Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 630

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 630: Doves Also Turned Into Spirit

There were many natural caves in the vicinity of Dove Peak’s summit. At night, these caves would be filled with doves of all sizes. For these doves, those large and small-sized caves were their natural dwellings. Perhaps, they were different from common varieties, or perhaps, Heavenly Yao Sect’s worldly spiritual qi was very thick, the doves of this place although weren’t much bigger, they were extraordinarily sturdy and their lifespan was also much longer compared to common doves. Allegedly, someone had once seen old doves that had lived for several thousand years, and under the nurturing of worldly spiritual qi, they had already turned spiritual.

Whether the rumors were true or false, no one knew, but, in the last ages, the numerous rumors of Dove Peak had added a layer of mystery upon this distinctive peak. Allegedly, in every full moon night, making a vow below Dove Peak was especially effective, attracting many young disciples to linger at the foot of this peak, looking for a chance to find a place where a huge crowd of spotlessly white doves circled around in the sky to confess their feelings to their loved woman. Some disciples privately called this kind of romantic act dove shooting. Every full moon night, the disciples came here sneakily to scout Dove Peak, naturally, in fact, they had come here to make a vow or shoot a dove. Everyone was well aware of it.

At the beginning of the night, the sky was covered with black clouds, but slowly, the black cloud dispersed and bright moonlight illuminated the world. Tonight just happened to be a full moon night.

Under the veil of night, Ye Chuan walked quickly, heading straight towards the Dove Peak’s summit. All along the way, he didn’t encounter any guards, instead, saw several sneaking Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples. Although they also saw Ye Chuan’s figure, they didn’t interrogate him, instead, showed the smile of tacit understanding. They thought that Ye Chuan who was wearing a dark robe and a big bamboo hat had come here to carry out a clandestine love affair like them. Upon seeing his tall and straight figure, in addition, sensing his indescribable temperament, some female disciples even gave him a seductive eye from distance, making Ye Chuan not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Public morals are declining day by day, in those years, when I came to Heavenly Yao Sect, the disciples would move about with the greatest care, but now, these disciples are so brazen. In the last ages, generation after generation of young disciples have sown seeds and cultivated here, no wonder the land is so fertile here and doves have turned spiritual.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and carefully chose a remote and very steep path, trying to avoid numerous young men and women who were filled with burning passion for each other. Even if he walked right past them, these disciples didn’t obstruct him. They thought that Ye Chuan was a kindred spirit who intentionally dressed up like this to not allow other people to recognize him. But, Ye Chuan still didn’t want to meet them in order to avoid exposing his whereabouts.

Without guards and hidden lookouts around, Ye Chuan’s speed was very fast, only when he reached the vicinity of the summit, his footstep suddenly slowed down. In the beginning, he looked all around while searching inside the caves, but later, he simply closed his eyes as he walked forward.

Doves were social creatures where the oldest dove was the leader and the rest follows the leader dove. Ye Chuan was looking for such an old dove. In the vicinity of Dove Peak’s summit, there were large and small caves everywhere, and every cave was filled with doves. If he wanted to search these caves one by one to find the leader dove, then it was almost as difficult as fishing for a needle in the ocean. Ye Chuan quickly thought of a way and directly used his divine sense to scan the surrounding.

The doves on Dove Peak were different from the common run. They were especially spirited. Like that, the leader dove was even more outstanding for sure. As long as the spirit was powerful enough, looking for a dove among millions of doves was possible!

Ye Chuan who once used to dominate the entire Wilderness World was very experienced. The fact proved that he was really correct. Not long after, in a cave at the highest location, he noticed an uncommon dove. This dove wasn’t very big in size, but the aged skin on its claws clearly stated its lifespan. It was already very old, no one knows how long it had lived in Heavenly Yao Sect. More than half of the feathers on its wings had already fallen off. But, on its bald wings and body, there was a faint radiance, as if it was about to sprout new feathers. Its eyes were even brighter and piercing which don’t resemble the eyes of an old dove. Upon hearing the footsteps of Ye Chuan from far away, it sensed danger and before Ye Chuan approached it, it suddenly rushed out of its cave and flew into the sky. The doves in the nearby caves also flew out right after.

This was not only the leader old dove, it was also a dove spirit that nearly achieved the dao!

Ye Chuan was overjoyed, looking at that dove spirit circling in the sky.

Gu gu gu, the dove’s sounds resounded throughout the night sky as more and more doves flew out. Soon, all the doves of Dove Peak flew out and circled in the sky above Dove Peak, creating a unique scene throughout the history of Heavenly Yao Sect.

“Look, doves, so many doves!”

“What’s so good about doves? Can you still go on or not? You useless thing!”

“No, junior apprentice sister, you…, look!”

The unusualness of doves quickly alerted a pair of man and woman who was making love under the moonlight. The man was the first person to notice the unusualness and was dumbstruck. The woman who was kneeling on the grassland with her buttocks raised high wished to continue, thus, she blamed this man to be useless. But, when she looked up, she was also stupefied.

The doves of Dove Peak had always danced in the daytime and returned to their caves at night. But now, in the middle of the night, why did they suddenly rush out?

Tonight just happened to be a full moon night. Many young disciples rushed over to Dove Peak like usual to make love, but not long after, regardless of those who had already done the deed or those still in the process of farming, all were alerted. They looked at the sky and were stupefied.

“Quick, immediately make a wish, this is a good omen!”

“Ancestor above, let my cultivation progress rapidly and breakthrough to Rank 5 Daoist Master realm.”

“What did you say? Didn’t you say your greatest wish is to marry me before?”


Surprised for a moment, the young disciples came back to their senses. No one knew who shouted the first, the disciples began to make a wish towards those crowds of doves circling above Dove Peak. There were numerous wishes, some hope to breakthrough their bottlenecks, some hoped to become the elite disciples, and the others hoped to live forever and never grow old. For this reason, some little lovers who originally were on intimate terms began to argue. But, no one noticed that when the people were bowing their heads to make their wish, a wisp of bloody radiance suddenly soared from the summit of Dove Peak as a vague figure flew into the sky. Shortly afterward, a cyan lamp floated in the sky and a faint cyan light shrouded the entire Dove Peak, then the leader old dove plunged into a cyan lamp, and all other doves rushed after it. In the blink of an eye, over one million doves in the sky disappeared without a trace.

Well-prepared Ye Chuan made a move without any hesitation. He used Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets to refine the leader dove spirit and took it into the Cyan Lotus Space. Then, without making any additional move, the remaining doves plunged into Cyan Lotus Space right after, leaving not a single one behind. Originally, he was just preparing to capture just several thousand doves, but after capturing the dove leader, the other poured in by themselves. Even if he wanted to stop, he was unable to.

“Thereupon, Dove Peak no longer has any dove!”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at the empty Dove Peak, then storing the Cyan Lotus Lamp, he turned around and directly left the Dove Peak.

At the foot of the mountain, the disciples who finished wishing lifted their heads. Only at that time, they discovered that the doves circling around the sky had already disappeared, and they were stunned again. Afterward, some people shouted miracle, saying the senior experts of Heavenly Yao Sect have manifested. But, there were also some people who felt this situation was strange. They secretly stepped forward and to examine, and discovered that all the doves the lived and multiplied on this Dove Peak had disappeared, therefore, they hastily returned to report.

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