Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 617

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 617: Ouyang Huo

A bell rang in the distant Heavenly Yao Peak. This sound resounded throughout heaven and earth. Even after millions of years, Heavenly Yao Sect had already changed, but this sound of the ancient bronze bell was still the same without any change.

The withered leaf landed on the branch of a big tree beside the match stage, not attracting anyone’s attention.

Hearing to the sound of ancient bronze bell, Ye Chuan was somewhat lost in thought, reminiscing those years millions of years ago.

After a while, he came back to his senses and discovered that Elder Tianqing who was in control of Heavenly Yao Sect had already arrived at Heavenly Yao Square at an unknown time and he was now sitting on a high platform. Perhaps, he was pretending to be majestic, or perhaps, because of yesterday’s matters, this fellow looked dull and unhappy. The followers around him also looked very cautious.

After another bell ring, the grand competition officially began.

Under the eyes of everyone, a bald man took the initiative to rush onto the stage. He was especially tall and sturdy. In this cold day, other people were wearing thick winter clothes, but he was bare in the upper part, displaying his muscles. He rushed all along the way and the moment his legs landed on the stage, the entire ground vaguely shook along with a muffled explosion sound. Just his brute force shocked people, and looking at his energy fluctuation, he was a Rank 5 Daoist Master realm expert.

The disciple of Cold Spring Sect took the initiative to go on stage, welcoming a wave of applause.

Heavenly Yao Sect’s grand competition had always been warm and exciting, especially the first match, which attracted a lot of eyes. But, competition being warm and exciting didn’t necessarily mean only the battle between Peak Daoist Master realm experts and Half Sage realm experts. The opponents matched in strength was the most important. Therefore, the battle among Xiushi realm cultivators would also be very exciting. Usually, the first to appear on the stage would be the disciple with a slightly weaker cultivation base. Real experts would come on the stage at a later time.

Rank 5 Daoist Master realm, this cultivation base could be regarded as pretty good among the younger generation disciples, but far from matching the elite disciples of various large sects. But, the agile body and brute force of this bald fellow still received everyone’s applause.

“Not bad, this bald fellow’s strength is astonishing. Although his cultivation base couldn’t be considered tiptop, I fear he has already comprehended Cloud Spring Sect’s special technique. He can sweep though the cultivators in the same realm. Being able to train this kind of young disciple, Cloud Spring Sect really is not simple, worthy of being a veteran large sect!”

“This time, what kind of opponent would Heavenly Yao Sect send? To use violence to curb violent, would they send an even stronger expert, or send higher-ranked elite disciple?”


Below the stage, the people made all sorts of comments. They were full of expectation and curious about this match.

The bald burly fellow of Cold Spring Sect demoralized his opponent by a show of strength. He was a model close combat elite, and Cold Spring Sect was also a close combat powerhouse. Thus, it gave the host Heavenly Yao Sect a difficult problem. If they sent similarly Rank 5 Daoist Master realm young disciple, then it would be very difficult to win against this bald fellow; if they sent a higher ranked, Rank 6 Daoist Master realm young disciple, then the victory would be assured, but that would be somewhat unfair and it also wouldn’t display Heavenly Yao Sect’s majestic air and style.

“Great Elder, this fellow is not simple, should we change the plan and send…”

On the platform, a personal attendant bent over and asked instruction from Elder Tianqing, hesitating to speak.

In this first match, Heavenly Yao Sect had also arranged a powerful Rank 5 Daoist Master realm young disciple, but, witnessing the strength of Cold Spring Sect’s bald fellow, this attendant responsible for the arrangement of manpower was somewhat perturbed.

After the disturbance in Small Yao Lake yesterday, the complexion of Elder Tianqing had been ugly. Today, in the first match of the Grand Sacrifice Competition, if they lost, then Elder Tianqing’s mood would be even worse, and if he had a bad mood, then he didn’t know how many people would suffer the disaster!

“Humph, isn’t it just a disciple of Cold Spring Sect? Why do we need to change the plan? Do how it was originally prepared. If won, then reward heavily, lose, then face the wall in Heavenly Prison!”

Elder Tianqing coldly snorted and he was very impatient. For an unknown reason, his eyelid fluttered and he had a feeling of uneasiness. He was unable to get rid of this feeling as if something bad would happen today. This feeling made him very uncomfortable. He was already accustomed to sitting in a high position and summon rain and wind, but there were a lot of disturbances just before the grand sacrifice competition, which turned his mood very bad. Every time he thought of that uninvited guest who forcibly break into Small Yao Lake yesterday and disappeared without a trace later, he felt as if a bone was stuck in his throat.

“Yes, Ouyang Huo, go onto the stage!”

The attendant sweated profusely and didn’t dare to say anything. He just quickly ordered to transmit his instruction. Soon, a disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect flew over from the distance.

The people below the platform turned around and saw a wisp of fiery figure flash past their eyes and when that figure was still several meters away from the stage, he jumped onto the high platform, leaving behind only heat waves. Looking over, now, they could clearly see the appearance of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciple standing on the stage. He was short, a head shorter than ordinary people. Compared to Cold Spring Sect’s bald burly fellow, he was even shorter, appearing especially emaciated. He was thin and small, his facial features were also ordinary, could even say somewhat ugly. His forehead and chin were protruding outward, in addition, his chin had a handful of a goatee. He looked unpleasing to the eyes however he was looked at. Furthermore, he was wearing a fiery red war robe, and it was especially conspicuous. His face couple with this kind of attire truly was a perfect match, it would be difficult to not draw the attention.

Below the stage, a lot of people cracked a chucked on the spot. Even after guessing for such a long time, they had never expected that Heavenly Yao Sect would actually dispatch this kind of freak.

As the cultivation overlord of Wilderness World, Heavenly Yao Sect never had to worry about not getting the fresh blood. Every time they open their gate to recruit fresh young disciples publicly, the place outside the gate would practically be crowded with people without any place to step. Countless people had dreams to have their children join Heavenly Yao Sect. Even many nobles who controlled a region would send their younger generation to join Heavenly Yao Sect. Thus, among the talented younger generation disciples, it was too easy for them to send a handsome elite, was it necessary to send out a fellow with such a face and attire?

This Ouyang Hou who was wearing a fiery red war robe, did he intentionally go up to the stage to make people laugh to liven up the atmosphere or was this his some kind of unique skill?

The people were puzzled. Some people couldn’t help laughing, but some people calmed down and carefully sized him up, wanting to discern the distinctive qualities of Ouyang Huo. But, unfortunately, even after a while, they could discern nothing. At the same time, Ye Chuan who had attached a wisp of his divine sense on a leaf, however, was shocked.

After Yinyang Life Wheel strengthened his spirit, his senses had become even sharper. He could sense a dangerous aura from Ouyang Huo, this disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect. It would appear the cultivation base of this Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciple with distinctive face and attire was Rank 5 Daoist Master realm similar to Cold Spring Sect’s bald burly fellow, and it appeared as if he wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow, but, upon careful observation, Ye Chuan could faintly hear gurgling sounds, that was the sound of qi and blood flowing through his blood vessel, and it contained violent strength.

He had yet to make a move, but his blood and qi were already so ferocious and powerful. Once he went all-out, what kind of strength would he display?

Ye Chuan was shocked and with a thought, the leaf in which his divine sense was attached to floated to another branch, getting closer to the stage.

Originally, Ye Chuan just wanted to train spirit manipulation merit law and was casually strolling. But, his interest was suddenly triggered. He wanted to look how different this Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciple Ouyang Huo was, and also wanted to see who would win this match.

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