Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 623

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 623: An Explosive Battle

A night quickly passed.

The night looked calm, but, in fact, there were undercurrents. Various large sects’ guests had their own thoughts and the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect were discussing in secret.

On the first day of the competition, there were a few unexpected figures.

Heavenly Yao Sect’s Ouyang Huo, Flame Sect’s Yang Tiannu, Bellowing Waves Sect’s Nan Batian… and so on, regardless of Heavenly Yao Sect or various large sects, all had extraordinary younger generation elite disciples. Especially Heavenly Yao Sect’s Ouyang Huo and Bellowing Waves Sect’s Nan Batian, their impression was the most impressive and shocking.

Heavenly Yao Sect’s Ouyang Huo shocked people not because of his high cultivation, rather his extremely bloody and ferocious means. Once he made a move, his opponent would lose at least one leg or was directly torn into two pieces. Such a lunatic Bone Crushing Crazy Demon made even the opponents who had the cultivation base of two realms higher trembled with fear.

Unlike Ouyang Huo, Nan Tiandu who assumed the name of Nan Batian gave people the most profound impression. He was very arrogant and considered himself the best in the world. After getting onto the stage, he proclaimed that he had no opponent in the entire south sea. He was so arrogant that he even looked down on Heavenly Yao Sect that claimed itself to be the first under heaven. He made people learn about the unknown Bellowing Waves Sect for the first time.

Today, the fierce Ouyang Huo was going to encounter arrogant Nan Batian. Among these two, who would return victor from the match?

If Nan Batian won, then who would come to suppress this arrogant overseas cultivator? What kind of expert would Heavenly Yao Sect dispatch next? But, if Ouyang Huo won, then who would dare challenge Ouyang Huo again? Will there be any sect that would be able to suppress the prestige of Heavenly Yao Sect in this Grand Sacrifice Competition?

There were many large sects that came to participate in this grand sacrifice competition. Among them, there were plenty that came from afar just to fawn on Heavenly Yao Sect, wanting to attach themselves to powerful Heavenly Yao Sect. There were also many who had just come to watch the excitement. Some, however, were long dissatisfied with domineering Heavenly Yao Sect and didn’t want to see Heavenly Yao Sect displaying their might in this Grand Sacrifice Competition. They didn’t dare to do anything in the daytime, in the night, they, however, had various thoughts and made various preparations.

Compared to other sects, Ye Chuan and others who had sneaked in using the name of Bellowing Waves Sect were calm at night.

After dawn, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu left early in the morning to prepare for today’s match. Ye Chuan, however, continued to sit cross-legged in the room while cultivating. He shut his both ears to what went on outside the window and immersed in the cultivation world. Without the instruction of Ye Chuan, Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King also honestly stayed in their room, not daring to go out privately.

When the time arrived, the grand competition was held as scheduled. After the morning’s ringing of the bell, people went onto the stage for the match.

The first few were the matches between various guest sects. The winner could enter the next round, and the loser was eliminated. Compared to yesterday, the matches were even more intense. All sects sent their elite disciples. Soon, earth-shaking cheers resounded throughout the Heavenly Yao Square as the sound of battles and screams resounded occasionally. On the surface, this grand competition proclaimed to be amicable, but after truly getting onto the stage, no one was soft-hearted, especially at the juncture when their life was at stake, who cared about the other’s life and death thereby putting oneself in danger?

The cheers resounded one wave after another, and each time, the cheering sound was louder. The atmosphere was getting more and more heated.

After less than an hour, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King next door couldn’t help slipping out and rushed to Heavenly Yao Square to watch the excitement. Just Rain Demon, this assassin, could still keep calm and continued to stay behind.

“Being able to become the first-rate assassin, indeed is not simple!”

Ye Chuan who was immersed in the cultivation world slowly opened his eyes and all the more valued Rain Demon who could keep calm in the critical moment highly. It seemed that after this trip to Heavenly Yao Sect and returning to Cloud Mist Sect, he could nurture Rain Demon and help him become a super-assassin from the first-rate assassin. Just imagine, if Rain Demon breakthrough to Half Sage realm, he would have a Half Sage realm assassin, how sharp would this butcher’s knife be? In the Wilderness World, who else could stop the troops of his Yao Beast Legion?

Ye Chuan’s eyes blazed like torches as his plan for the future became bigger and bigger. In his past life, he had experienced countless storms. Although he had never specialized as an assassin, as Heaven Concealing Great Sage who summoned wind and rain in Wilderness World, he knew some tip-top assassin merit laws. Cyan Feather Technique he was cultivating in this life was derived from a technique of a famous assassin. If he passed down all the assassin merit laws he knew to Rain Demon, then he believed that Rain Demon’s combat power would soar. Even if he didn’t become a Half Sage realm assassin, at least, he would reach the peak of perfection, becoming Wilderness World’s one of the very best assassins.

For a great matter, there must be all kinds of helpers around!

Now, there was Nan Tiandu to charge and break through enemy lines, Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes for a chaotic battle, Plague Archfiend Abasi and Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo for his protection, furthermore, first-rate assassin Rain Demon. In addition to all these, there were rapidly progressing Cloud Mist Sect and Yao Beast Legion. The legion to dominate the entire Wilderness World was gradually forming.

After the reincarnation, Ye Chuan was determined to create a greater glory than his previous life. In addition, he didn’t just indulge in fantasy like this, rather he stared from the foundation and walked step by step to realize his grand plan.

In the courtyard, a mouse stealthy looked around, then it lightly moved the fallen leaves covering the entrance of a burrow and went towards the west wing. Suddenly, the disciples of various sects arrived and their energy fluctuation badly scared this tiny mouse. The tiny mouse rushed into its burrow and didn’t dare to come out for quite a few days. Today, this little fellow was honestly too hungry and was unable to endure it, thus, it took the risk to come out again to look for food.

Squeak, squeak, after observing for a while, the little fellow saw nothing dangerous and happily squeaked a few times. It then jumped out of its burrow and rushed towards the west wing, but, at a halfway point, it suddenly trembled and stiffened, then, like a human, it stood on its two hind legs and a strange smile appeared on its face. Afterward, it looked around for a while and ran towards Heavenly Yao Square.

In the room, Ye Chuan was still sitting cross-legged on the ground without any movement, but his hands were in a mysterious posture. Although his body was still in the room, his spirit had already gone far away.

In the board daylight, Ye Chuan used sprit travel again. This time, his spirit wasn’t attached to a fallen leaf, rather he chose this stealthy little mouse. After breaking through the Daoist Master realm, spirit travel and possession had long been not a problem for him. After absorbing the energy emitted by Yinyang Life Wheel, his spirit had grown far stronger, making things even easier.

The atmosphere of the grand competition was getting more and more heated, attracting more people than yesterday.

Ye Chuan also had a strong desire to come and watch the match between Nan Tiandu and Ouyang Huo.

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