Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 616

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 616: Grand Competition

The sky was already bright. With more and more people going in and out of the courtyards, it was getting livelier. The disciples of various large sects were preparing for the Grand Sacrifice Competition in succession. Even Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King next door often went out to join the fun. Only the assassin Rain Demon calmly stayed in the room while cultivating. But, no one knew that Ye Chuan had just returned from the death’s door.

The cold sweat of Ye Chuan had yet to dry up, but he continued to sit on the ground. With a thought, a wisp of red radiance shot out from within his body and circled around his body. Instantly, a sword qi swept through the room along with cold killing intent.

Ye Chuan had brandished his Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, but unlike the past, he had his eyes closed and only used his divine sense to manipulate this killing weapon.

Last night, in the battle of Small Yao Lake, Ye Chuan nearly lost his life, and he was still far from completely recovering his vitality, but it was also absorbed by Yinyang Life Wheel. In addition, his limbs were aching and his body felt especially weak. Now, like this, even if he wanted to rely on his tough body like former days to forcibly break into Heavenly Yao Hall and Heavenly Yao Cave, it was almost impossible. Not to mention encountering White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi, just encountering a little bit stronger guard, he might never return. Since this was the case, Ye Chuan went all-out straightforwardly cultivating his spirit battle techniques, intending to fully utilize Yinyang Life Wheel’s ability to strengthen the spirit to foster strength and avoid weakness.

In the Wilderness World, the treasures that directly attacks the spirit were called Spirit Weapons, and the corresponding techniques to control Spirit Weapons were known as Spirit Battle Techniques. They were completely different from normal cultivation merit laws.

In his previous life, Ye Chuan didn’t possess any spirit weapons and he also didn’t have distinctive spirit battle techniques too. But, he knew some of the most basic ways to manipulate divine sense. The flying sword made straight thrusts, rotated and spun around him. Under the manipulation of his divine sense, he could make all kinds of attacks. Not to mention these attacks were quick, accurate and ruthless, they seemed to have distinctive intelligence as if they had an independent life, or to say, become Ye Chuan’s incarnation. This was the biggest difference in the manipulation of a flying sword from his previous life.

When the spirit was powerful enough, a wisp of divine sense could be attached to anything and the latter would become a divine sense incarnation that could be manipulated freely like hands and feet. This was the most basic principle of spirit battle techniques, and it was also a strong aspect compared to ordinary merit laws. Ordinary cultivators can also manipulate the flying swords, similarly using their divine sense, but compared to cultivators who specifically cultivated the spirit, there was a big disparity. This disparity was mainly in detail. Ordinary cultivators were far from being able to be so meticulous and nimble.

Ye Chuan paused after a while and put the flying sword away, feeling somewhat tired. Although the spirit battle was very powerful, the consumption was also very big, which was the reason why most cultivators were unable to cultivate spirit battle techniques.

After the Yinyang Life Wheel absorbed qi, blood and vitality, it could strengthen the power of divine sense. So, should he take the initiative to inject his vitality in exchange for even stronger spirit power?

After resting for a while, Ye Chuan began to try anew.

Sure enough, after using Immortality Seeking Secrets to take the initiative to inject a part of his vitality into Yinyang Life Wheel, the Yinyang Life Wheel, in turn, emitted the familiar cold current and warm current, quickly replenishing his exhausted spirit and even made it more powerful.

“Hurry up, the grand competition is about to start!”

“Heavenly Yao Sect against Cold Spring Sect, the first match is about to start, let’s go!”

From outside the door, the shouts of people came.

A dozen or so youngsters with attendants crowding around them quickly left, very impatient to witness the first match of the Grand Sacrifice Competition. According to the usual practice, Heavenly Yao Sect would take part in the first match to display their might, usually against another big and powerful sect. This time was also no exception. Compared to Heavenly Yao Sect, this overlord of cultivating sects, although Cold Spirit Sect’s overall strength was a lot worse, it was also a large sect with a long inheritance. In history, many powerful super experts had born in this sect.

These people ran very quickly, on the back, there were even some who directly used their flying swords, wanting to reach the match stage as quickly as possible, rolling up many fallen leaves. This group of people disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving behind fluttering leaves in the air. One of those leaves happened to float outside the window of Ye Chuan’s room.

Ye Chuan who was sitting cross-legged inside the room suddenly made a move. A wisp of his divine sense immediately attached to this fallen leaf, then this fallen leaf leisurely cross over the enclosing wall and followed the aura of that group of youngsters.

Inside and outside the courtyards, there were many Heavenly Yao Sect’s guards. They inspected anyone going in and out. Even though it was already daytime, it seemed that these guards were still unwilling to give up. They seemed to have sworn not to stop before they capture that intruder of Small Yao Lake, entirely unaware that the leaf controlled by Ye Chuan’s divine sense floated out right before their eyes.

After the training, Ye Chuan became more and more skilled in spirit manipulation. The small leaf fluttered towards the distance place crossing over mountain after mountain. Sometimes, with the support of a strong wind, it flitted across the sky like a flying sword, sometimes, its speed was slow, leisurely drifting in the sky, and sometimes, it would appear as if it would fall to the ground or even was almost trampled by the guards in the checkpoints, but, it either floated upward or rolled on the ground.

All along the way, there were guards and restrictions everywhere. Among them, there was no lack of Peak Daoist Master realm experts. But, regardless of whether they were Heavenly Yao Sect’s elites or various sect’s visitors, no one noticed this small leaf. After half an hour, the leaf controlled by Ye Chuan successfully arrived at the crowded match stage.

In order to fully showcase the strength and imposing attitude of Heavenly Yao Sect, under the arrangements of Elder Tianqing, the Grand Sacrifice Competition of this time was held in spacious Heavenly Yao Square. This the largest flat ground in the entire Heavenly Yao Sect, it could easily handle several tens of thousands of people. In addition, this square was surrounded by mountain peaks and thick worldly spiritual qi condensed here. According to the legend, when Heavenly Yao Sect was newly established, the founder would often preach here and imparted various kinds of powerful techniques. Other than Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples, many experts of other sects and loose cultivators would travel a long way to participate.

Millions of years had passed, the tales of Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress had already become the legend, no one knew whether those matters were true or false. Just Ye Chuan knew the facts so much so that many matters were vivid in his mind as if they happened just yesterday. In fact, the public sermon was truly held here in those years, explaining various techniques. But the one who was preaching was not Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress, rather him, the former Heaven Concealing Great Sage. In those years, a sea of people would truly gather here. Regardless of righteous sects, evil demons and heretics, all came a long way to Heavenly Yao Sect like making a pilgrimage. Later, after Ye Chuan went to Cloud Mist Sect, these people followed him to Cloud Mist Sect to ask for advice, bringing along many crystal stones, pills and treasures. In addition, many joined Heavenly Yao Sect and Cloud Mist Sect in succession, thus laying down a strong foundation for these two sects.

After millions of years, Ye Chuan returned to Heavenly Yao Square crowded with people again, but this time, he didn’t come to impart and resolve the doubts of techniques, rather with a different identity.

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