Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 621

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 621: Ancient Sword Formation

Even though there was no wind, the leaf where Ye Chuan’s divine sense was attached to still drifted in Heavenly Yao Hall as he carefully observed this familiar and also unfamiliar palace.

Thinking about those days, this palace was built by him and Blue Eyed Yao Empress. The first cornerstone was something he moved from the distant North Sea by using a great technique, which was as big as a small mountain; the wooden beam stretched over the entire audience hall was something he seized from underwater residence of a great devil; the stone pillars supporting the roof was something he and Blue Eyed Yao Empresses personally carved with numerous complicated patterns……

Millions of years had passed, but stone pillars still had those patterns. Their maintenance was very good, the patterns looked like they were carved just yesterday. The people who once built this palace with each brick and each tile, however, had already disappeared without any news.

Ye Chuan was somewhat sentimental and became absentminded for a good while as he continued to size up this grand palace.

Compared to Cloud Mist Sect’s Could Mist Hall, Heavenly Yao Hall was even larger. Altogether, there were nine times nine eighty-one stone pillars. It would appear every stone pillar was exactly the same, but the carved patterns on them were different. Every pattern represented a kind of restriction. In other words, these stone pillars implied that there were a total of eighty-one restrictions here. The ground was inlaid with ash grey slabstones. Those slabstones also had different patterns carved on them, forming another kind of restriction. Unlike stone pillars, all slabstones added up to form a single restriction, but it was eternally changing and even more dangerous. If this restriction was triggered carelessly, perhaps, the ground might cave in, making the intruder fall into a bottomless abyss, or he might be transferred to an ancient ominous domain.

Ye Chuan was familiar with the restrictions of Heavenly Yao Hall, but because of this reason, he was even more careful.

Now, the current Heavenly Yao Hall was no longer the former Heavenly Yao Hall, and it was grander, but the current Ye Chuan was also no longer the former Ye Chuan who dominated the entire Wilderness World. These ancient restrictions he had personally laid out in former days, he might not necessarily be able to crack them all. If he fell into the trap, then he will similarly be fraught with grim possibilities. Moreover, after such a long period of time, he didn’t know whether the later generation of Heavenly Yao Sect had added new restrictions and traps or not.

If Heaven Concealing Umbrella was sealed in this Heavenly Yao Hall like Tianku had said, then where was it?

Ye Chuan calmly looked all around. At first glance, it would appear the hall was empty and there was nowhere that looked like a place where a treasure could be stored. In addition, he also didn’t sense any treasure’s aura. But, this place, however, was the safest place in the entire Heavenly Yao Sect. Even if a Half Sage realm expert intruded in without understanding the situation, then he might be lost in the midst of layer upon layer of restrictions. If Heaven Concealing Umbrella that was lost in the Death Abyss in former days had truly fallen in Heavenly Yao Sect’s hands, then this truly was the best place to hide it.

Under the floor, above the beam, inside the wall…

Ye Chuan’s divine sense slowly scanned the hall, searching every unassuming corner.

The mysterious Yinyang Life Wheel greatly damaged his vitality, but there was a profit in this disaster, his spirit had transformed and reached a completely new realm. He spread out his divine sense, even the places which his eyes couldn’t see, his divine sense could infiltrate and carefully search for a trace. After a long time, Ye Chuan felt his spirit was somewhat exhausted and when he found it was hard to carry on, he finally noticed a somewhat unusual place.

That was a throne on the high platform at the end of the hall. It was a place where Heavenly Empress governed from behind the curtain. It was a big chair with dragon carvings. Ye Chuan vaguely sensed a wisp of familiar aura, an aura he had not sensed for a long time.

“Heaven Concealing Umbrella, truly is Heaven Concealing Umbrella that accompanied this lord in those years to sweep through the Wilderness World and forcibly suppress over three thousand Sages…”

Ye Chuan was excited and the leaf where Ye Chuan’s divine sense was attached to suddenly floated towards the end of the hall on its own without any wind.

Originally, in this trip, Ye Chuan just wanted to probe, nothing more, he was not prepared to make a move so quickly. But, sensing the aura of Heaven Concealing Umbrella, his former body-protecting treasure, he was excited and he went in to straightforwardly seize it, whatever the consequences. This was a rare chance, the overwhelming majority of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples had gone to the site of grand competition, and with the cover of the puppet doll, Hei Kui, he sneaked in without anybody knowing, in addition, he found the location of Heaven Concealing Umbrella, if he didn’t make a move now, then what time should he wait?

