Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 627

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 627: I Am Just a Nobody

The heavy copper cauldron flew in the air along with rumbling sounds and practically above Nan Tiandu’s head, it ferociously crushed down.

Under the spacious bamboo hat, Ye Chuan’s expression didn’t change, but upon seeing the might of that heavy cauldron, his pupils shrunk slightly.

This move of Son of Heaven Jin Hong was crude and simple, but extremely efficient. His strength was far above the ordinary Peak Daoist Master realm. If the opponent was slightly weaker or his reaction speed was not up to much, then just this move would inflict him serious injuries!

Son of Heaven Jin Hong made a move after saying he would make a move, moreover, he ruthlessly made a killer move.

“Peak Daoist Master realm, almost Half Sage realm, so powerful!”

“Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple, he is truly extraordinary. Nan Batian, this extremely arrogant overseas cultivator is in trouble now!”

The onlooking crowds of other sects exclaimed in succession.

Although this attack of Son of Heaven Jin Hong was simple, his powerful cultivation base was displayed in full along with his astonishing strength to the public. Such a combat power, not to mention younger generation disciples, many sects’ protectors, elders or even Sect Master might not necessarily have this kind of ability. This huge cauldron was at least ten thousand jin heavy, under such a ruthless smash, even a mountain peak might be destroyed, what would be the end result of a human body?

“Take this!”

Nan Tiandu roared and didn’t dodge this danger, instead, he met this attack head-on with his fist.

Dong! A muffled sound resounded. Nan Tiandu’s fist and Jin Hong’s huge cauldron collided, setting off a powerful shockwave. The right sleeve of Nan Tiandu was torn into pieces by this shockwave, making him look somewhat awkward.

“Hahaha, you can’t even withstand one round, and you go on to say you are matchless in the mainland, hahahaha…”

Son of Heaven Jin Hong roared with laughter as he pulled back the huge cauldron to prepare for the next attack. Upon seeing a somewhat awkward appearance of Nan Tiandu, he became happy in his heart. Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples around also cheered in a loud voice, especially Ouyang Huo who had already lost his legs. His eyes were scorching hot and were shouting ‘kill him, kill him’. He couldn’t wait to see Nan Tiandu’s head roll on the ground.

“It’s just a piece of cloth, I can replace it if it is torn, but, such a huge cauldron, it’s a pity it’s destroyed.” Nan Tiandu sneered, ignoring his torn sleeve.

Jin Hong lifted his huge cauldron and examined carefully. Immediately afterward, his laughter ceased.

On this huge cauldron that could even smash an iron tower, there was a deep crater. That was a crater left behind by Nan Tiandu’s fist. In addition to the crater, there were cracks around it. Adding up the large and small cracks, even if there were not one thousand, there were at least eight hundred cracks. If this crater was a bit deeper, then perhaps, the entire cauldron might have been shattered by that single punch!

A casual punch nearly shattered an over ten thousand jin huge cauldron, what kind of strength was that?

The complexion of Son of Heaven Jin Hong greatly changed. The numerous disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect also became quiet and not daring to open their mouth again. As for the onlooking crowd, they had their eyes wide open as if they saw something unbelievable.

This punch of Nan Tiandu was beyond the expectation of everyone!

Originally, everyone had thought that Nan Tiandu was at a disadvantage. They even thought that he would suffer internal injuries as he was not the opponent of Son of Heaven Jin Hong. But, beyond their expectation, Nan Tiandu was actually so extraordinarily brave! On his side, only his cloth was torn, on the side of Son of Heaven Jin Hong, he, however, practically lost a powerful treasure. Who suffered the loss, it was clear at a glance.

“Good, what a good Nan Batian, you actually smashed this lordship’s cauldron with a punch, very good!”

Jin Hong came back to his senses and simply tossed the damaged cauldron aside. Afterward, he ferociously glared at Nan Tiandu and his energy fluctuation also rose again. In addition, this courtyard was filled with thick killing intent.

After eating a hidden loss, he truly had murderous intentions.

That huge cauldron that could change its size at will was a rare treasure in his hand. Although it was not completely destroyed, there was a crater and numerous cracks, thus, it would be considered useless, how could he not be angry?

Originally, he just wanted to take a look at Nan Tiandu while suppressing and probing him in passing. But now, he was furious, his eyes also gradually turned red, wanting to truly go all-out against Nan Tiandu.

As a dignified Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect, he was a peak genius who called himself Son of Heaven, but now, not only was he unable to suppress the other party, instead, he suffered a humiliation, if he didn’t go all-out now, then what qualification did he have to command the younger generation disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect? Furthermore, what face would he have to continue sitting on the throne of Heavenly Yao Sect’s Big Disciple?

