Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 611

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 611: Heaven Concealing Umbrella

“Successive Heavenly Empresses are indeed able to enter Heavenly Yao Cave, but, they also needed a treasure,” replied Tianku.

In Heavenly Yao Sect which was filled with strong experts, although his cultivation base was far from being the strongest, his qualification was out of ordinary. He had followed two successive Heavenly Empresses, thus, he knew a lot more secret compared to many ordinary disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect.

“What treasure?” Ye Chuan asked.

When he was in Heavenly Yao Cave, he felt that something was wrong. The coldness in that place was honestly too cold. Even Qing Tianhou who was a Peak Half Sage realm expert might not be able to break in. This showed that the successive Heavenly Empresses had a secret or a unique treasure for sure.

“Heaven… Concealing… Umbrella!”

Tianku said word by word.


Ye Chuan was shocked and looked at Tianku in disbelief.

In this world, there was no one more familiar with this treasure Heaven Concealing Umbrella than him. This originally was a big killing weapon he used in his past life when he ran wild in the Wilderness World. It was also a strong body-protecting treasure. Not to mention withstanding the severe cold of Heavenly Yao Cave, with Heaven Concealing Umbrella, anyone could pass unimpeded even in the place a hundredfold colder. But, before he was trapped in God Burial Valley, he had lost it in an ancient ominous domain.

That ancient ominous domain was a mountain range filled with undead creatures, called Undead Mountain Range. Millions of years ago, it was a famous ominous domain. Ye Chuan had unleashed his killing for the last time here. He swept through this entire Undead Mountain Range along with Ghost Hand Medicinal King, Blue Eyed Yao Empress and other followers, killing Ghost King who considered himself the best in the world. In the end, although he won a complete victory and even seized Ghost King’s numerous merit laws, techniques and treasures, the loss of Ye Chuan was also not small. He lost this treasure Heaven Concealing Umbrella. After Ghost King was destroyed, it fell down the unfathomable death abyss that was supposed to lead to the Ghost World. It was also because of the loss of this body-protecting treasure, Ye Chuan was trapped in God Burial Valley later and couldn’t escape.

It was impossible for Heaven Concealing Umbrella to appear in this world again!

Could it be that it was just a fake? Or just happen to have the same name, or later, in the millions of years when he was trapped in God Burial Valley, Blue Eyed Yao Empress returned to Undead Mountain Range, intruded the death abyss and found back damaged Heaven Concealing Umbrella?

Ye Chuan was very confused. This news came too abruptly. He was unable to believe for the moment. Moreover, if it was truly his previous body-protecting treasure Heaven Concealing Umbrella, then as soon as he entered the Heavenly Yao Sect, there should be a reaction, but until now, he hadn’t sense any reaction, what does this mean?

“What, noble son Ye, you have also heard of Heaven Concealing Umbrella?”

Tianku noticed that Ye Chuan looked somewhat unusual. But, without waiting for the reply of Ye Chuan, he shook his head and added, “It’s impossible, even looking throughout the entire Wilderness World, the number of people that know about this treasure doesn’t exceed five. Although your Cloud Mist Sect has a long inheritance, I fear there is no record of this Heaven Concealing Umbrella. Time is like a windy vast desert, it endlessly covers many secrets.”

Tianku seemed to recall many matters.

As a Kumu Warrior, he had a long lifespan. Many irreconcilable enemies and lovers had all died away. Now, he was also following the footsteps of his predecessors, reaching the end of his life. Afterward, many secrets in his heart will be covered by the destiny wind.

“Your Excellency Tianku, listening to you, this Heaven Concealing Umbrella seemed to be a very amazing treasure. What kind of treasure is it?” Ye Chuan pretended to not know anything and asked.

“It is…, a very, very amazing treasure.”

Tianku paused and added, “A very very long time ago, when Heavenly Yao Sect and Cloud Mist Sect were still not established, Wilderness World had another scenery. At that time, in the vast world, there was no strongest sect, rather many heaven-defying experts. Sage realm experts could be found everywhere, it was the generation of heroes. Allegedly, there were countless Sage realm experts like Heaven Shaking Sword Sage, Ghost King Sage, Heaven Connecting Sage… one more powerful than the others. In the current Wilderness World, any one of them would be unrivaled throughout the world. At that time, although Sage realm experts could be found everywhere, the most outstanding and the one who truly controlled the entire Wilderness World was a youth. He concealed the heaven with his hand and he could summon wind and rain, called Heaven Concealing Great Sage. Heaven Concealing Umbrella, according to the legend, this treasure was a big killing weapon of that Heaven Concealing Great Sage.”

