Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 628

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 628: Ancestral System

The suddenly storm quickly disappeared.

After Son of Heaven Jin Hong left, the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect also turned away. Soon, only a person was left in front of Ye Chuan’s party. He was none other than Ouyang Huo who was lying on the stretcher.

“Wait for me, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, wait for me……”

Ouyang Huo was so anxious that he shouted until his throat tore. But, not a single Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciple stayed behind, instead, they walked away even faster.

Son of Heaven Jin Hong had already left, who would dare to remain behind?

Looking at the leaving backview of numerous Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples, Ouyang Huo was desperate and under helplessness, he could only roll down the stretcher and tried to crawl away using all his strength to leave this courtyard. However, before even crawling a few meters, he suddenly saw a pair of legs.

Ouyang Huo looked up and saw Nan Tiandu was in front of him.

“You…, Nan Batian, you…, what do you want to do?” Ouyang Huo’s complexion was deathly pale as he trembled.

“Heh heh, what do you think I want to do?”

Nan Tiandu asked a question in return. He smirked and added with a sinister appearance, “Didn’t you bring people to look for me? What? Why are you leaving so soon?”

“No, this has nothing to do with me.”

Ouyang Huo shook his head and retreated, supporting his body with his hands. In the past, he, the Bone Crushing Crazy Demon, walked unimpeded among Heavenly Yao Sect’s younger disciples, and no one dared to provoke him.  In front of the disciples of other sects, he was even more arrogant. He looked down on all of them. But now, in front of Nan Tiandu, he was trembling like a mouse that had seen a cat.

“Truly has nothing to with you? Boy, you are saying you have nothing to do with it, truly has nothing to do with you? You say, will you leave behind your hands or tongue or ears this time?”

Nan Tiandu sneered as his killing intent soared with frightening Cyan Dragon Moon Blade in his hands, “I, Nan Batian, am a rough fellow, I pay the debt of gratitude and take revenge for hatred. You wanted to tear off my legs, so I chop off your legs. You brought people wanting to cut me into two pieces, so I will cut you into three pieces. Don’t pull out anything like this is your Heavenly Yao Sect’s territory, that is useless. Even if your Heavenly Yao Sect’s elders come here personally, I can kill you first, then, if the worst comes to the worst, I will fight a bloody battle until death.”

Ouyang Huo trembled as he fell back. Nan Tiandu, however, continued to approach him, step by step, while speaking. Soon, this former Bone Crushing Crazy Demon finally reached the dead end. There was just a cold wall behind him, he had nowhere to retreat.

“Nan Batian, this truly has nothing to do with me. After Jin Hong was promoted to Big Senior Apprentice Brother and got the title of Son of Heaven, he had always been cultivating in seclusion. He came out from seclusion because of Elder Tianqing’s summon, and after learning of the situation, he took the initiative to come over. I am just a small Rank 5 Daoist Master realm disciple, how can I order a dignified Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect to move. I just recognized you for Big Senior Apprentice Brother, nothing more, it has truly nothing to do with me….”

Ouyang Huo was so anxious that he blabbered in a sobbing tone, almost bursting out in tears.

In his eyes, Nan Tiandu was truly a rough fellow with extreme arrogance. This kind of rough fellow would make a move without thinking over. In a rage, this rough fellow had a high probability to truly kill him. Not only he failed to avenge himself, instead, he was going to lose his life too, in addition, in his own Heavenly Yao Sect.

“Humph, do you want to deceive me speaking whatever you please, do you think I am stupid?”

Nan Batian looked ferocious and with an appearance of not believing anything, he suddenly raised that terrifying Cyan Dragon Moon Blade.

“This fellow, does he truly dare to kill?”

“Ordinary people don’t dare, but who is this Nan Batian? Overseas World is an uncivilized and fierce place, basically has yet to become civilized, the devils that came from that place, what do they don’t dare to do?”

The disciples of various sects cried out in alarm and made all sorts of comments.

Son of Heaven Jin Hong and other Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples had already left, the disciples of other sects were also thinking of leaving, but upon seeing Nan Tiandu wanted to slay Ouyang Huo, they couldn’t help staying behind and watching from the distance. And upon seeing Nan Batian lifting up his greatsword, some cried out in alarm and couldn’t bear to watch; some were inwardly excited, thinking Ouyang Huo was finally getting what he deserved. The people who were ruthlessly crippled by Ouyang Huo in these two days on the stage already hated him to the marrow of their bones. Upon seeing his current state, some loudly cheered, dying to see Nan Tiandu’s Cyan Dragon Moon Blade immediately slaying him.

“No…, Your Excellency, spare my life, spare my life…”

Ouyang Huo shouted for mercy while trembling with fear. He wanted to hide, but there was nowhere to hide. He wanted to run away but couldn’t run away. Watching Cyan Dragon Moon Blade in Nan Tiandu’s hand, his was so scared that his spirit almost flew away and scattered.

A hand grabbed Nan Tiandu’s wrist at the critical moment.

When Ouyang Huo was so scared that he nearly pissed his pants, Ye Chuan finally stepped up and stopped Nan Tiandu’s atrocities, “Forget it, junior apprentice-brother Batian, not for the monk’s sake, but for the Buddha’s, spare his life. No matter what we say, people have only one life, and cultivating to Rank 5 Daoist Master realm is also not easy, just cutting off his legs is enough of a lesson.”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, isn’t that too cheap for him? No, I will kill him today!”

Nan Tiandu’s sharp Cyan Dragon Moon Blade trembled as he pretended to not let the matter drop and wanted to chop down. The result, Ouyang Huo who had just breathed a sigh of relief was so scared that he trembled and his teeth chattered.

“What? Are you daring to not listen to this Senior Apprentice brother’s words? Do you want to violate Master’s command?” Ye Chuan made the appearance of teaching a lesson.

“I don’t dare, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, appease your anger.”

Nan Tiandu bowed and retreated. He looked like he was unwilling but was forced to retreat. In this play, Ouyang Huo was badly scared without being chopped.

“Well, Ouyang Huo, was it, you are safe now. This junior apprentice-brother of mine is nothing good, he is simple-minded and easily gets agitated. But, I am here, he will not dare to do anything, rest assured. On the stage of the competition, since weapons don’t have eyes, nothing can be done, but it’s not right to kill in a private fight, what do you say? You don’t bear grudges in your heart, do you?”

Ye Chuan squatted down and comforted badly scared Ouyang Huo.

“Yes, yes.”

Ouyang Huo had not yet recovered from a fright. His mind was still somewhat blank and subconsciously nodded his head, then he immediately shook his head and said in a sobbing tone, “I don’t dare, Your Excellency, I absolutely don’t dare to bear grudges, I…”

“Good, with your words, I am relieved. Oh, that’s right, I have a matter to ask. When did Son of Heaven Jin Hong become your Big Senior Apprentice Brother? Didn’t your Heavenly Yao Sect always just have a Heavenly Maiden and no Big Disciple?” Ye Chuan asked the doubt in his heart, pretending to console Ouyang Huo.

“Not long ago, not long after the storm of Heavenly Maiden, Elder Tianqing said he wanted to reform. From now on, we will only have Big Disciple, no Heavenly Maiden.” Ouyang Huo was so frightened that he answered everything.

“Good, very good, you can go now.”

Ye Chuan narrowed his eyes and stood up. After hearing his words, Ouyang Huo hastily left even if he had to crawl or roll away. Afterward, the onlooking disciples also dispersed.

After returning to his room, the always smiling face and amicable appearance of Ye Chuan sunk.

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