Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 635

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 635: Passing on a Technique

Ye Chuan returned to the room and sat cross-legged on the floor. Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others also came in secret. All of them were very worried.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, are you truly seriously injured? Or, are you poisoned?” Nan Tiandu took the initiative to ask.

The current state of Ye Chuan, not only greatly surprised Black and White Elders, Son of Heaven Jin Hong and others, even Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were also greatly surprised.

After returning from Small Yao Lake, Ye Chuan’s state was not very good. Nan Tiandu and others knew this point. They also knew that Ye Chuan would suffer the punishment of Octopus Empress, once every three days, but, they had never imagined that Ye Chuan actually was in such a poor state. It looked like he truly was at the end of his life.

“My injuries aren’t serious, they are still within the controllable range. Returning to Cloud Mist Sect after saving Zixia and refining a pill to nurture my body, I will be fine.” Ye Chuan replied, hiding the mysterious Yinyang Life Wheel’s secret. This was his new trump card. Nan Tiandu and others didn’t know it and he also didn’t want to speak about it.

“Your Excellency, are you truly fine?” Old Demon of Mount Yin asked. He was also worried.

Among the five experts, he could be regarded as one of the people who had been with Ye Chuan the most. He had never seen Ye Chuan being in such a weak state. After the reincarnation, Ye Chuan paid special attention to strengthening his body. Every time he broke through a realm, he could sweep through all the cultivators of the same realm relying on his doughty body and violent power. But, his current appearance, what was going on here? Did he encounter some troubles he couldn’t deal with?

Old Demon of Mount Yin had a murderous nature. Usually, he loved to see the world burn, but in fact, he was very thoughtful. Because of this, he was especially worried that Ye Chuan would fall first before saving Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia.

“Rest assured, I am confident, this time, we will definitely save Zixia and also successfully return to Cloud Mist Sect with everyone. Although I am physically weak now, as long as I rest a bit, no one can stop me! I am tired, you all can leave first. Brother Tiandu, remember, in the final match, victory is not important, the more commotion you can cause, the better.”

Ye Chuan instructed and slowly closed his eyes, beginning to cultivate.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, rest assured!”

Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others withdrew and closed the door behind. They returned to their own room to restore their energy. Only the assassin Rain Demon sat in front of Ye Chuan’s door, personally becoming the dharma protractor of Ye Chuan so as to avoid anyone of Heavenly Yao Sect take advantage of this occasion to harm Ye Chuan.

Sure enough, upon seeing Rain Demon was sitting cross-legged in front of Ye Chuan’s room in alert, the shadows outside the courtyard swayed and several figures disappeared quickly. Their cultivation was powerful, at least was Rank 7 Daoist Master realm, and they wore Heavenly Yao Sect’s standard battle robe. It was very likely that they staying here to monitor or even get rid of Ye Chuan in secret. Merely, whether they were sent by Black and White Elders or Son of Heaven Jin Hong, no one knew.

Rain Demon sat cross-legged on the ground without any movement as if he didn’t sense any movement outside the courtyard. But, upon careful observation, one could see mist was condensing around his body at an unknown time. When it was really dangerous, these mist would immediately condense into raindrops, then transform into sharp blades to behead his opponents.

Although Rain Demon was still, he was already using his secret technique, preparing deadly moves.

Among five great experts around Ye Chuan, his cultivation was far from being the highest. Compared to Nan Tiandu, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King, these three Half Sage realm experts, there was a big gap. He was just Peak Daoist Master realm like Old Demon of Mount Yin. But as an assassin, he was very calm and patient to an amazing degree. In order to assassinate a person, he could lurk in the ice and snow for a full three months. With him as the dharma protector of Ye Chuan, the uninvited guests of Heavenly Yao Sect would have no chance to even approach Ye Chuan.

Inside the room, Ye Chuan was also sitting still, but, his powerful divine sense had already sensed everything clearly. Inside and outside this courtyard, even a fluttering leaf couldn’t escape his divine sense. He appreciated Rain Demon even more. If Nan Tiandu or Old Demon of Mount Yin was in his place, then they might have already rushed out and attacked. Rain Demon, however, didn’t move at all as if nothing had happened. Inside Heavenly Yao Sect’s territory, this was undoubtedly the sensible method. One should remain calm, but at the critical moment, launch a fatal move to take life. An assassin was after all an assassin, they had always been direct.

