Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 620

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 220: Puppet Guest

On the Heavenly Yao Square, when the competition was getting more and more exciting, Ye Chuan quietly arrived at Heavenly Yao Peak.

This was the tallest peak within Heavenly Yao Sect. On the summit of this peak, there was an ancient and majestic palace. Although most of the disciples had gone to watch the competition, this place was still strictly guarded. In the forest around this palace, there were many restrictions, and patrolling guards were moving back and forth around. It was unknown how many hidden lookouts were hidden in secret places.

A leaf lightly drifted over and landed on a tree over a thousand meters away from Heavenly Yao Peak.

Relying on his powerful spirit, Ye Chuan attached his divine sense on a leaf and smoothly arrived at the vicinity of Heavenly Yao Hall. But, he didn’t immediately burst in, rather observed all around while waiting quietly.

Most of the disciples and guards of Heavenly Yao Sect were attracted by the competition. This was a good opportunity for Ye Chuan. But, if he wished to break into Heavenly Yao Hall passing through these layer upon layer of restrictions, then it would be best to have a helper who can help him lure out the experts of the final defense line.

At this moment, Nan Tiandu had gone to participate in the competition, Old Demon of Mount Yin was assisting him. Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend Abasi, Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo had a distinctive appearance, making it easy to give away their position, moreover, he also couldn’t easily expose his reserve forces. Therefore, there was only one suitable helper, the puppet doll Hei Kui.

After considering for a bit, Ye Chuan thought of the great devil who attached himself to a puppet doll, Hei Kui. In the room where he was sitting cross-legged, he used a technique and the old devil cultivating inside the Cyan Lotus Space turned into a wisp of green light and came out. Afterward, stepping on a small flying sword, he flew towards Heavenly Yao Hall. Now, among the followers beside Ye Chuan, the cultivation of puppet doll Hei Kui was almost at the end, but his small body and unique puppet techniques were his saving grace, which sometimes would play an unexpected role. At least in Heavenly Yao Sect, compared to Diamond Ape King and others, he could conceal his traces even better. After an hour, a puppet doll quickly arrived at Ye Chuan’s side.

“Hei Kui, see those two heavily armored guards at the entrance of Heavenly Yao Cave? Think of a way to lure them away!” Ye Chuan instructed which directly resounded in the mind of Hei Kui.

“Okay, Your Excellency, watch me!”

The old devil Hei Kui nodded his head and gingerly walked out, bypassing layer upon layer of restrictions and guards and arrived at a grove outside the Heavenly Yao Hall. Now, as long as he lured those two heavily armored guards, standing on the left and right side of the entrance gate away, Ye Chuan could directly burst in. But, no matter what happened outside, and even though earth-shaking cheers were coming from the direction of Heavenly Yao Square, these two heavily armored guards stood still. Their energy fluctuation was also strong. Amazingly, these two were Peak Daoist Master realm experts who were just half a step away from breaking through to Half Sage realm. With these guards coupled with restrictions and numerous guards inside and outside the Heavenly Yao Hall, even a Half Sage realm expert would have a hard time breaking in.

Upon seeing he was just ten or so meters away from those two heavily armored guards, the old devil Hei Kui took out a prop from his space ring, and disguised as an almost two meters tall burly fellow. The entire body was divided into three sections, the upper part was fake, the lower part was also fake, only the small middle section was the real body. Afterward, he stepped on the flying sword and crazily rushed towards Heavenly Yao Hall.

“Who’s there, stop!”

The two heavily armored guards standing at the entrance gate quickly saw old devil Hei Kui and their expression changed.

Although the cultivation of old devil Hei Kui was not up to much, as a former great devil who walked unimpeded in the Wilderness World, he had various means and was adept in disguising. Now, his disguise was perfect, he looked just like an overbearing burly fellow. With such a fellow rushing over from just ten meters away, these two experts guarding Heavenly Yao Sect were startled.

Siiing, the two heavily armored guards simultaneously pull out their sharp weapon with dense killing intent. The patrolling guards not far away also rushed over upon seeing this. In addition, the shouting sounds and alarm instantly resounded, and more and more troops rushed over from all directions.

The old devil Hei Kui, however, remained unmoved. Not only he didn’t stop, instead, he rushed up faster on his flying sword.

“Intruding my Heavenly Yao Hall, kill without pardon!”


The two heavily armored guards were startled and also shocked. For a moment, they were actually unable to see through this great devil’s cultivation and identity. But, they rushed out in unison and attacked, sparing no strength.

Kacha, the body of old devil Hei Kui was cut into three pieces.

A single sword slash was enough?

The two heavily armored guards were dumbfounded. They somewhat found it hard to believe this.

These two shouldered a heavy responsibility to guard the last line of defense. They were not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid making mistakes. This sword slash was used by them to just block this old devil, nothing more. But, who would have thought that the battle would end just like this. The latter was killed so easily, he was cut into three pieces. When did their sword move become so powerful?

A cold wind blew and a leaf flew towards the Heavenly Yao Hall, then entered from the crack of the entrance gate.

Taking advantage of the time when those two heavily armored guards were distracted, Ye Chuan smoothly sneaked into Heavenly Yao Hall. Outside, old devil Hei Kui retreat upon seeing the chance. As a result, the numerous guards of Heavenly Yao Sect saw an unbelievable scene. Among the three halves of an uninvited guest, a section suddenly jumped up and stepping on a flying sword, flew into the nearby grove.

“Chase, we are fooled, that is a dwarf!”

“Chase, don’t let him run away!”

The heavily armored guards roared loudly, but they didn’t move at all. They even retreated and stood at two sides of the entrance gate again. Even in such moments, they didn’t forget their mission. And upon hearing their roar, the numerous guards who had rushed over immediately responded. They rushed into the thick forest. Compared to the guards stationed in other peaks, the guards here had a higher cultivation base and all were the elites of the elites. The lowest cultivation was Rank 1 Daoist Master realm. They roared to kill all along the way while chasing. But, no one knew that the real uninvited guest had already sneaked into the Heavenly Yao Hall.

A cold wind blew inside from the crack along with a leaf.

Ye Chuan withdrew his aura and gingerly made the leaf float forward. He didn’t dare to make any superfluous movements.

Not to mention there were two strong guards standing outside the door, he also didn’t know what dangers were inside. Under the unclear situation, it was best to be cautious. He drifted forward while secretly observing the Heavenly Yao Hall. In addition, he carefully avoided the restrictions inside the Heavenly Yao Hall. Some powerful restrictions, let alone a leaf, it would even be triggered by dust.

After causing havoc last time, Ye Chuan returned to Heavenly Yao Hall again.

Last time, he had openly come to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace and there were numerous experts in Heavenly Yao Hall, but, without the orders of White Haired Heavenly Empress, no one dared to act rashly. This time, however, was different. He had come in secret to seize Heaven Concealing Umbrella that was even more powerful than Heaven Burning Furnace. Once his whereabouts was exposed, this divine sense attached to a leaf would not be able to escape. Even the main body at the distant Guest Receiving Peak might not escape unscathed, ultimately failing his life-saving plan!

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