Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 624

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 624: What a Good Pair of Legs

“Next match, next match…”

Heavenly Yao Square had a sea of people and they were shouting loudly.

Today’s highlight was the match between Heavenly Yao Sect’s Ouyang Huo and Bellowing Waves Sect’s Nan Batian without a doubt. The people shouted loudly and already couldn’t wait any longer. They were very impatient to see who would win the match.

A small mouse quietly arrived at Heavenly Yao Square and climbed a big tree near the stage.

The big battle was about to start, so when Ye Chuan had arrived, the eyes of people were glued on the stage and no one noticed the arrival of a small mouse. There was no lack of powerful experts among the various guest sects, but under distraction, they didn’t notice that someone had used spirit travel to come here. Occasionally, some people vaguely felt a hint of an anomaly, but they also didn’t think much about it.

Spirit travel was the most dangerous thing for cultivators, especially in the place with numerous experts. No one thought that, at this moment, someone dared to use spirit travel to come to Heavenly Yao Square where dragons were mixed with fishes.

Ye Chuan whose spirit power had soared was daring enough to do the matters ordinary people didn’t dare to imagine.

His physical body was cultivating in the room, only his spirit had come out. Under the command of Elder Tianqing, Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples and guards were still looking for the whereabouts of that uninvited guest who had broken into Small Yao Lake, but Ye Chuan simply didn’t expose himself, so this search group was no different from headless flies.

After a melodious bell rang, a fiery red figure rushed to the stage.

Heavenly Yao Sect’s Ouyang Huo took the initiative to go on the stage. Like yesterday, he was wearing a red battle robe and looked cold and domineering. Although he looked frail without much strength, he was very fierce when he exploded. Everyone had a hint of fear when they looked at him and subconsciously avoided looking at his hands. Those hands looked small and frail like a girl’s hands, but, many people had already died under those hands.

The heavy footsteps resounded as Nan Tiandu with the pseudonym Nan Batian appeared in people’s sight. He was walking over step by step, dragging a frightening Cyan Dragon Moon Blade while leaving a long mark on the ground along with friction sounds. He didn’t fly over to the stage like other people, rather slowly walked step by step towards the stage, leaving behind footprints on the ground.

The onlookers below the stage quickly got out of the way.

On the stage, Ouyang Huo’s pupils suddenly shrunk and his complexion also changed slightly. Nan Tiandu was walking over very slowly and leisurely as if he never felt any pressure from this life and death battle, and it appeared as if he was taking a casual walk. But, in fact, the distance between his every step was exactly the same. Finally, the moment he stepped onto the stage, a loud gong resounded.

“Left leg or right leg?”

The complexion of Ouyang Huo sunk as he coldly asked.

This was his pet phrase. On the stage, he had never spoken too much. Although Nan Batian gave him a huge pressure, he similarly asked this question, ready to tear off Nan Tiandu’s one leg!

“Hahaha, as you wish, as long as you have the ability!”

Nan Tiandu roared with laughter and added with the appearance of considering everyone beneath his notice, “Come, this lordship, matchless in the entire south sea, will let you make three moves, feel free to use your entire strength, but if you can’t tear off this lordship’s leg, then don’t blame this lordship for the rudeness, hahahaha……”

On the stage, Ouyang Huo’s complexion changed and become even gloomier. Below the stage was also in an uproar.

People already knew about the arrogance of Nan Tiandu yesterday, he considered himself the best in the world and was extremely arrogant, but, that was in front of ordinary sects’ disciples. The people had never expected him to so be arrogant in front of Ouyang Huo, this extremely ferocious Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciple, too. Was he truly unbeatable or he didn’t know the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth?

The onlookers below the stage were greatly surprised, soon after that were excited.

This battle, it seemed would be even more exciting!

Nan Batian was so arrogant, can ferocious and ruthless Ouyang Huo endure?

Like everyone expected, Ouyang Huo didn’t endure at all. He immediately rushed towards Nan Tiandu. He used his astonishing speed and disappeared. Afterward, his thin and small hands suddenly expanded and became bright red as if dripping blood and reached towards Nan Tiandu’s leg as he ferociously roared, “Boy, you are also just so-so, I will tear it off now!”

