Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 63

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 63: Hating iron for not becoming steel

The trusted subordinates of Third Elder as if wolves and tigers turned everything inside the sect upside down in the dead of night. But, when these minions noisily reached the place of Second Elder, Thick Fog Mountain, they suffered a head-on blow.

Second Elder Nangong Ren was known as Medicine Crazy, and his mountain was filled with all kinds of medicinal herbs. Because his cultivation was formidable as well as he was temperamental, usually no one dared to casually come to his mountain. But this time, the trusted subordinates and minions of Third Elder unexpectedly rushed into the mountain, and even arbitrarily searched all over the Thick Fog Mountain, resulting in suffering the wrath of Second Elder. All of them were scared witless and rolled down the mountain with their head covered with bumps and bruises.

In front of these minions, other protectors and elders restrained themselves and didn’t raise their hand, at most, they let their guards shut them out, but Second Elder didn’t follow the suit, he personally taught these fellows a lesson. Someone defied him and said Second Elder was flaunting his seniority, and being big attacking small, but the result of that was, Second Elder crushed the message talisman, then a formidable aura soared from the mountain behind, indicating that that defying fellow was about to suffer a great tragedy.

Nan Tiandu who was cultivating in seclusion in the mountain behind came with great momentum, then ruthlessly abused those minions who couldn’t tell good form bad. Moreover, compared to Second Elder, he was even more heavy-handed. The character of this master and apprentice was totally different, but they had one common thing, which was when raising their hand, they showed no quarter. Numerous arrogant minions were completely beaten down, and they retreated to White Tiger Peak ceasing all their activities.

After the cultivating in seclusion, the cultivation of Nan Tiandu had progressed greatly. Even Ye Chuan, who was sitting inside the Purple Cloud Courtyard, was able to sense Nan Tiandu’s that ice-cold aura and soaring sword qi. That kind of sharp sword qi was the unique and fierce aspect of Heaven Shaking Nine Swords!

Sensing the aura of Nan Tiandu, Ye Chuan smiled, and now, he was even more certain of his next move.

After dawn, Ye Chuan swept inside and outside first, then he leisurely went out. When he arrived at Cloud Mist Hall, basically all people had already arrived here. All the elite disciples who had rushed back from the travel outside including Yu Suo were also there. Moreover, Yi Suo was standing in the front row of disciples.

“Ye Chuan, since tomorrow is the day of Great Competition, you must set out today, so did you prepare the name list of personnel that will accompany you for this battle?” Great Elder asked.

Currently, Cloud Mist Sect was steadily deteriorating. Moreover, in this Great Competition, it was decided that the Big Disciple of each sect would lead their respective group and take part in a battle. No matter if it was Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect, both of them were strong. So with Ye Chuan’s trivial Wuzhe realm cultivation, they feared that they would lose most miserably than ever before.

But, even though they were pessimistic in their heart, this after all was a big event, so Great Elder still asked personally. Even if they lose, they wanted to lose at least in a not so humiliating way. They must not lose in in a terrible state.

“Great Elder, in the Great Competition of this time, is it okay for me to not participate?” Ye Chuan asked, instantly shocking the entire audience.

What time is it now?

Tomorrow is the day of Great Competition, and now you are afraid and want to give up, where did you go before? This is a great event held only once in every three years, do you think this is a child’s play, that could be given up just saying you want to give up?

The originally solemn and quiet Cloud Mist Hall immediately became noisy as if a vegetable market. And the gaze looking towards Ye Chuan had surprise, unforeseen, and hating iron for not becoming steel looks. Moreover, there even more were ridicule and fury.

Toady, Zhu Sijia was wearing a fiery red outfit which perfectly showcased her flawless body. This was attracting the gaze of many male disciples. Some were secretly watching her again and again and some were even fixedly staring her without looking away. If this was usual time, then this unruly and shrewish Zhu Sijia would have definitely not let those rude fellows off, but now, her complexion was ashen, and was angrily glaring at Ye Chuan. Now she was very angry.

For the Great Competition of this time, she had secretly put a lot of thought. And to help Ye Chuan, she had persuaded several truly capable disciples, and also did her best to help Ye Chuan in any way she could. But who would have thought that, in this critical juncture, Ye Chuan however would give up, without letting anyone know beforehand!

