Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 619

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 619: Bloody Means

“Spiritual Mountain School’s disciple Zhu Qianqian has seen senior brother Ouyang!”

After a moment, the female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School came back to her senses and gracefully bowed to salute respectfully.

Just a moment ago, Cold Spring Sect’s that bald burly fellow was severely injured. He hadn’t died but had become a waste. Now one could forget that scene of a bloody torn leg. After the bald burly fellow entered the stage, he had displayed his impressive brute force and was overbearing in front of this Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciple, thus, suffering that kind of serious injury could be justified saying he had only himself to blame, but what about now? The opponent was a weak woman, moreover, she gave him a smiling welcome, would Ouyang Huo still use such a ruthless means?

There was a saying, smiling face wouldn’t be slapped, this female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School, Zhu Qianqian, was smooth and slick. She expressed goodwill before the battle, leaving herself a route of retreat. Although she was more powerful than Ouyang Huo, was Rank 6 Daoist Master elite, she was still cautious and gave the impression of weakness with her identity as a woman after entering the stage. Ordinarily, with this move, when associating with the disciples of various large sects, it would go smoothly, unfortunately, she was wrong this time.

Ouyang Huo just stood with his hands on his back with a cold and indifferent expression, looking at this beautiful female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School, and only said a sentence, “Left leg or right leg?”

“Senior brother Ouyang, I…”

The female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School turned pale. In a real battle, she might be able to defeat Ouyang Huo, this Bone Crushing Crazy Demon, but thinking of the end fate of that bald burly disciple of Cold Spring Sect, she couldn’t help shivering. She didn’t dare to even imagine that happening to herself. “Our Spiritual Mountain School has come from afar to celebrate your honorable sect’s grand sacrifice ceremony, senior brother Ouyang, we don’t need to…”

Zhu Qianqian, the female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School, racked her brains to think of a way to eliminate Ouyang Huo’s killing intent, but, before she finished speaking, Ouyang Huo suddenly made a move. Instantly, a heatwave blew against her face, and looking forward, she saw only a wisp of red light rapidly approaching her.

When Ouyang Huo said he would make a move, he would make a move. When he suddenly made a move, his palms became red as if they were bleeding, and his qi and blood circulated crazily, making gurgling sounds. His short and bony figure instantly erupted with incredibly violent strength. He treated men and women equally without discrimination and he also didn’t have any prejudice. Merely, this impartial treatment made people feel chill. He was ruthless against even a weak-looking woman!

“Noble son Ouyang, don’t…”

The female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School screamed and became pale. Although she screamed but her reaction was powerful and not slow, unlike that bald burly fellow. When the hands of Ouyang Huo was about to reach her body, she flashed and stepped aside. Then, her long sleeves fluttered and as if a cage, trapped Ouyang Huo in it, at the same time, she opened her mouth and a whisp of pallid light shot out, flying straight towards Ouyang Huo’s glabella who was under the cover of the long sleeve. It was a flying sword, extremely thin, only a finger wide green flying sword. If it hit Ouyang Huo in such close proximity, then it would definitely pierce through his glabella and exit from the back of his head!

On the surface, the female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School showed goodwill, but when she truly made a move, she was similarly ferocious. Her long sleeves were not so simple, rather were exclusive killing weapons of Spiritual Mountain School’s female disciples. At the critical moment, it could be hard and also soft. It could also transform into a rope to break the neck of the opponent and also become as sharp as a spear and pierce through the opponent’s head. Coupled with a flying sword, their might was even more powerful!

Compared to Heavenly Yao Sect, Spiritual Mountain School couldn’t be considered a large sect, but it was also not ordinary among the sects in the world. In history, this sect had given rise to many well-known female experts. Zhu Qiaoqiao who was beautiful and moving on the surface was cultivated vigorously by the sect as the younger generation expert. Even though she was young in age, her cultivation had already reached Rank 6 Daoist Master realm. With time, she would reach Peak Daoist Master realm or might even reach Half Sage realm!

Tear, the watertight long sleeves were forcibly torn and a fiery red figure rushed out. But, he just happened to be in the way of the whistling flying sword.

“Well, didn’t he just deliver himself to his own destruction?”

“This disciple of Spiritual Mountain School is pretty good, her cultivation is a rank higher, and she really is powerful!”

People watched on with wide eyes, cheering for the female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School. Naturally, the onlookers of Heavenly Yao Sect were an exception. They were tense upon seeing the situation of Ouyang Huo.

“With just a tiny flying sword, do you think you can be wanton in our Heavenly Yao Sect?”

Ouyang Huo coldly snorted and at the critical moment, with a flick of his finger, he actually sent the already close flying sword flying away. Immediately afterward, he accelerated and before Zhu Qianqian could retreat, he grabbed her leg.


The female disciple of Spiritual Mountain School screamed, then, there was no more. Ouyang Huo had torn her into two pieces, dyeing more than half the stage red.

What Bone Crushing Crazy Demon, this was clearly a beast, was a lunatic!

Below the stage, a lot of people close their eyes, unable to endure watching the scene on the stage. Elder Tianqing and others who were sitting on the high platform, however, didn’t even bat an eyelid as if they were already used to this kind of scene. Soon, some people cleaned the stage and announced the third match.

This time, Ouyang Huo simply continued to stand on the stage, waiting for the next challenger.

With Rank 5 Daoist Master realm, against Rank 6 Daoist Master realm, not only was he not defeated, instead won in a head-on battle, how powerful was this Ouyang Huo fellow?

People were shocked. They bitterly hated this ruthless Ouyang Huo, but they couldn’t deny that this fellow’s fierce means intimidated many people. In this Grand Sacrifice Competition, over a hundred sects had come from afar to participate, but for a period of time, watching Ouyang Huo standing on the stage, no one dared to challenge him.

“There are many sects under heaven, but is there no one that dares to come to the stage?” Not long after, Ouyang Huo began to provoke. Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples also shouted at the top of their voice. Instantly, only the voices of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples could be heard. But, a majestic voice coming from the distance peak make their complexion change.

“I came, I want to see if you, this Bone Crushing Crazy Demon, can tear me into two halves or this lordship can behead you!”

After a good while, finally, a disciple went on the stage. He was an expert that came from Mount Yin Sect. Although he was not that old in age, his cultivation had already reached Rank 7 Daoist Master realm. He was called Falcon of Mount Yin, and he was well-known around Mount Yin.

A splendid battle was about to start.

Below the stage, people opened their eyes wide, waiting for a good battle. The leaf in which Ye Chuan had attached his divine sense, however, left.

After watching two fierce battles, Ye Chuan didn’t continue to watch, rather quietly left.

The splendid competitions attracted overwhelming numbers of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples. Although some guards were still standing on lookout posts, they were also repeatedly looking over and were somewhat absent-minded. At this moment, the guards of various peaks were somewhat negligent. If he didn’t take this chance to sneak into Heavenly Yao Hall, then what time was he waiting?

Ye Chuan was sober-minded. Although his physical body was still sitting cross-legged in the room, a wisp of divine sense attached to the leaf was getting farther and farther away, drifting straight towards Heavenly Yao Peak’s Heavenly Yao Hall. He had only one objective, that was, sealed Heaven Concealing Umbrella!

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