A small leaf advanced forward in the sky. Sometimes, it accelerated, sometimes, descended on the ground, continue to roll forward on the ground. If someone was present here, then he would have noticed that this leaf was making a mysterious trajectory.

Ye Chuan was very cautious. He used his spirit power to the limit and controlled the leaf, dodging the layer upon layer of restrictions.

Although a long period of time had already passed, many restrictions of Heavenly Yao Hall were the ancient restrictions laid down when Heavenly Yao Sect was established. For average people, these ancient restrictions had astonishing might and almost impossible to crack. Ye Chuan, however, clearly understand them, he gingery bypassed them and advanced forward. What truly threatened him were newly added restrictions in the millions of years or the changes done to ancient restrictions by later generations.

From the door to the big chair with dragon carvings at the end of the hall, it was roughly a thousand meters or so. Outside, such an extremely short distance could be covered in an instant, but in Heavenly Yao Hall, Ye Chuan had to spend almost half an hour to cover this short distance. He was very careful, even more careful than in ancient graves worlds of Sea Demon Clan’s holy land. When he was just ten or so meters away from the big chair with dragon carvings, the aura of Heaven Concealing Umbrella gradually became stronger. Now, Ye Chuan was certain that Heaven Concealing Umbrella was concealed inside this big chair. As long as he floated over and split this big chair, he could take out Heaven Concealing Umbrella, this great killing weapon that had accompanied him as he walked through countless trials and hardships. Afterward, he could forcibly break into Heavenly Yao Cave to save Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia.

The closer the distance, the more excited Ye Chuan was as he saw the hope of saving Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia. But, at that time, danger suddenly came.

Swish, swish, swish! A series of wind-breaking sounds resounded as 81 flying swords suddenly appeared in the sky. They were divided into cyan, red, blue and white, four colors. They floated above the leaf, completely surrounding it. Next, they whistled forward with towering sword qi, wanting to cut this leaf that intruded this hall into pieces. They were so fierce that not to mention a tiny leaf, they would even rip the divine sense apart!

Genius Four Sword Formation?

Ye Chuan was startled, quickly recognizing the formation. As for the tiny leaf, it spun rapidly. Swish, 81 flying swords simultaneously arrived. Instantly, the leaf where Ye Chuan’s divine sense was attached to only had one half left. The other half was already cut into small pieces. Afterward, Cyan, Red, Blue and White, these four colored radiances flashed, and 81 flying swords suddenly returned to the former position and rotated rapidly, preparing for another wave of attacks, making buzzing sounds as their blades trembled.

Damn it, who arranged such an ancient sword formation here?

Ye Chuan was startled and also angry as the remaining leaf retreated rapidly. Millions of years ago, in the era where Sages were found everywhere, this Genius Four Sword Formation was not an ordinary ancient sword formation, it would get stronger facing a stronger opponent. As long as it had enough energy source, even a Sage realm expert would find it hard to escape forcibly. Ye Chuan was not unfamiliar with this kind of sword formation. If he were his former self, then he could still attempt to break it, but, in a wisp of divine sense state, it was impossible.

Swish, swish, swish! The wind-breaking sounds resounded again as 81 high quality flying swords flew over at full speed again. This time, one half of the leaf was cut again, leaving behind only one-fourth of the original leaf. On the distant Guest Receiving Peak, Ye Chuan’s body let out a muffled groan. The moment, the leaf was cut, his spirit also suffered the injury, and he retreated without any hesitation.

“What’s that sound?”

The thick door of Heavenly Yao Hall was pushed open and the two loyal heavily armored guards entered as they indistinctly heard the movement inside the hall. Just after opening the door, they saw 81 four colored flying swords floating in midair. Their complexion immediately changed and subconsciously pulled out their sharp sword. They then carefully looked around but discovered nothing unusual in the empty hall. There was no sign of any intrusion and there was not even a trace on the ground.

“Strange, why did the ancient sword formation activate on its own?”

“Is storm going to occur today? Or, this restriction was mistakenly activated?”

The two heavily armored guards were somewhat puzzled. They had guarded Heavenly Yao Hall for several hundred years, but they had never seen this kind of circumstance. They wanted to immediately report to Elder Tianqing and subconsciously grabbed the horn hanging on their waist, but after thinking for a bit, they dropped this matter as they saw nothing unusual. They didn’t dare to lightly alarm Elder Tianqing. When they were in the midst of confusion, they didn’t notice a leaf floating out from beside their legs.

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