Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 614

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 614: Half Immortal Weapon

But, the bigger shock had yet to come.

At the beginning, Ye Chuan just used 20% of his strength but was unable to take out Yinyang Life Wheel. Afterward, he increased his strength to 50%, 80% until 100%, but was still unable to take it out. The Yinyang Life Wheel’s vibration got stronger and stronger, and its buzzing sounds made him feel even more uncomfortable, but, regardless of his efforts, the Yinyang Life Wheel didn’t came out of his dantian.

What a good Lost City’s fragment, what exactly is this thing?

Ye Chuan was shocked. He took a deep breath to calm down. Afterward, he suddenly erupted with violent power as he circulated twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans to their limit, then he used a technique again to forcibly take out Yinyang Life Wheel from within his body. Unfortunately, he failed again. In addition, due to the buzzing sound ringing in his mind, he felt somewhat dizzy.

In Ye Chuan’s hand, suddenly a Pei Yuan Pill appeared. He had taken it out from his Cyan Lotus Space.

For this operation, he also had prepared some pills to take precautions against contingencies, but, since the time was tight, there weren’t many. Thus, even when Black and White Elders were chasing him down, he didn’t take any one of them, but now, he couldn’t afford to not take them out, he immediately swallowed one pill.

Pure energy quickly surged within his body.

Ye Chuan’s spirit power was rejuvenate, but just when he was about to seize the change to press on to extract the Yinyang Life Wheel, the energy of Pei Yuan Pill suddenly disappeared without a trace. It was thoroughly absorbed by Yinyang Life Wheel in his dantian first.

How is this possible?

Ye Chuan’s complexion changed. Such a situation, even he, Heaven Concealing Great Sage who summoned wind and rain in former days, had never seen and also heard it. He gritted his teeth and took out a pill bottle which contained all Pei Yuan Pills he had, then swallowed all of them. Instantly, boundless energy emerged within his body and surged throughout his body. All the pores of his body stretched opened and his muscles also swelled. He felt scorching pain all over his body as if he would not be able to control the energy within his body and explode.

Before, in Small Yao Lake, he was in a hurry, so he just stored Yinyang Life Wheel with great difficulty. He had no time to refine it. Now, in order to eliminate hidden trouble, he was ready to risk everything.

The violent energy coursing through his body suddenly disappeared.

The energy brought along by a bottle of Pei Yuan Pills was absorbed by Yinyang Life Wheel once again without leaving anything behind.

Ye Chuan was madly shocked. Carefully looking inside his body, he discovered that not only the energy of Pei Yuan Pills had disappeared, even his currently low vitality had also disappeared. The mysterious Yinyang Life Wheel actually plundered his own vitality and essence too. The twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans were the first to be affected. At the beginning, they were still fine, but soon, they shrunk as a visible speed. The large amount of energy contained in them was being drained and Ye Chuan felt weary, dizzy and he wanted to lie down and sleep.

This Yinyang Life Wheel is really too strange!

Ye Chuan became solemn and quickly change his strategy. He no longer stubbornly tried to take Yinyang Life Wheel out from within his body, rather used a secret technique, wanting to seal it within his dantian while forcibly supporting himself from collapsing. At this moment, if he fell to the ground and fell asleep, then he might never wake up again. Looking at Yinyang Life Wheel, not only it would suck his vitality dry, it would even not left his soul alone, like that, even reincarnation would be impossible.

Ye Chuan quickly reacted, unfortunately, he was already too late.

Along with the loss of a large amount of vitality, he became more and more weary, and even if he had the heart, he felt powerless. His technique stopped midway. It became more and more difficult to move, in turn, the black and white radiances emitted by Yinyang Life Wheel in his dantian became more and more dazzling. The twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans also became smaller and smaller. If this goes on, then before long, he would wither away.

Ye Chuan changed his technique again, this time, just wanted to protect himself.

He couldn’t circulate twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans as they were bound to Yinyang Life Wheel; his limbs were aching and powerless, he couldn’t even move his body; even his divine sense was also bound at an unknown time and he couldn’t spread it out. Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King were staying next door. Ye Chuan could hear their talking voices, but he could not even call them for help.

The matter at hand was far more serious than expected.

Ye Chuan’s complexion was ghastly pale and his entire body was dripping wet. This moment was far more dangerous than being chased by Black and White Elders.

“The legendary Yinyang Life Wheel really is amazing!”

Just when Ye Chuan had no choice but to helplessly watch himself being swallowed by this ancient Yinyang Life Wheel, a familiar voice resounded in his mind.

Octopus Empress?

Ye Chuan’s eyes lit up. He wanted to move his body and ask for help, but soon after that, he noticed something wrong. Listening to her tone, it seemed like Octopus Empress had been observing for a long time.

“Boy, do you think this lordship is just watching you die?”

Octopus Empress seemed to see through Ye Chuan’s thought. She paused and coldly said, “It is not like this lordship doesn’t want to help you, rather this lordship cannot. The legendary Half Immortal Weapon, Yinyang Life Wheel, it has a heaven-defying ability to complexly absorb a living person’s yang qi, turning him into a corpse, and extract yin qi of a corpse and inject yang qi, turning him into a living person. Even a Sage realm expert flee at the mere sight of it. Such a big killing weapon, who can resist it?”

Octopus Empress’s voice was cold. She used Octopus Talisman within Ye Chuan’s body to observe the change in Yinyang Life Wheel. Although her voice was cold and flat, her speech had a hint of excitement and expectation.

Half Immortal Weapon!

Having heard what was said, Ye Chuan was shocked like never before. In the Wilderness World, the cultivation ranks were divided into Wuzhe, Xiushi, Daoist Master, Sage and Immortal, these five realms. After the Sage realm was the legendary Immortal realm. In his past life, when he could summon wind and rain in the Wilderness World, he had still not broken through to the Immortal realm. No wonder, although he tried his best to control Yinyang Life Wheel, he still could do nothing about it. A Half Immortal Weapon, even if he was his past life self, he might not necessarily be able to control this big killing weapon!

The vitality within his body continued to fade away, and the twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans also continued to shrink. It would not take long before he was completely swallowed by this Yinyang Life Wheel.

Ye Chuan sweated profusely.

He could hear the laughter coming from the next door, but no one knew the current situation of Ye Chuan. Even Plague Archfiend Abasi who was a Half Sage realm expert also didn’t notice the unusualness of Ye Chuan. They all thought that Ye Chuan was cultivating quietly. Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu had gone to participate in the grand sacrifice competition, it was even more impossible for them to return.

After the reincarnation, this was the first time he felt so powerless. Not to mention resisting, he couldn’t even commit suicide. He could only helplessly watch Yinyang Life Wheel slowly nibbling away his life. Now, his only hope was the distant Octopus Empress. But, the problem was, will this peerless evil spirit make a move? With her cultivation, can she contend with Yinyang Life Wheel?

Octopus Empress who was trapped in the ancient grave world was absolutely one of the very best in the current Wilderness World. In the eyes of ordinary people, her cultivation was exceedingly high and all-conquering, but having learned that Yinyang Life Wheel was an ancient Half Immortal Weapon, Ye Chuan was disturbed, and he didn’t have a big hope on even Octopus Empress.

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