previous efforts would be wasted.

Ancient Sword Sect couldn’t afford to lose this match. Losing implied that they had to continue to succumb to Heavenly Yao Sect and couldn’t challenge Heavenly Yao Sect for the overlord position. For Heavenly Yao Sect too, they even more couldn’t afford to lose.

Originally, according to the past rules, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia should be representing Heavenly Yao Sect in this match. Now, since Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was punished to be suppressed below Heavenly Yao Peak, in addition, the ancestral system was reformed to have a Big Disciple, Son of Heaven Jin Hong represented Heavenly Yao Sect. If Jin Hong lost, then it would not be as simple as Heavenly Yao Sect losing a face, it would usher internal and external problems for sure. In the sect, the voice of opposition will surely emerge immediately, demanding the restoration of the ancestral system of Heavenly Maiden, removing the newly created Big Disciple position. If this matter was not handled well, then it might turn into internal strife; outside the sect, all major sects would also participate to muddle the water.

“You are not my opponent, step down!”

After a careful observation for a while, Jin Hong coldly said with an indifferent expression.

“No, it’s you who is not my opponent, make a move!”

Ancient Sword Sect’s Big Disciple Gu Han refuted and took the initiative to make a move. He used a technique to brandish his cyan-colored flying sword. In the next moment, void breaking sound resounded as a wisp of cyan light whistled towards Jin Hong, directly stabbing towards the latter’s glabella.

Using a flying sword to kill an opponent was nothing special. As long as one broke through to the Daoist Master realm, or even a powerful Xiushi realm cultivator could use a flying sword, but Ancient Sword Sect’s sword technique was particularly fierce. The onlookers below the stage, when they heard Gu Han’s flying sword whistling, that three inches long cyan-colored flying sword was already less than half an inch away from the glabella of Jin Hong. It was lightning fast. Not to mention the amazing speed, the power was also terrifying. The air itself distorted when it passed and this small flying sword seemed to be as heavy as a big mountain. If it stabbed, not to mention a skull, it could even pierce a hole through a mountain peak!

“What a good Ancient Sword Pierces the Heart move!”

“So powerful, Ancient Sword Sect’s Big Disciple made the move, he really is extraordinary!”

Below the stage, sharp-eyed people exclaimed, naturally, there were even more who couldn’t see clearly. This sword move of Gu Han was too fast, even later stage Daoist Master realm experts standing below the stage might not necessarily see it clearly.

The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect who were cheering loudly before the match quickly became quiet. All of them were nervous. On the platform, even Elder Tianqing looked somewhat solemn. In this Grand Sacrifice Competition, many powerful younger generation experts had emerged. Not to mention Nan Batian, this disciple of Ancient Sword Sect was also extraordinary. In order to help Jin Hong win the final match and get rid of Nan Batian, Elder Tianqing had spent a great price, but if Jin Hong was unable to pass the challenge in front of him, then wouldn’t all his previous efforts be wasted?

Upon seeing Elder Tianqing’s complexion turning green, the trusted aides around him lowered their head, not daring to even breathe loudly. The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect also no longer cheered. Meanwhile, the disciples of other sects, however, cheered loudly. Old Demon of Mount Yin who was mixed in the crowd also laughed and cheered. If Ancient Sword Sect won, then he and Ye Chuan wouldn’t have any benefit, but, seeing Heavenly Yao Sect being trampled to the ground, wasn’t that also a kind of great pleasure?”

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