“With time, can Rain Demon become the King of Assassin or even the legendary God of Assassin?”

Ye Chuan muttered and was somewhat looking forward to the future. In the next moment, using his spirit, he passed a technique to Rain Demon. His voice directly resounded in the mind of Rain Demon, “Rain Demon, I have a technique, it’s called Peerless Style Technique. According to the legend, this is the source of all the style techniques under the heaven. After achieving success in cultivation, you will know all wind style, earth style, water style and other style techniques, comprehend it well!”

Ye Chuan was quite looking forward to the future of Rain Demon. Originally, he intended to transmit Cyan Feather Technique to Rain Demon after returning to Cloud Mist Sect as this was a first-rate technique he snatched from the first-rate assassin in his previous life. For an assassin, achieving success in the cultivation of this technique would be like a tiger had grown wings. But, after thinking more, Ye Chuan simply transmitted Peerless Style Technique which was even harder to cultivate and also even more powerful. This technique was simply too hard to cultivate, the average person could never achieve success, wanting to master was even harder, it needed natural talent, hard work and also needed good luck. Even Ye Chuan himself was far from achieving perfection in this technique. If Rain Demon mastered this technique, then he would definitely become a terrifying existence in the future, becoming the unprecedented and unrepeatable super-assassin in Wilderness World.

Rain Demon was surprised. The sudden voice of Ye Chuan in his mind was beyond his expectation. In the next moment, when a section of profound technique appeared in his mind, he quickly became excited. Immediately afterward, he turned around and kowtow loudly nine times to Ye Chuan from outside the door. With his knowledge, from the mnemonic chant of Peerless Style Technique that appeared in his mind, he immediately knew that this was a very rare merit law. Even if it was not Top Heaven-grade, it was at least Mid Heaven-grade merit law. For many sects and loose cultivations, just Top Earth-grade merit law was something that couldn’t be sought, just encounter. If Ye Chuan hadn’t passed it down, then with only his effort, even in his lifetime, he might have never come into contact with this kind of peerless technique.

Rain Demon didn’t say a word, he, however, was extremely excited and was even more respectful towards Ye Chuan. This respect was not only on the surface, rather was deeply engraved in his mind. When he was just subdued and become the follower of Ye Chuan, he indeed was somewhat reluctant, merely, he was forced by the situation. But, slowly, along with the understanding of Ye Chuan, the conflict in his heart had already dissipated, replaced by deep admiration and respect.

People must know oneself, the path of cultivation was like sailing against the current, if they didn’t advance, then they would regress and they might sink at any time. In the end, those who could go against the current and ascend to the peak of cultivation were only very few, might even be just one or two among millions. If one didn’t have that ability, then the best method was to attach oneself to a future expert who could set foot on the pinnacle of the cultivation and follow his footsteps while borrowing his power to sail against the current. Even like that, one might not be able to set foot on the pinnacle of the cultivation in the end, but one would still be successful and famous, making countless people admire. In Rain Demon’s heart, Ye Chaun was that future expert, although his current cultivation was not high, his potential that far surpassed ordinary people had already begun to unfold.

“Rain Demon, rise, this merit law is not a big deal, when you break through to Sage realm, I will pass you several even more powerful merit laws.” Ye Chuan indifferently said, then stopped talking. He began to cultivate to restore his strength.

Outside the door, Rain Demon was thoroughly shocked.

Sage realm?

What kind of merit laws were cultivated after breaking through to the Sage realm? Where did Ye Chuan obtain such merit laws, who exactly was he?

Rain Demon was greatly shocked. He had no doubts about Ye Chuan’s words, merely he was incomparably excited and shocked.

Originally, he thought that he might only be able to break through to Half Sage realm in his life and he was content just being able to become a Half Sage assassin. Now, under the help of Ye Chuan, Half Sage realm was within his reach, even Sage realm was not just a dream, how could he not be socked and excited?

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