Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 634

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 364: I’m a dying person

“Two Elders, are you looking for me?”

Ye Chuan slowly stepped forward without any hint of anxiousness.

At the critical moment, when the war was about to broke out, he took the initiative to open the door and walked out. Looking at his pace, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu frowned, but said nothing, quietly watching how Ye Chuan could deal with this situation.

“Boy, it’s really you, come with us to Heavenly Yao Hall.”

The sharp eyes of White Elder carefully sized Ye Chuan up and added sinisterly, “Well, what a good hidden expert! After breaking into Small Yao Lake and killing our Heavenly Yao Sect’s Law Enforcement Hall Master Xiuhou Qing, you actually still didn’t run far away rather stayed here, you truly have extremely big guts! Boy, take off your bamboo hat, this lordship is truly curious, what kind of character are you?”

White Elder who always hid knife behind his smile had a murderous look and Heavenly Yao Guards around immediately aimed their arrows at Ye Chuan. For a moment, the atmosphere became even tenser. As long as Ye Chuan dared to not follow White Elder’s instruction, his heart might be pierced by thousands of arrows! The experts of Heavenly Yao Sect who had rushed over upon hearing the news also joined their ranks. Now, this courtyard was filled with the people of Heavenly Yao Sect. As for the guests of other sects, they retreated far away to watch the excitement. For Ye Chuan’s party, the situation was getting worse. Now, if they didn’t undo their seal and fight back and keep dragging on, then they might not be able to leave this place in one piece!

“Elder, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

Ye Chuan denied the allegation and added faintly after a pause, “I am just a disciple of a small overseas sect, it is also the first time I have come to the mainland. I have never heard of this Small Yao Lake nor killed a person. It is absolutely impossible for me to do this. How can I have the ability to forcibly break into your sect’s forbidden zone and kill your Hall Master?”

Even facing the pressure of Black and White Elders as well as other experts, Ye Chuan still remained calm and composed. The other party was already at his doorstep, he couldn’t dodge nor hide, so he just took the initiative to come out.

“Yes, saying this disciple of an overseas sect is that uninvited guest who forcibly broke into Small Yao Lake, what is the basis? Could it be that Heavenly Yao Sect is spouting nonsense?”

“That’s right, what benefit does this disciple of Bellowing Waves Sect have to do that?”

Outside the courtyard, the guests that were watching the excitement made comments in succession, looking at Ye Chuan.

The sudden appearance of Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts and disciples in the middle of the night surprised and confused people. After listening for a while, they gradually realized why Black and White Elders had come here. Thus, everyone was even more curious about these Bellowing Waves Sect’s disciples that came from Overseas World. Some even suspected that they were not from the Overseas World, rather were just fake disciples that had mixed with Bellowing Waves Sect’s disciples to sneak in. But, there was no proof to prove whether Ye Chuan and others were real or fake. Secondly, they didn’t understand why Ye Chuan did so.

In this Grand Sacrifice Competition, there were many who had sneaked in with ulterior motives, and there was no shortage of fierce devils. But, without great benefit, who would forcibly break into Heavenly Yao Sect’s forbidden ground and kill a Hall Master. Wasn’t that just asking for trouble when he was exposed?

Heavenly Yao Sect claimed to be first under Heaven sect. It had great prestige, but also had attracted a lot of enemies. But, only when the wall was about to collapse, many people would step forward to push it down, when the wall was still strong, no one will take the initiative to push the wall.

White Elder couldn’t say anything and began to have doubts. He didn’t understand why that uninvited guest forcibly broke into Small Yao Lake. Looking at the hidden sturdy figure of Ye Chuan, his eyes shone a little. Ye Chuan’s build and attire seemed very similar to that uninvited guest, but upon the careful look, it also seemed a little different.

“Boy, still want to argue? If this truly is your first time coming to the mainland, then how come you know the person in front of him is an elder? In addition, how do you know our Small Yao Lake is the forbidden area?”

Son of Heaven Jin Hong who originally was standing outside the courtyard suddenly flew in and shouted overbearingly at Ye Chuan.

“Yes, it’s him, it’s definitely him!”

“Why are you speaking so much nonsense, directly capture and interrogate, then we will know everything!”

Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples who had rushed over upon hearing the news made a commotion. They all echoed the statement of Jin Hong. White Elder who originally was hesitating a little quickly became stern.

“Isn’t this Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple, noble son Jin, I didn’t expect to see you again so quickly.”

Ye Chuan faintly smiled and calmly confronted the commotion as he said, “Heavenly Yao Sect has experts everywhere, but a Half Sage realm expert is still rare. Other than elders who had already cultivated for a long time, who else can have such a strong cultivation base? As for the matter of Small Yao Lake being a forbidden area, that is even simpler. Your Heavenly Yao Sect has long inheritance and everywhere inside the sect is guarded strictly with ancient restrictions. For us, the disciples of small sects, everywhere is a forbidden area!”

