Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 615

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 615: Spirit Weapon

“Boy, listen well, this lordship will impart you a technique, Immortality Seeking Secrets. Immediately cultivate it and prevent the encroachment of Yinyang Life Wheel, then slowly, refine this peerless treasure. This is the sole merit law used by Sea Demon Clan to control Yinyang Life Wheel in ancient times. Now, whether you can live or not is up to yourself. I hope you are successful!” Octopus Empress’s voice resounded and she imparted a profound merit law to Ye Chuan.

At the critical moment, perhaps, she had misgivings towards the power of Yinyang Life Wheel, or perhaps, because her real body was very far away, Octopus Empress didn’t directly make a move, but she also didn’t look on with folded arms. She imparted Ye Chuan an ancient technique of Sea Demon Clan.

This technique, even Sea Demon Clan’s old patriarch didn’t know. No one knew that there was such a merit law with Sea Demon Clan in the past. Ye Chuan didn’t know where this Octopus Empress who was trapped in the ancient grave of Sea Demon Clan’s holy land learned this merit law, but from her words, it seemed this merit law happened to counter Yinyang Life Wheel.

Ye Chuan’s spirit trembled as he began to cultivate on the spot under the directions of Octopus Empress. He then moved his fingers with great difficulty and made profound law seals. Soon, an unusual feeling appeared in his mind. His body felt as if he had transformed into a weightless feather, and at the same time, his entire body emitted powerful energy.

Born to be a human being, in this life, I don’t seek great wealth, not seek greatest power, only seek to become an immortal one day, then, disregarding mortal world, ascend to heaven!

Ye Chuan who was suffering the encroachment of the Yinyang Life Wheel was suddenly enlightened and vaguely grasped the essence of Immortality Seeking Secrets.

First aperture, open, second aperture open!

As a former Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he had unparalleled experience and insights. He had struggled hard when he was nobody of the lowest rung, and he had also stood at the peak and experienced the loneliness of the peak. In addition, he once had cultivated over 3,000 techniques. Any merit laws that fell into his hands, he could cultivate faster than average people. Soon, he indistinctly emitted an aloof and refined aura that resembled the legendary immortal aura. Now, he looked detached and free from vulgarity as if he had broken free from Wilderness World’s binding and domain. In his dantian, the vibrating Yinyang Life Wheel suddenly stopped.

A thought to seek immortality, this merit law was truly powerful!

Upon seeing Immortality Seeking Secrets could truly suppress Yinyang Life Wheel, Ye Chuan was excited, but before he was happy for too long, Yinyang Life Wheel suddenly vibrated at an even faster speed while emitting a buzzing sound. Instantly, Ye Chuan felt that all the energy of his entire body was sucked out. He silently chanted the merit law in his heart, but he had no power to move his hands. He couldn’t even move his fingers.

Above Yinyang Life Wheel, Octopus Talisman that similarly lost a lot of vitality suddenly expanded and exploded with surging energy fluctuation.

The Octopus Empress made the move. If Ye Chuan could move his mouth, then he would have thanked his luck. It was impossible for Octopus Empress to helplessly watch Ye Chuan being completely devoured by Yinyang Life Wheel. The task of finding the fragments of Lost City was still not completed, and this Yinyang Life Wheel was just one of them, nothing more, there furthermore were many of the remnants scattered in the world. Before the completion of this task, she wouldn’t easily give up on Ye Chuan, this helper, otherwise, she might never be able to escape her situation.

At the critical moment, without Ye Chuan calling for help, Octopus Empress made a move.

Ye Chuan suddenly trembled. In an instant, as if Octopus Empress had injected all her energy into his body, his cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds and his spirit also resonated as he used a technique. Soon, Yinyang Life Wheel within his dantian was suppressed again. Now, other than black and white radiances, there was an additional layer of a blood-red radiance around Yinyang Life Wheel, which was the proof of the initial step of refining.

