Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 632

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 632: A Dangerous Moment

“Oh, Nan Batian’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother? Is his cultivation the strongest in that something Bellowing Waves Sect?” Elder Tianqing was very surprised.

Son of Heaven Jin Hong nodded his head and said, “Yes, above Nan Batian, there is his Big Senior Apprentice Brother. According to Nan Batian, he was taught by this Big Senior Apprentice Brother.”

“You met this Nan Batian’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother?” Elder Tianqing asked, looking dignified.

Originally, according to the previous plan, Son of Heaven Jin Hong was to appear at the final moment, and participate the final match of Grand Sacrifice Competition. Elder Tianqing had made an arrangement for this. He wanted to take this opportunity to make Son of Heaven Jin Hong well-known. He wanted to make various big sects know that Heavenly Yao Sect now had a Big Disciple and forget about Hong Zixia, that Heavenly Maiden. This was the key to the success of his reform. Because of this, the Grand Sacrifice Competition of this time was extraordinarily grand and unprecedented in scale, but, the appearance of Nan Batian suddenly disrupted all his plans. Ouyang Huo, this butcher’s knife, had collapsed in advance, thus, he had to summon Son of Heaven Jin Hong in advance.

Heavenly Yao Sect was filled with talented experts, but in the younger generation, other than Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, the one with the most outstanding cultivation base was just Son of Heaven Jin Hong. Nan Batian who had come from the Overseas World was ferocious, in the eyes of Elder Tianqing, only Son of Heaven Jin Hong could defeat him. The latter was also the only who with the hope of winning this big competition.

As a trump card, Elder Tianqing still had confidence in Son of Heaven Jin Hong. The latter had already reached Peak Daoist Master realm. As long as he gave the latter a powerful treasure, he could defeat Nan Batian without any issue. But now, he suddenly heard that there was still Nan Batian’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother, and the latter seemed to have a higher cultivation base, that was troublesome!

“I have seen him, but I have yet to come into blows with him.”

Jin Hong paused for a bit and added, “Forgive this disciple, this disciple was unable to see through that person’s cultivation, but I can feel that Nan Batian’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother is absolutely not simple. It is very likely that he is a hidden expert. He remains very low-key. When meeting outsiders, he always wear a big bamboo hat, tightly covering his entire face. Great Elder, I suspect that he is very likely the uninvited guest that broke into Small Yao Lake two days ago and killed Hall Master Xiahou Qing!”

“Pass down my orders, make Black and White Elders act in person, immediately go to Guest Receiving Peak and carefully investigate Bellowing Waves Sect, see if Nan Batian’s that Big Senior Apprentice Brother is the one we are looking for!” Elder Tianqing immediately ordered without any hesitation.

On the night of Small Yao Lake incident, he had not made a direct contact with that uninvited guest. Within the sect, the one that should be most familiar with that uninvited guest was Hall Master Xiahou Qing. But, the latter had already been killed. Thus, only Black and White Elders were most familiar with the uninvited guest now. They two had a close encounter with that uninvited guest. With the cultivation base and experience of Black and White Elders, as long as they saw him, the Big Senior Apprentice Brother of Nan Batian would be recognized immediately!


A trusted subordinate standing below bowed and left quickly to transmit Elder Tianqing’s order. Soon, a large group of guards went towards Guest Receiving Peak under the lead of Black and White Elders. The other guards also received the orders. They were to completely surround the Guest Receiving Peak with a torch in their hands.

Late at night, in a room of Guest Receiving Peak, Ye Chuan was sitting cross-legged on the ground. His body was twitching and sweating profusely.

After the success in Dove Peak, he quickly returned to Guest Receiving Peak to restore his energy. But, not long after, Octopus Empress’s punishment came.

Once every three days, Octopus Talisman would flare up and he had to suffer inhumane torture. This torture wouldn’t kill him, but every time, it made him feel like his skin was being peel off, in addition, tingling pain came from deep inside the bone and heart, and soon, he wouldn’t be able to breathe…… In an instant, he had suffer all kinds of pain.

The Octopus Talisman left within Ye Chuan’s body by Octopus Empress increased his strength, but it also brought unimaginable pain. Once every three days, it flared up. Ordinary people might have already fallen apart, dying a violent death, or, they might have ended their lives to escape this inhumane pain.

Ah…, a muffled groan escaped from Ye Chuan’s throat. His body was twisted and trembling nonstop. But, he endured the pain and continue to sit on cross-legged posture. He used his strong willpower to endure this wave after wave of pain.

Inhumane torture could make people go insane and fall apart, but as long as they endured past it, this would be another kind of training!

In the midst of violent torment, Ye Chuan maintained his reason and he didn’t roar in pain. He regarded this punishment of Octopus Empress as a kind of training. In this world, weak had always been the prey of the strong. Without sufficient strength, anyone would be suppressed and subjected to various calamities. In the eyes of ordinary people, a person might be an extraordinary personage, but behind the scene, he might have unspeakable pressure and restriction. Octopus Empress who was trapped in that ancient grave world was the best example. She was a Sage realm expert, but wasn’t she being imprisoned for a long time? If you want to be completely free and never be bullied by other people, then you have to take a heaven-defying path and reach the pinnacle of cultivation. Those who don’t know this point, strictly speaking, they wouldn’t be regarded as the real cultivator. Like a flower in a greenhouse, although beautiful, they would fade away someday.

Ye Chuan, however, was different. He already had a clear understanding of this world. In the past, he could summon wind and rain throughout the entire Wilderness World. That kind of strength was not something that fell into his lap without any effort. He had stepped on countless corpse mountains to reach that position.  All the opponents who once opposed him, either submitted to him or had already turned into cold corpses.

“Come, Octopus Empress, make your punishment even stronger!”

Ye Chuan spat out a mouthful of blood. His injuries were heavy, but his spirit was roaring. He didn’t give in under this inhumane torment, instead, his fighting spirit became stronger and stronger. At this moment, he didn’t know what was going on outside, all his attention was focused on this ferocious torment, enduring the pain ordinary people couldn’t imagine.

“Quick, surround this courtyard, don’t allow even a fly to slip past us!”

“Heavenly Yao Guards are dealing with a matter, everyone else should step aside, all those who disobey will be beheaded without pardon!”

Along with heavy footsteps, a large group of Heavenly Yao Guards with sharp weapons and torches in their hand came over and tightly surrounded a quiet courtyard. They were filled with dense killing intent. There was a young disciple of a small sect who had just woken up and was in confusion. He didn’t know what was going on and was a little late to step aside. The result, he was sent flying by a palm attack. He had already turned into a corpse when he fell to the ground. Two old men with black and white face landed inside the courtyard and their energy fluctuation made even Peak Daoist Master realm experts feel fear.

Half Sage realm expert!

In addition, two of them!

The disciples of various sects trembled in fear. Everyone panicked and hid as their teeth chattered in fear. Just the courtyard where Bellowing Waves Sect was located was quiet without any movement as if everyone was asleep.

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