“Yes, when did Heavenly Yao Sect allowed the guests to move around randomly? Didn’t they say everywhere is a forbidden area and forbade us to move around?”

“He is right, if a Half Sage realm expert isn’t an elder, is he a disciple, what kind of nonsense is that?”

The guests make all sorts of comments. Ye Chuan’s words got the recognition of many people. Many people had come to Heavenly Yao Sect from afar, but the first sentence they heard was everywhere within Heavenly Yao Sect was forbidden area, and it was strictly forbidden to walk around randomly, even couldn’t leave the Guest Receiving Peak. Ye Chuan’s words were a bit stretched to explain himself, but upon careful thought, it was indeed reasonable.

Jin Hong’s complexion sunk. For a moment, he didn’t know how to refute. He had a vague feeling that Ye Chuan was absolutely not simple and was that uninvited guest that intruded Small Yao Lake, but he simply had no proof. If it was any other day, then he would have been directly captured and interrogated for an answer regardless of proof or not. But now, that won’t do, in this Grand Sacrifice Competition, if someone from the guest was captured without proof, then how would other sects look at them? Will they be able to continue to hold this grand sacrifice competition again?

“Boy, no matter how you argue, it’s useless. The more you argue, the more it proves that you are guilty. Come with us to Heavenly Yao Hall!” White Elder ferociously took a step forward and overbearingly prepared to make a move. Like Son of Heaven Jin Hong, he also had no evidence of Ye Chuan being that uninvited guest, but he was unwilling to return empty-handed.

“If you want a fight, then just say so, I, Nan Batain, will gladly accept it! As long as I, Nan Batian, still have a breath left, don’t imagine that anyone can touch even a hair of my Big Senior Apprentice Brother!”

Nan Tiandu rushed up and stood in front of Ye Chuan and his energy fluctuation gradually rose as he secretly prepared to undo the seal and began killing. Old Demon of Mount Yin also sneered as he rushed over with others. Upon seeing this, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples also stepped forward and dense killing intent rippled in the air.

“Ai, this elder, also noble son Jin, look clearly, I am just a dying person, how can I have an ability to break into your forbidden area?”

At the critical moment, Ye Chuan held the shoulder of Nan Tiandu and signaled him to stop. He then slowly took off his big bamboo hat. Suddenly, a deadly pale and bloodless face appeared in front of everyone. Not to mention his skin was so pale, it was also dried and cracked as if a tree bark baked in sun for many years. He looked very exhausted and was at the end of his life, making Black and White Elders along with others quickly think of a person, Kumu Warrior Tianku who was at the end of his life.

“You… what’s with your appearance?” Jin Hong exclaimed loudly. He had thought that Ye Chuan was a hidden expert. But after the latter took off his big bamboo hate, he discovered that he was wrong. Such a person who had reached the end of his life, how can he break into Small Yao Lake? Not to mention killing Hall Master Xiahou Qing and escaping the chase of Black and White Elders?

“A long time ago, I followed my master to explore an overseas ancient ominous domain where we encountered a Peak Half Sage realm yao beast. After the fight, my master exhausted all his strength to send me out of that ominous domain, but he was buried there forever. And I, although was able to survive, I was heavily poisoned with no antidote. Since then, my qi, blood and vitality had been fading away. I already have not much left to live. This time, I came to distant mainland to your Heavenly Yao Sect’s Grand Sacrifice Competition to let my junior brother Nan Batian experience the world, so that after I die, there would be another person who can support the sect after my master and me.”

Ye Chuan faintly sighed, making a beautiful story with half-lie and half-truth.

Because of refining Yinyang Life Wheel, his physical condition had been deteriorated sharply these past few days. He resembled Tianku who was at the end of his lifespan. In addition, he had just endured the punishment of Octopus Empress, making him look even more exhausted and weak. His energy fluctuation was also inferior to even Rank 1 Daoist Master realm. His life was like a dim candle that would extinguish at any time. In such a state, breaking into Small Yao Lake and killing Xiahou Qing would be a strange matter!

“Humph, let’s go!”

Black and White Elders looked at each other and turned away. With their cultivation, they could discern that this weak appearance of Ye Chaun was not fake at all in a glance. This state was completely different from that uninvited guest! Behind, Jin Hong ferociously glared at Ye Chuan. He still felt that something was wrong, but he had to leave. After these three left, Heavenly Yao Guards and Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts also dispersed. Then, the onlooking crowds also left in succession.

So close!

Ye Chuan wore the big bamboo hat again as a bead of sweat flowed down his cheeks.

A sudden storm temporarily dissipated, but as long as they stayed in Heavenly Yao Sect, the storm was very likely to come back at any time. He had to think of a way to quickly save a person and leave!

Black and White Elders and others gradually drifted away, but the calm heart of Ye Chuan sunk further.

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