Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 633

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 633: Arrogant or Stupid?

“Is that kid hiding in this place? Heh heh, I will see where he will run to this time!”

White Elder looked all around and saw Heavenly Yao Guards had already surrounded this entire courtyard and laughed coldly. He then lightly clapped his hands and well-trained Heavenly Yao Guards took out sharp arrows and crossbows, and took an aim at the wing where Bellowing Waves Sect was staying.

Bang, several figures burst out from the two rooms adjacent to Ye Chuan’s rooms. Nan Tiandu, Rain Demon, Old Demon of Mount Yin, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King, these five experts rushed out in succession. Other than Nan Tiandu who had participated in the competition, all others were wearing a dark robe and big bamboo hat. In addition, even when facing Black and White Elders, these two super experts, along with a large group of Heavenly Yao Guards, they still emitted strong killing intent. Of course, all of them had weakened their aura and energy fluctuation, making themselves look like later stage Daoist Master realm, otherwise, with Nan Tiandu, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King, these three Half Sage realm experts here, these disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect would have trembled.

“Eh, not bad, you all are sensible, now we can round up the entire gang at one fell swoop so as to avoid wasting time by searching one by one, hahahaha!”

White Elder laughed as he coldly swept past Nan Tiandu and others. As Heavenly Yao Sect’s senior expert, he was very experienced and well-known, but he actually was unable to see through the true strength of Nan Tiandu and others. Then, coldly added, “Where is that Big Disciple of yours? Call him out! He dares to forcibly break into our Heavenly Yao Sect’s important land, Small Yao Lake, but now, he doesn’t dare to come out?”

White Elder looked towards the room of Ye Chuan.

The doors of the two rooms were completely broken, only the room in the middle was quiet without any movement. Clearly, Ye Chuan was hiding in that room.

“Humph, that kid must be inside, capture him directly, why is there a need to speak so much nonsense!”

Black Elder rushed directly towards the room of Ye Chuan. But, in the next moment, a tall figure appeared in front of him and blocked his way.

Nan Tiandu brandished his Cyan Dragon Moon Blade, coldly blocking Black Elder’s path, “Old Man Black, stop for me! Whoever dares to disturb I, Nan Batian’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother’s cultivation, I will slay him!”

Black and White Elders were surprised. The guests trembling in other rooms were shocked, even more.

A trifling Daoist Master realm expert, not to mention blocking the path of a Half Sage realm expert, he even was so arrogant, who else could be so arrogant other than Nan Batian?

Looking at murderous looking Nan Batian, people were in disbelief.

The extreme courage and arrogance of Nan Batian, people had already seen them, but they had never expected that he was so arrogant and so insane. Now, he was not blocking the path of some elite disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect, rather a dignified Half Sage realm elder who could crush Nan Batian to death with a flick of his finger. Could it be that Nan Batian truly didn’t fear death?

Jin Hong had also rushed over and mixed together with various disciples who had rushed over upon hearing the news to watch the excitement. Upon seeing Nan Tiandu blocking the path of Black Elder, he was shocked in his heart, but soon after that, he sneered. In people’s eyes, Nan Batian was extremely courageous and arrogant, but in his eyes, he was an untactful fool, which was no different from courting death.

“Unfortunately, it seems there will not be any decent opponents in the following matches.” Son of Heaven Hong Jin sneered and pretended to sign in regret. Before he finished speaking, sure enough, he saw Black Elder ferociously making a move, wanting to dig out Nan Batian’s heart.

Unlike White Elder who hid a knife behind his smile, Black Elder had always been a silent type who directly made a move, and his means were even more ferocious. Regardless of onlooking disciples of various sects or Heavenly Yao Guards surrounding the courtyard, they opened their eyes wide to see the way of arrogant Nan Batian’s death.

A strong energy fluctuation suddenly erupted from Old Demon of Mount Yin and others. Upon seeing the situation was anything but reassuring, they couldn’t control themselves and wanted to display their real strength. As for Nan Tiandu, although his energy fluctuation didn’t change, his original overbearing and arrogant eyes suddenly become cold, like a millennium glacier, which made even Black Elder feel chill and involuntarily shivered.

“I will say again, whoever dares to disturb I, Nan Batian’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother’s cultivation, I will slay him and make his head a urinal!”

Nan Tiandu didn’t display his real strength, but his expression turned cold and his killing intent intensified.

Needless to ask, he vaguely knew that it was very likely that Ye Chuan’s identity as the one who broke into Small Yao Lake was exposed, thus, attracting Black and White Elders and these numerous Heavenly Yao Guards. The situation was anything but reassuring, like this, not to mention breaking into Heavenly Yao Cave to save a person, even safely escaping from here would be hard. However, Ye Chuan was at a crucial moment now, so he had to hold them back. If they rushed over and disturbed him, then perhaps, he might suffer a backlash and enter qi deviation. No matter what happened, he had to stop Black and White Elders.

“What a big tone! So courageous in front of a Half Sage realm expert, are all the cultivators of Overseas World so crazy or so stupid? Hahahaha……”

White Elder roared with laughter, and without emitting powerful killing intent, he just took a step forward and stood in front of Black Elder. But, just this step vastly increased the pressure in this courtyard.

With two Half Sage realm experts making move together, who could stop them?

The onlookers were nervous looking at the current scene.

Behind Nan Tiandu, the complexion of Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and others also changed. Especially, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King, these two super yao beasts, they prepared to undo their seal. Even Nan Tiandu also looked somewhat solemn. If it was just Black Elder, he was fearless and had the confidence to deal with him; but, if Black and White Elders came together, if he didn’t undo his seal now, then he might not even have a chance later and die in their hands.

Now, undoing the seal, the purpose of this trip and their identity would be exposed. All their previous efforts would be wasted and they would no longer be able to save Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia; but, not undoing the seal, he might die!

What should be done?

Nan Tiandu’s looked tense and had some hesitation in his heart. Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King were also the same.

Crack, the wooden door of the middle room opened when Nan Tiandu and others were hesitating, and Ye Chuan’s figure appeared in front of everyone. He was wearing a dark robe and a big bamboo hat. His figure and face were completely covered. No one could sense energy fluctuation or killing intent from him, which, however, made numerous Heavenly Yao Guards feel nervous. The overbearing Black and White Elders also became solemn and they looked alert as their energy fluctuation rose again!

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