Below the stage, people exclaimed.

The scalp of people was tingling, and they were shocked by the astonishing speed of Ouyang Huo. Once he grabbed the legs, what then?

No one had thought that Ouyang Huo was so fast. Could it be that he would tear his opponent apart in a move again?

The people below the stage were anxious for Nan Batian. Some people even closed their eyes, not daring to watch that bloody scene again. Yesterday, Ouyang Huo had torn several opponents apart while they were still alive, those scenes were inscribed in the mind of many people, making them have a nightmare yesterday. But, even after waiting for a while, they still didn’t hear a screaming sound coming from the stage. When they opened their eyes, they saw Ouyang Huo had grabbed Nan Tiandu’s leg, but even though his face had already turned red in a half-squat position, he still was unable to tear Nan Tiandu’s leg off.

“Do you still want to tear it off or not? Furthermore, since you are grabbing my leg like this without moving, does this count as one move or two moves? This lordship’s stinking feet, do you like to smell?” Nan Tiandu shook his head and stood still without moving the frightening Cyan Dragon Moon Blade regardless of how Ouyang Huo grabbed his leg.

The onlookers who originally were worried for Nan Tiandu couldn’t help laughing in succession.

Ouyang Huo’s face turned redder.


Ouyang Huo ferociously roared in anger and also shame. He then changed his mind, disregarding the thoughts of tearing off Nan Tiandu’s leg. He let go of Nan Tiandu’s right leg and grabbed his both legs, then exerted himself to pull them apart, wanting to directly tear Nan Tiandu into two halves! Unfortunately, the two legs of Nan Tiandu were still motionless like two iron pillars. No matter how much strength he used, his legs were absolutely still.

“Just one final move left, boy, still not changing your move, this lordship’s legs, can you move them? I have been saying, this lordship is unmatched in the entire overseas, you won’t do like this, you are not my opponent, just call your Heavenly Yao Sect’s number one expert as early as possible.” Nan Tiandu shook his head and looked at Ouyang Huo who was in a half squatting position, grabbing his legs, as if he was looking at a clown.

“Impossible, I will tear you apart!”

Ouyang Huo was shocked and also angry. He was reluctant to let go and ferociously roared again, trying to tear Nan Tiandu into two halves again. The result, even though he used all his strength, Nan Tiandu’s legs were absolutely still as before. At that time, Cyan Dragon Moon Blade Nan Tiandu was dragging behind him vibrated and shone with cyan light, and in the next moment, a blood-curdling scream resounded. Ouyang Huo fell to the ground as his legs were cut off. Even after half a day, he was unable to tear off Nan Tiandu’s legs, instead, he lost his own legs.

“Such a big Heavenly Yao Sect, isn’t there any decent opponent? What a big disappointment!”

Nan Tiandu shook his head and without looking at Ouyang Huo who was rolling about on the ground, he turned away while dragging Cyan Dragon Moon Blade.

Below the stage, everyone was in an uproar.

A single blade slash to cut off Ouyang Huo’s legs, this was the display of his strength. In addition, he even publicly provoked Heavenly Yao Sect on the stage, this, however, was extremely arrogant! In Heavenly Yao Sect’s Grand Sacrifice Competition, no one had ever brazenly provoked Heavenly Yao Sect like this!

Elder Tianqing who was sitting straight on the platform suddenly became gloomy and he looked very unsightly. The tiny mouse possessed by Ye Chuan’s spirit, however, coldly smiled and turned away.

The more arrogant Nan Tiandu was, the closer they were to the success of the plan.

Next, Heavenly Yao Sect would definitely send a peak younger generation expert to fight against Nan Tiandu, at that time, it would definitely cause a big sensation throughout the entire Heavenly Yao Sect. Like that, even White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi who remained in seclusion throughout the year might not be able to calmly cultivate in seclusion. At that time, a great opportunity to save a person would come!

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