The more Tianku spoke, the more excited he got as if he was charmed by that generation of heroes where Sage realm experts were everywhere.

If he was born at that time, then not only he could be able to fight against numerous legendary Sages, he could have also witnessed the Sages’ style. In addition, his latent potential might be simulated, reaching a higher peak. Now, he was already at the end of his life and was at his wit’s end, if he was born millions of years ago, then he might have learned some secret techniques from numerous sages, thus, resolving his calamity and extend his lifespan by further 100,000 years.

Sure enough, it is my previous body-protecting treasure, Heaven Concealing Umbrella!

Ye Chuan was very shocked after he received confirmation from Tianku. He vaguely felt that the reappearance of Heaven Concealing Umbrella had the greatest connection to Blue Eyed Yao Empress, it was very likely that the latter use unknown method to retrieve Heaven Concealing Umbrella from the death abyss, and passed it down from generation to generation in Heavenly Yao Sect!

“It’s hard to believe, or to say, unimaginable, isn’t that so?”

Upon seeing the shocked appearance of Ye Chuan, Tianku smiled and said, “Originally when I heard this for the first time, I was also shocked, even more than you. Noble son Ye, now that I have spoken this much, I will tell you one more secret. Heaven Concealing Umbrella is sealed in our Heavenly Yao Sect’s most important place, Heavenly Yao Hall. But, it’s useless even if you know this, that place is heavily guarded, moreover, there is layer upon layer of restrictions. Just the successive Heavenly Empress can remove the restriction and take out Heaven Concealing Umbrella. But, it could be used for only a short time each time, then quickly sealed again. It is impossible to get a hold of it. The faster you extinguish your thoughts the better. Just you risking your life to come here to save Zixia shows that she had not chosen the wrong person. Unfortunately, you two are doomed to not be together. Noble son Ye, listen to me, return as soon as possible. Later, in the nether world, when Zixia learns that you have risked your life to come to Heavenly Yao Sect to save her, she would be happy even though she died.”

Tianku sighed, and looking Ye Chuan who was full of injuries, he sympathized and felt sorry for them. Just considering how Ye Chuan had risked his life to come save Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he made a move to help Ye Chuan resolve the disaster, otherwise, he would have captured and personally handed him over.

“Okay, thank you for reminding me, Your Excellency Tianku, I know what I should do now. Your Excellency Tianku, take care of yourself!”

Ye Chuan nodded his head then turned away after bowing. But, just before he left the wooden cabin, he suddenly turned around and said, “Oh, that’s right, Your Excellency Tianku, the true Heavenly Yao Demon Refining Water is not refined like that. His cauldron of medicinal fluid lacks some key medicinal materials, moreover, the refining technique is also incorrect. Inside this jade slip, the real refining technique is recorded, I hope it can help you.”

Ye Chuan took out a blank jade slip from his Cyan Lotus Space, then using his divine sense, recorded a part of his memory. Afterward, he tossed it towards Tianku and disappeared without a trace.

“The refining technique that has been passed down in my Heavenly Yao Sect for thousands of years is incorrect? Youngster, after all, is youngster, likes to exaggerate…”

Looking at the disappearing backview of Ye Chuan, Tianku bitterly smiled while shaking his head. He then caught the jade slip and take a look, immediately afterward, he was stunned and got excited.

Like many ancient restrictions and ancient techniques of Heavenly Yao Sect, this Heavenly Yao Demon Refining Water was also something he had passed down to Blue Eyed Yao Empress. Afterward, Blue Eyed Yao Empress passed it down to her personal disciple. Perhaps, the latter’s understanding was limited and didn’t learn the essence, or perhaps, due to such a long period of time, some key points were lost. Many sect’s secret techniques for Tianku and others were worth nothing to Ye Chuan. Before leaving, he left behind the real refining method as a reward for Tianku. After this battle, Ye Chuan looked at Tianku with new eyes. He knew that although Heavenly Yao Sect was not the past Heavenly Yao Sect now, there were still some people with a conscience. He hoped Tianku could solve his disaster.

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