Other people are dishonest, but Ye Chuan, you are expert in entrapping junior apprentice-brothers and sisters.

Zhu Sijia gritted her teeth. The words Fatty Zhao Dazhi had stated before appeared in her mind, and now, she finally understood the grief of fatty.

“Not possible, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect have already agreed. In the Great Competition of this time, the Big Disciple of each sect must go to the battle.”

Great Elder resolutely said with ugly looks. And looking at Ye Chuan, he hated iron for not becoming steel. Now, whether Ye Chuan was willing or unwilling to go into the battle, he had to participate in this Great Competition, because now, it was already too late to even temporarily substitute, letting other people replace him as a sect’s Big Disciple.

“Then fine, the name list is already ready.” Ye Chuan said with the appearance of having no choice but to do something against his will. And hearing his words, the younger generation disciples couldn’t help but shrink back in succession.

In the Great Competition of this time, Cloud Mist Sect was basically not worried about the odds of success was not big, but worrying about losing too miserably.

Now, with Ye Chuan, the person responsible to lead the group to go into the battle, having such cowardly expression before the battle, how would they fight this battle? And being selected to go into battle with him, wasn’t that just waiting for losing their face?

Several elite disciples with outstanding cultivation who were persuaded by Zhu Sijia and had agreed to go into battle before, seeing this expression of Ye Chuan, they couldn’t help but retreat.

“Well, read it yourself!” Great Elder instructed. Now he had no mood to ask carefully.

“In this battle, other than me, there furthermore are six people. They are Nan Taindu, Zhu Sijia, Zhao Dazhi, Wu Yong, Wang Li and……” Ye Chuan looked at all the people and spat out two words, “Yi Suo.”

The noisy hall became absolute silent all of a sudden.

The cowardliness before the battle of Ye Chuan had already surprised the people, but this time, they were even more surprised.

This name list of Ye Chuan was outside the expectation of everyone.

Nan Taindu and Zhu Sijia, it was reasonable for these two names to be in the name list. But what does he want to do by taking along fatty Zhao Dazhi? Except a bit honeyed mouth and his head being a bit faster, he was just a fat meat. Taking him there was equivalent to delivering an easy mark to the doorstep of the experts of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect.

The name of fatty Zhao Dazhi being in the name list was unexpected to everyone. But as for the two names Wu Yong and Wang Li, the overwhelming majority of people haven’t even heard of them. Even Zhu Sijia was somewhat dumbfounded. In the draft name list, she had given to Ye Chuan, were there such names? And after working hard to inquire, they finally knew that those two were the handy man that had recently joined the sect and they were barely regarded as an outer disciple.

The odd of success in this time’s Great Competition was already too low, still not selecting the participants from so many elite disciples, but selecting fatty who was covered with fat meat and two recently joined handy men, what on earth does Ye Chuan want to do? Weren’t they already going to lose enough face? And was he worried about losing not miserable enough?

Everyone was greatly surprised and everyone had a different expression.

Some breathed a sigh of relief. With their name not in the name list, they didn’t have to follow together to lose face and make a fool out of themselves; some people desperately shook their head and secretly sighed for the misfortune of the sect and for having this kind of Big Disciple; some people secretly sneered, waiting to see how Ye Chuan would end up; and some people were in stunned state without any reaction, Yi Suo was one of them.

Among the younger generation disciples, Yi Suo undoubtedly was an expert and also a genius. In such young age, his cultivation had already reached Rank 3 Xiushi. But everyone knew that he and Ye Chuan were completely incompatible, and as soon as they met, a conflict would break out. When these two people met, and didn’t fight, then that was already good, but who would have thought that Ye Chuan unexpectedly wanted to take him together to go into the battle.

Yi Suo was surprised, and Hall Master Jin Zhikun was also same. Only after a short while, they came back to their senses, and seeing Ye Chuan was not joking, they were wild with joy. They were thinking about how they could make Ye Chuan gone forever? But, they had never expected that Ye Chuan would deliver himself to their doorstep.

Heaven-sent chance, justice will be done by God!

Jin Zhikun was elated, but Third Elder beside him gave him a meaningful glance. After Third Elder came to sense, he didn’t dare to be too excited so as to avoid giving himself away. But little did he imagined that Ye Chuan had already noticed the subtle change in his expression. Still, Ye Chuan maintained his composure on the surface, but sneered in his heart.

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