Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 636

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 636: Lie Low

In the first half of the night, the storm of strong killing intent filled Heavenly Yao Sect, but at the latter half of the night, the storm calm down.

The night quickly passed.

After dawn, the competition continued at Heavenly Yao Square. Nan Tiandu who had used the pseudonym of Nan Batian continued to take part in the matches, winning five matches just in the morning. His opponents who were from small sects, although they lost, they were not seriously injured. But the three opponents from Heavenly Yao Sect, however, were different. They were all violently beaten to death, not a single one escaped a miserable death.

Last night, Heavenly Yao Sect’s Black and White Elders had rushed to Guest Receiving Peak, wanting to capture Bellowing Waves Sect’s Big Disciple with dense killing intent, saying he had killed Heavenly Yao Sect’s Hall Master Xiahou Qing. This news had already spread all over. Thus, in the eyes of onlookers, Nan Tiandu was just clearly venting his anger on the stage. As long as his opponent was from Heavenly Yao Sect, he would fight like his life depend on it.

Upon seeing Nan Tiandu was so fierce, many guest sects cheered for him, the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect, however, looked unsightly. Some people refused to accept this and restrained their cultivation to enter the match, wanting to behead Nan Tiandu, the result, all died under Nan Tiandu’s hands.

On the platform, Elder Tianqing’s complexion looked ghastly pale. With great difficulty, he notified a temporary break and left.

In this Grand Sacrifice Competition, he had meticulously planned to make a show of his strength, but not only he wasn’t in the limelight, he was also ferociously suppressed by others, why was he so unlucky?

Elder Tianqing who held power in his hands truly couldn’t sit still on his seat. After returning to Tianqing Peak, he sent someone to call Son of Heaven Jin Hong over and gave the latter some treasures. Now, all his hopes were pinned on Son of Heaven Jin Hong, this sect’s Big Disciple. If even the latter was unable to defeat Nan Tiandu, then this well-planned Grand Sacrifice Competition would completely become a big joke. Even the reformation he was personally handling would encounter serious setbacks, in addition, even his status might be shaken.

For millions of years, Heavenly Yao Sect always had just Heavenly Maiden, no Big Disciple or something else. This was the ancestral system passed down by the founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress. With the sudden removal of this ancestral system, abolishing Heavenly Maiden position, in addition, establishing Big Disciple position, this in itself had already encountered the doubts and resistance of many experts. There were also many experts who had yet to express their position, but inwardly opposed this reform. The position of Heaven Maiden had been going on for a long time, even after disposing of Hong Zixia, another Heavenly Maiden could be appointed. Directly reforming that position to Big Disciple position, many were unable to accept.

This time, in Grand Sacrifice Competition, if Son of Heaven Jin Hong defeats experts of all sects and become the final winner, then that would convince the public, shutting up those doubtful and conflicting experts of the sect; but, if he lost under the hands of Nan Tiandu, then that would be troublesome!

Elder Tianqing who could summon rain and wind in former days began to become anxious.

The sudden appearance of Nan Tiandu disrupted all his plans and arrangements. In order to ensure guarantee, he had to go all-out and conspire with Son of Heaven Jin Hong and others in the palace.

Afternoon, after the break of two hours, people began to gather to Heavenly Yao Square and the competition restarted again.

As expected, Nan Tiandu continued to remain standing. After winning nine matches in a row, he finally left to prepare for the decisive battle tomorrow. But, before leaving the stage, he coldly looked towards the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect and showed them a middle finger, directly provoking these disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect who considered themselves the best in the world in former days.

On Heavenly Yao Square, a big commotion occurred for a moment.

Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples were startled and also angry. All of them had an unsightly face, but after witnessing the might of Nan Tiandu, no one dared to step forward. Jin Hong, the Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect, was absent throughout the day. No one knew where he had gone, letting Nan Tiandu become arrogant and insolent on the stage.

Unlike the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect, the guests of various sects had different expressions. Some were exclaiming in admiration, some were angry, and some were even laughing happily. But, no matter the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect or other guests, one matter was engraved in their mind, which was the arrogance of Nan Tiandu. In the last ages, there were many people who were discontent with Heavenly Yao Sect. Among them, there was no lack of people with a powerful cultivation base, but who would dare to be so arrogant in front of Heavenly Yao Sect? In addition, this was not somewhere else, it was within the territory of Heavenly Yao Sect. With such arrogance, Nan Tiandu had thoroughly provoked Heavenly Yao Sect’s senior experts, did he not fear those senior experts personally making a move?

The arrogance of Nan Tiandu shocked, amazed and also worried people. Will Heavenly Yao Sect that was already accustomed to being arrogant endure this humiliation? What kind of expert will Heavenly Yao Sect dispatch for the final match tomorrow?

Tomorrow was the final day for this Grand Sacrifice Competition. Only four people had reached the final matches. After the battles, the final winner would be decided.

People were excited and they gathered together to discuss in succession.

In this Grand Sacrifice Competition, quite a few geniuses beyond the expectation of everyone had appeared, making this competition very exciting. The decisive matches tomorrow would be even more exciting, increasing the appetite of everyone.

On the Heavenly Yao Square, the guests of all sects had gathered, only Bellowing Waves Sect was an exception. Other than Nan Tiandu who participate in the competition, just Old Demon of Mount Yin would appear occasionally in front of others, as for everyone else, they couldn’t be seen. Rain Demon had been sitting cross-legged outside Ye Chuan’s room as a dharma protector. He was taking advantage of this occasion to comprehend Peerless Style Technique Ye Chuan had transmitted. Plague Archfiend Abasi and Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo were somewhat unable to endure and wanted to go to Heavenly Yao Square to watch the competition, but without the permission of Ye Chuan, they didn’t dare to act arbitrarily. They honestly stayed in their room and didn’t go to watch the competition, just listening to the bursts of cheers and exclamations. As for Ye Chuan, he had been sitting cross-legged in the room since last night. He hadn’t moved at all, in addition, he also hadn’t sent out his spirit this time. He was quietly cultivating, waiting for the last chance to come.

After already taking away the doves of Dove Peak, he already had the method to breach Heavenly Yao Hall’s ancient sword formation. Now, all the preparations of Ye Chuan were already completed, he just needed to wait for a chance to make a move. Now, he was confident in being able to seize Heaven Concealing Umbrella sealed in Heavenly Yao Hall, as for breaking into Heavenly Yao Cave and save Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he was not that confident.

Elder Tianqing had the authority over Heavenly Yao Sect, but for Ye Chuan, this fellow was not the biggest obstruction. What worried him the most was White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi, the real overlord of Heavenly Yao Sect, who had never appeared till now. She was also the real obstruction in the operation of saving Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia.

The enemy that couldn’t be seen was the most dangerous. In the unlikely event if White Haired Heavenly Empress suddenly appeared at the critical moment of saving Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, then that would be troublesome. It was very likely that the entire army might be wiped out. On the contrary, it was best to lure out a tiger from the forest by making a big commotion, then think of a way to stall her and use that time to save a person!

The timing was very important, whoever couldn’t stay calm and composed would be the one that loses!

Ye Chuan calmed down and quietly waited.

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  1. What happened to the guardian beast that MC gave to the blue eyed empress that he meet the first time he was hear. You would think it would have more loyalty to him over anyone else, seems weird that it was not even mentioned once especially to fight against the Grand Elder that seems to be trying pretty hard to usurp power.

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