Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 612

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 612: The Eve of Competition

Just before the sky was bright, Ye Chuan returned to the Guest Welcoming Peak.

Along the way, there were guards and patrolling squads everywhere. Among them, there was no lack of experts. Fortunately, he was not obstructed throughout the way.

Just after entering, Old Demon of Mount Yin greeted him, “Your Excellency, you are finally back!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend Abasi, Diamond Ape King and Nan Tiandu, all these five experts were gathered in the room of Ye Chuan. Upon seeing Ye Chuan suddenly entering from the window, all of them were excited.


Nan Tiandu waved his hands, arranging a simple formation, isolating this room.

Tonight, like other places in Heavenly Yao Sect, a large group of guards had suddenly come to Guest Welcoming Peak. Even the worst-hit area suffered close surveillance and examination. Inside and outside the courtyard, there were Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples patrolling around with weapons in their hands. They were searching all around for Ye Chuan, this uninvited guest, who had disappeared without a trace. The courtyard where they were living was searched thoroughly and many experts of Heavenly Yao Sect had yet to leave the courtyard.

Originally, upon hearing the movement in Small Yao Lake, they wanted to rush over to provide a helping hand, but because of the frightening numbers of Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts, they had to endure and wait for Ye Chuan’s return. If he still didn’t return after the dawn, then they had to think of a way. Fortunately, Ye Chuan successfully returned just before the dawn.


Ye Chuan nodded his head to Old Demon of Mount Yin and weakly sat cross-legged on the ground. After the battle of Small Yao Lake yesterday, not to mention he was injured, he was also dead tired. And after dodging guards and returning to his room, he felt like he had completely squeezed out all his strength. He was aching all over, feeling numb and inexplicably unwell. This was the result of excessive overdrawing his power. If he didn’t quickly think of a way to nurse himself, then the circumstance might worsen and he might even have qi deviation.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, are you all right?”

Nan Tiandu was very worried. Upon seeing the condition of Ye Chuan was anything but reassuring, he quickly sat behind Ye Chuan and pressing his hands on Ye Chuan’s back, he injected his vital energy into Ye Chuan. Slowly, the pale complexion of Ye Chuan had a tinge of redness, and his chaotic qi and blood also slowly calmed down.

“I am fine, still not dead.”

After a good while, Ye Chuan exhaled several mouthfuls of chaotic qi and replied while signaling Nan Tiandu to not expend his vitality. “Tiandu, you can stop now, I will be fine after cultivating for a few hours.”

“Your Excellency, you are really amazing enough. Yesterday, you alarmed the entire Heavenly Yao Sect by yourself. Unfortunately, I was not together with you. If I had gone out with you last night, then I could have taken advantage of that situation to kill and absorb qi, blood and energy essence of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples, kakaka.” Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily. He didn’t seem to worry like Nan Tiandu, rather was somewhat excited and looked at Ye Chuan in admiration, “By the way, Your Excellency, where exactly did you go yesterday? Who do you encounter? Furthermore, did you find out the whereabouts of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia?”

“I didn’t see her, but, roughly determined her position. She should be in Heavenly Yao Cave located on the other shore of Small Yao Lake.”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “As for who I met? I can only say many, there were ordinary outer sect disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect, and also powerful experts, including Law Enforcement Hall Master Xiahou Qing, furthermore, Black and White Elder who are well-known in Wilderness World. Rhodes, you don’t need to regret it. Next time, I will definitely take you too in the exploration of Heavenly Yao Cave. I have already killed the Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall, but Elder Tianqing who controls the entire sect as well as super experts Black and White Elders are still left. In the future, I will let you deal with them.”

“Don’t, Your Excellency, leave experts like Elder Tianqing and Black and White Elders to Abasi, Nan Tiandu and others, I will help them bring up the rear!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin hastily shook his head and could no longer laugh.

In a chaotic battle, killing everywhere while absorbing opponents’ energy essence, this was what he loved, he didn’t like fighting against a super expert by himself, after all, he was just a Peak Daoist Master realm expert now, he was still weaker than truly formidable enemies. Even among the experts around Ye Chuan, his cultivation and strength were not the highest.

In this operation, Old Demon of Mount Yin had not made sufficient preparation like Ye Chuan. Although he didn’t know much about the situation of Heavenly Yao Sect, he had heard about the reputation of Black and White Elders. He knew that they were peak experts of Heavenly Yao Sect. They were extraordinary people with the cultivation of Half Sage realm. Encountering those two, even Ye Chuan was not their opponent, say nothing of himself.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you killed Law Enforcement Hall Master of Heavenly Yao Sect?”

Nan Tiandu was shocked and bitterly smiled, “No wonder the entire Heavenly Yao Sect is disturbed and all the disciples are crazily looking for your whereabouts.”

“Originally, I don’t want to kill him, unfortunately, that fellow wanted to kill me.” Ye Chuan replied, recalling Xiahou Qing, and his complexion turned cold.

Last night, his objective was just to explore Heavenly Yao Cave to look for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, nothing more. He truly had no intention to be so ruthless and pick a fight with Heavenly Yao sect’s higher-ups. Unfortunately, Xiahou Qing, that crazy dog, not only was he arrogant, he made a move to kill him. Ye Chuan had no choice but to get rid of him with a small trick!

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, what should we do next? Should we forcibly break into Heavenly Yao Cave to save Heavenly Maiden?”

Nan Tiandu asked, looking solemn.

Even before he fused with an evil dragon, he was a person who didn’t even fear heaven, and he was the millennium genius of Cloud Mist Sect. After fusing with an evil dragon at the bottom of the Evil Dragon Abyss and breaking through to Half Sage realm under the direction of Seventh Elder, he was even more confident, moreover, his combat power had suddenly advanced by leaps and bounds. However, as soon as he stepped into Heavenly Yao Sect, he felt an indescribable heavy pressure. He felt like his every move was being watched by a certain expert of Heavenly Yao Sect and he couldn’t help feeling disturbed.

“No, I will go to Heavenly Yao Cave by myself, as for you all…”

Ye Chuan paused and looking at everyone, he said, “Rain Demon, Abasi and Jin Teluo, you three will stay in the room. Unless there is a pressing matter, don’t easily go out. Rhodes, you will be responsible to gather information; Tiandu, you have just one mission, that is, participate in the grand sacrifice competition as the disciple of Bellowing Waves Sect. Remember, the more arrogant you act, the better. Go up onto the stage and claim that you are invincible and you will make the mainland’s cultivators deeply learn the powers of the overseas cultivators. The bigger the commotion you can cause, the better, it would be best if you think of a way to lure out White Haired Heavenly Empress. The sky is already bright, the grand competition will start soon, go ahead and prepare.”

After instructing everyone, Ye Chuan slowly closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, I…”

Nan Tiandu was a little anxious. He absolutely had no issue with fighting to the death with Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts, but assuming the name Nan Batian to participate in the competition, in addition, pretending to be the most important person in the world, wasn’t that a big joke?

Making Nan Tiandu who was always indifferent and aloof play the part of an extremely flippant and impudent fellow who considered everyone beneath his notice, it was truly hard for him.

“Nan Tiandu, let’s go, I will help you, kakaka, His Excellency must have his intention to make you act that way, let’s go!” Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and pulled Nan Tiandu away.

Nan Tiandu also vaguely understood that Ye Chuan wanted to intentionally alarm White Haired Heavenly Empress. Originally, he wanted to decline this task, but he had to accept it with a bitter smile. And looking at the current appearance of Old Demon of Mount Yin, he seemed to have ill intent. He looked very impatient to watch him go up on stage and reveal his incompetence.

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