The face of Son of Heaven Jin Hong was very unsightly as if Nan Tiandu’s punch hadn’t smashed the cauldron, rather ferociously hit his face.

“Still want to fight?”

Nan Tiandu sneered and added, “The next punch will not be smashing a cauldron, rather your face. Boy, think over carefully. As long as you can defeat your opponents, we will eventually encounter in the competition, it is not too late to fight at that time. Boy, are you seriously unable to wait even two days? Do you want to die now?”

Nan Tiandu who was using the alias of Nan Batian was overbearing. He pretended to be extremely arrogant just as in the past as his energy fluctuation similarly rose successively and his momentum became stronger and stronger. But, although he was overbearing on the surface, in fact, his right hand was slightly trembling, especially the arm muscles were almost twisted into a dough twist. That punch of just a moment ago had astonishing power, it nearly shattered the huge cauldron, but he was also not in a good state, the powerful backlash injured him. Merely, he cunningly still pretended to be arrogant, hiding his hands behind his back, other than Ye Chuan who was standing behind him, no one knew his real situation.

In order to not be too amazing thereby exposing identity, Nan Tiandu had used a secret technique to seal his true strength. Before unsealing that seal, his strength was limited to just Peak Daoist Master realm, evenly matched with Son of Heaven Jin Hong. Just a moment ago, in that collision, it appeared as if Jin Hong ate a hidden loss, but in fact, both had an equal share of the loss. If they continued to fight, then unless he unsealed his seal, he might not be the opponent of this Big Disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect. Naturally, although the situation was anything but reassuring, he also couldn’t give the impression of weakness.

“Stop, Batian, don’t fight, return.”

Ye Chuan who had been watching critically noticed the details of these two opponents. When Nan Tiandu and Jin Hong were preparing to fight a decisive battle, he stepped forward and stopped them. Now, the time was not yet matured, clearly, it was not the time to fight to the death with this Jin Hong.

Who is this person? He said don’t fight, then they won’t fight? Does he have such a big qualification?

The people were puzzled and looked at Ye Chuan who had suddenly stepped forward to stop the fight. But, a surprising scene appeared before their eyes. The extremely arrogant Nan Batian who considered himself the best in the world actually returned immediately upon hearing Ye Chuan. In addition, he looked extremely respectful to Ye Chuan.

“Boy, who are you, what’s your position in Bellowing Waves Sect?”

Son of Heaven Jin Hong was also surprised. He couldn’t make out the identity of Ye Chuan, but, since a treasure was ruined by Nan Tiandu, he was quite unwilling to let the matter drop and lose face. Like a person who had ridden a tiger, he couldn’t back out in this matter, thus, he ferociously said, “Scram, my opponent is Nan Batian, you brat, if you cannot tell good from bad and continue to block my path, then don’t blame this lordship for killing you first!”

“Surname Jin, do you have that ability? Do you know who this personage is?”

Nan Tiandu coldly snorted and coldly said, “Open your dog eyes and look carefully, he is our Bellowing Waves Sect’s Big Disciple, in other words, he is I, Nan Batian’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother. All my skills are taught to me by Big Senior Apprentice Brother. Surnamed Jin, you can’t even defeat me, but you are still blabbering to kill my Big Senior Apprentice Brother, hahaha, this truly is a big joke, hahahaha…”

The expression of Jin Hong suddenly became even more unsightly.

Ye Chuan was wearing a black robe and a spacious bamboo hat, in addition, he didn’t have imposing air and didn’t stand out. Before he stood out to stop the fight, he remained silent and low-key, resembling an insignificant little footman. But, in fact, he was even more powerful than Nan Batian?

“Boy, you…, are you really the Big Disciple of Bellowing Waves Sect? Are you the true expert of Bellowing Waves Sect?” After carefully sizing up Ye Chuan, Son of Heaven Jin Hong still found it hard to believe. He wanted to test him, but he had some misgivings in his heart. Nan Tiandu’s respect for Ye Chuan didn’t seem to be fake. If Nan Tiandu was truly telling the truth, then wouldn’t he suffer more humiliation if he truly made a move?

“I can’t say I am an expert, I am just a nobody. This time, I came to the mainland to experience the world. Of course, Nan Batian calls me Big Senior Apprentice Brother, this, however, is the truth.” Ye Chuan replied, neither humble nor arrogant.

“Humph, let’s go!”

Son of Heaven Jin Hong gritted his teeth and left angrily. Just looking at the manner of speaking, he could clearly tell that Ye Chuan was different. As Nan Tiandu said, he couldn’t even defeat Nan Tiandu, if he had to face his Big Senior Apprentice Brother, then how could he be his match?

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