The power of Octopus Empress was violent and fast. In the blink of an eye, Yinyang Life Wheel was swallowed. But, at this moment, Yinyang Life Wheel already had a layer of red radiance and its fierce vibration gradually calmed down.

“Well, it is finally suppressed. Now, use your qi, blood and vitality to slowly nurture it while using Immortality Seeking Secrets to refine further. Don’t miss a single day. Boy, don’t forget, otherwise, this lordship will not be able to save you even if this lordship personally come here.”

Octopus Empress’s voice resounded. In the midst of coldness, there was a hint of exhaustion. Her voice became smaller until it completely faded away. It seemed that she had used up a lot of vitality to suppress this Yinyang Life Wheel even though she was a Sage realm expert.

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the ground without moving and continued to use the merit law, Immortality Seeing Secrets.

According to Octopus Empress, the Yinyang Life Wheel should no longer be dangerous for the time being, but Ye Chuan didn’t dare to be carefree, he repeatedly used Immortality Seeking Secrets. After a long time, Yinyang Life Wheel finally subsided completely. But, what made him surprise was, the black and white radiances ceased to flash alternatively and a cold current flowed out which made Ye Chuan shiver, followed by a warm current nesting in his heart. After this cold and warm current, Ye Chuan’s spirit shook. Although his physical body was still weak, his spirit, however, was nearly twice as strong as before. In addition, his divine sense could easily breach the restriction of the courtyard and spread out.

Can it be that it was not only a Half Immortal Weapon, but also a big killing weapon for spirit cultivation?

Ye Chuan was excited.

In the Wilderness World, the common treasures were flying sword and so on weapons. They attacked the opponent’s physical body with a sole exception, that was the so-called spirit weapons which directly attacked the opponent’s spirit. The wind chime given to him by cyan robed Seventh Elder as well as Sea Conch he obtained in the ancient grave world of Sea Demon Clan’s holy land, they directly affected the opponent’s spirit, but strictly speaking, they were not truly spirit weapons.

In his previous life, he had heard that, in the bitterly cold land located at the extreme north of Wilderness World, there was a Void Sage and he had a spirit weapon. Allegedly, it was a small whistle. Its appearance was very ordinary but its might was astonishing. With the use of this whistle, he could kill a thousand miles away. Whether this rumor was true or false, and whether this small whistle was truly so powerful or not, Ye Chuan also didn’t know, but, he knew the might of spirit weapons. At that time, there was a famous saying in the Wilderness World, ‘Sages are everywhere like dogs, but spirit weapons are rare.’ Thus it could be seen how rare and powerful spirit weapons were. If he had a powerful spirit weapon, then even if he was just a Peak Daoist Master realm expert, ordinary Sage realm experts might not dare to easily approach him.

Clam down, maintain low-key, and don’t let other people notice this!

Ye Chuan took a deep breath and did his best to calm down. This scene of Yinyang Life Wheel emitting cold and warm currents which strengthen his spirit was not seen by Octopus Empress, otherwise, she might have forcibly snatched it away. Octopus Empress who was trapped in the Reincarnation World knew many secrets of Sea Demon Clan and also knew about this treasure Yinyang Life Wheel, but, she might not necessarily know the real function of this treasure. Other people didn’t know the rareness of a spirit weapon, but Ye Chuan who could summon wind and storm in the entire Wilderness World in his previous life clearly knew it. For a single spirit weapon, even Sage realm experts will fight with their life on the line. If Octopus Empress learned the true magical effects and might of Yinyang Life Wheel, then would she still be able to remain aloof and indifferent?

Ye Chuan’s eyes blazed like torches. Now, he had seen both the threat of Yinyang Life Wheel and also the magical effect and might of this treasure. If he could thoroughly refine this treasure, then not to mention any other things, forcibly breaking into Heavenly Yao Sect and save a person would absolutely not be an issue. He also wouldn’t need the help of anyone and be in hiding while racking his brains like now!

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