Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 62

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 62: Dark Underworld Envoy

The Dark Underworld Envoy who had suddenly appeared in front of Third Elder, incisively sensed the difference, and raising his hand, it wanted to swallow the spirit of Ye Chuan.


This is a real expert!

Ye Chuan was aghast in his heart. The cultivation of that Dark Underworld Envoy was too astonishing. It was very likely that even Great Elder and Second Elder were not his match. His cultivation should be at the later stage or even the peak of Daoist Master realm. With his current Wuzhe realm cultivation, even if he mastered 3000 magical techniques, it would also be futile and he would be far from being his opponent.

Ye Chuan insanely accelerated, and his spirit flew past in the dark, but Dark Underworld Envoy was even faster. The huge face in the sky got nearer and nearer. Although the facial features were blurred, his gaze was sternly cool and unmoved, like an ancient demon god that had climbed out from the ancient tomb.

In the night sky, a red light suddenly flew over from the horizon.

Scorching hot heat waves suddenly exploded between the huge face and Ye Chuan, and strangely a burning firewall appeared in the sky. The huge face was caught unprepared and colliding with the firewall, the face suddenly rippled, then twisting, it slowly changed into a black mist and returned back to the black-robed person. Afterwards, in the sky, a mournful scream resounded, then an angry roar.

Dark Underworld Envoy became ferocious, unfortunately, when he put out the fire on his body, the spirit of Ye Chuan had already disappeared without a trace.

At the crucial moment, Flame Devil resolutely raised his hand despite the danger of backlash to help Ye Chuan block the hunt of Dark Underworld Envoy.

Third Elder also came out from the underground, and seeing Dark Underworld Envoy was angry, he felt uneasy. And at that time, several guards nearby quickly rushed over here, and seeing strange Dark Underworld Envoy shrouded by black mist, everybody was confused, and before they had any chance to ask about that black robed person, they were beheaded by Third Elder.

“Humph, investigate, even if you have to dig three feet underground, I want you to find that fellow who had used spirit nightwalking just now! Bai Yanhu, you don’t have much time left, if you are still unable to control Cloud Mist Sect, then Evil Dragon Abyss will be your home!”

Dark Underworld Envoy coldly snorted, then waving his hand, he tore open the void and left.

“Yes, Bai Yanhu understands!”

Third Elder bowed respectfully, sending away the Dark Underworld Envoy while sweating profusely. In former days, he was aloof and remote inside the sect, but now in front of this mysterious Dark Underworld Envoy, he nevertheless didn’t dare to have any air.

“There is an assassin, protect the elder!”

“Disciple came late, please forgive me, elder!”

A large team of guards and disciples rushed over with raised torch, ready for a battle.

Under the illumination of fire, the messed up courtyard and several bloody corpses of guards became visible, but the Dark Underground Envoy had already disappeared without a trace. Other than Third Elder, no one else knew about the existence of that person. Naturally, that damned person using Yin Spirit Nightwalking was an exception.

“Investigate, who used Yin Spirit Nightwalking tonight to attack my White Tiger Mountain, and seize that fellow for me. There was no reaction from the restriction of the sect entrance, this means, that fellow is definitely someone from inside the sect.

Third Elder gnashed his teeth. He was frightened and was also angry. He had a kind of unspeakable fear in his heart.

He had been cultivating trusted aides, and had been dominating Weaponry Pavilion by himself. And although Great Elder was displeased in his heart, but he was forced to turn blind eye, after all, Sect Master Yun Feiwu had gone out and not returned for many years, moreover it was not clear if he was dead or alive, so Great Elder also didn’t dare to act rashly so as to avoid shaking the foundation of Cloud Mist Sect. But, if the existence of Dark Underground Envoy was exposed, then Great Elder would definitely not stay silent and would risk his life. He would rather have both sides suffer loss, instead of Cloud Mist Sect turning into a puppet of other people.

Groups after groups of guards and disciples with torch combed through the mountain that very night. The entire Cloud Mist Sect was stirred up and the sky and the earth were turned upside down. And they focused on interrogating the elite disciples inside the sect.

When the trusted subordinates of Third Elder were stirring up a turmoil in every peak, the Purple Cloud Peak of Ye Chuan however was especially peaceful.

The assassin Yin Spirit Nightwalking that had appeared tonight in White Tiger Mountain to attack was obviously an expert. And without breaking through to Xiushi realm, it was basically impossible to let out one’s spirit, this was a common sense that was understood by everyone, and Ye Chuan, this sect’s Big Disciple was merely a Wuzhe realm cultivator, this was also known by everyone. As a result, when the trusted subordinates and lackeys of Third Elder were grabbing many people as if wolves and tigers to interrogate, Ye Chuan, the culprit however was not suspected by anyone.

Late at night, the gate of Purple Cloud Courtyard was tightly closed.

Returning to the Purple Cloud Courtyard, Ye Chaun’s spirit and body immediately joined together. Now he looked rather pale.

Just a moment ago, he had narrowly escaped the fatal attack of Dark Underground Envoy, but just that invisible shockwaves injured his spirit on the top of his previously yet to recover injuries. With his not up to much cultivation which was merely Rank 7 Wuzhe, now it seemed even more unbearable.

Blood was flowing out from the corner of the mouth of Flame Devil, and his complexion was also pale.

After the battle with Old Monster Tong Bi in Swallow Water Bay, he was already injured seriously, and he basically shouldn’t have fought with others. But he forcibly blocked the terrifying attack of Dark Underworld Envoy to help Ye Chuan, so now his injury was even heavier. The skin of his face began to crack again as if a dried up land and the skin of his body began to wither like a tree, moreover, the backlash of his Scorching Sun Body suddenly intensified.

“Flame Devil, take this Qianyang pill.” Ye Chuan took out a Qianyang pill and gave it to Flame Devil.

The body of Flame Devil trembled. Although the backlash of Scorching Sun Body was getting more and more intense, he still resisted to take in such valuable pill immediately, “Noble son, then what about you?”

“It’s okay, I have another way, besides, I still have one Qianyang pill left.”

Ye Chuan placed Qianyang pill in the hand of Flame Devil. Although he slightly hesitated, but he didn’t decline again. After swallowing Qianyang pill, his body began to slowly take a turn for the better, again suppressing that terrifying backlash. Now there was no big hindrance in his body, but if he had to fight again in the short time, then he would really be helpless.

Quietly cultivating for a while, Ye Chuan closed the door, letting Flame Devil quietly recuperate by himself inside. Then he went to the study and sat down by himself. After that spreading out the map of Cloud Mist mountain range, he carefully looked at it.

Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect were as if wolf and tiger. They were squeezing themselves in the space of Cloud Mist Sect. Moreover with Da Qin King’s command, forcing Cloud Mist Sect to hand over a lot of pills, they vaguely had the opportunity to dip their finger in the practice of the sect. The Cloud Mist Sect left behind by his follower Ghost Hand Medicinal King was not trouble free. But, for Ye Chuan who had experienced countless storm, this was nothing. What truly made him worried were, one, the ancient Evil Dragon Abyss in the mountain behind, and other was mysterious Dark Underworld Envoy.

Everything will turn out for the best, Ye Chuan discarded all of these thoughts, then taking out the name list prepared by Zhu Sijia, he looked at it. The Great Competition of the disciples of three sects was about to commence, but first, he had to deal with the challenge. Then carefully looking, his gaze remained at Yi Suo, these two words, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

In the draft name list of elite disciple prepared by Zhu Sijia, Yi Suo was ranked in the forefront with outstanding cultivation, but because was the personal disciple of Third Elder, Zhu Sijia had crossed out his name in the name list without any hesitation. For the selection of the participants, Zhu Sijia who was well familiar with the situation had already considered clearly to help Ye Chuan. And if it was before, then Ye Chuan didn’t have any opinion, but after hearing the talk between Third Elder and Jin Zhikun tonight, now he had an opinion.

“Dilemma? Two old dogs, really cannot restrain yourselves, apparently not dare to come directly and about to play dirty again?”

Ye Chuan sneered, he never feared the direct confrontation, and he even more liked playing dirty. Jin Zhikun and Third Elder, aren’t these two fellows in dilemma? Okay, then I will be a good person and help you choose!

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