Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 61

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 61: Dilemma

To make a breakthrough, one needed to be well prepared, and also needed good luck. Small hurdle needed little good luck, and big hurdle needed great good luck.

Qianyang pill contained pure spiritual power. It could strengthen spirit, and also can cleanse tendons and marrows, which would be equivalent to the effort of hundred years. This crystal core of Thousand Legged Monster refined into pills was unexpected good luck for Ye Chuan who was only at refining blood realm, Rank 7 Wuzhe. He had never thought that, while going to Swallow Water Bay to search Qingyang fruit’s seeds, he would unexpectedly run into yet to mature Thousand Legged Monster on the way.

Ye Chuan pinched two Qianyang pills, then he thought to immediately eat them, but again he placed them down, separately putting them inside two crystal bottle. Then going out, he stood at the top of the Purple Cloud Peak looking around the entire Cloud Mist Sect. After that, he went down the mountain and strolled inside the sect. He completely ignored the remarks and pointing out of people, and used his two legs to measure the grand, attractive and very steep mountain peaks. He frequently stood motionless gazing the high mountain, and using his fingertips to touch ice-cold ancient rocks, moreover every now and then, he would mutter to himself.

After his reincarnation, it had already been a period of time since he had joined the Cloud Mist Sect, but this was still the first Ye Chuan walked around the sect after his reincarnation. On the eve of the Great Competition, he carefully sized up this familiar and again unfamiliar sect. Past events that have vanished like smoke, and the memories covered with dust slowly began to float up in his mind.

Not long after swallowing Qianyang pill, Flame Devil began to cultivate in seclusion on the spot. Refining the Qianyang pill, he silently felt the changes in his body and came to realize the profoundness of cultivation. When he had swallowed Qianyang pill, it was still high noon, but now it was already night when he opened his eyes. And Ye Chuan just happens to return back from outside after strolling the mountain peaks within the sect.

Opening his eyes, Flame Devil saw remaining two Qianyang pills inside the crystal bottles. These priceless pills were casually placed on the ground just like this by Ye Chuan.

“Noble son, you……, you didn’t take Qianyang pill? Aren’t you injured, and aren’t your vitality and spirit yet to recover?” Flame Devil was confused, but he wasn’t surprised, he understood that Ye Chuan must have profound meaning to behave this way. In the underground Ghost Market, when he met Ye Chuan for the first time, every action of Ye Chuan was strange and incomprehensible, but now Flame Devil had already understood, it was not that Ye Chuan was strange, it was just that ordinary people were unable to understand him, that’s all.

“I will take Qianyang pills, but not now, the opportune moment is not here yet.” Ye Chuan indifferently smiled without explaining in detail.

Flame Devil became silent for a little while, then worriedly said, “Noble son, Great Competition is beginning soon, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect are already prepared long ago, so like this, wouldn’t you……”

Flame Devil was heavy-hearted, among the Big Disciple of three great sects, the cultivation of Ye Chuan was undoubtedly the lowest. Moreover, he feared that, even among all the participating disciples, his cultivation was lowest. With inferior cultivation and injuries he possessed, how would he fight in the upcoming Great Competition?

Could it be that Ye Chuan wanted to take the initiative to give up?

Flame Devil thought of this, but soon after that, he tossed away this thought. How could he think like that, looking at the appearance of Ye Chuan? No matter how you look, Ye Chuan didn’t resemble a person that would take the initiative to give up.

“It’s fine, it’s just a crowd of little underlings, even if I am already injured, I can exterminate them with a casual move of my finger.”

Ye Chuan unfathomably smiled, then putting away the crystal bottles on the ground, he sat cross-legged on the spot and said: “Yi Yanzi, I am going to send out my spirit to move about inside the sect, so protect me for the time being.”

Then without waiting for the reply of Flame Devil, Ye Chuan used his secret technique, letting out his spirit once again.

Flame Devil was dumbstruck, a Wuzhe realm cultivator could let out his spirit, this alone already had overturned his understanding of cultivation. When he was wandering about for many years, he had never seen nor heard about a cultivator of Wuzhe realm being able to let out their spirit. Even if an elite Rank 1 Xiushi wanted to let out their spirit, then it would not be this easy, first, they had to take a bath, change their clothes and then meditate. How can it be as effortless as eating and sleeping like Ye Chuan was doing? Without any protection, letting out the spirit like this, doesn’t he fear his spirit will be lost in the boundless night and no longer be able to return?

Flame Devil came to his sense, and sweating for Ye Chuan, he hastily sat cross-legged beside Ye Chuan to protect him.

Although his cultivation had already reached Rank 5 Daoist Master realm, but he had never dared to easily let out his spirit for nightwalking in the night. Generally, there were three kinds of people that would casually send out their spirit for night-walking. First kinds were rookies that understood nothing, second kinds were fearless great experts and the final kinds were peerless Great Devil who did as they please. Ye Chuan, which type of person is he?

Flame Devil was increasingly unable to understand, and he slowly sent out his divine sense, feeling the whereabouts of Ye Chuan’s spirit.

Hovering in the sky for a while, the spirit of Ye Chuan, with the aid of the ill wind, first moved around Alchemy Hall, then flew towards a very steep mountain peak.

Late at night, when people had fallen asleep or were cultivating quietly, in a dark underground secret room, a dim candlelight was flickering. Third Elder sat upright on a praying mat with his two eyes shut tightly, and Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun with gloomy face stood behind with his head lowered.

“Third Elder, what do you think about this plan?” Jin Zhikun asked.

“The plan is very good, unfortunately, the reality is very cruel, how will you implement it?

Third Elder slowly turned around, and looking at Jin Zhikun, he coldly said: “Your this plan must have someone that has obtained the trust of that brat Ye Chuan. Where will you find such person? Altogether only seven people are allowed to participate in Great Competition this time, and even if that brat Ye Chuan is stupid and doesn’t understand anything about the situation, but at least there is that girl Zhu Sijia to give him direction, so how can we let our people infiltrate?”


Jin Zhikun was speechless, and he began to sweat profusely. He was preoccupied with how to take revenge, but overlooked an important link. Looking at the sunken face of Third Elder, he braced himself and said: “Third Elder, how about Yi Suo? As your personal disciple, as well as tempering himself outside for so long, his strength definitely will not be a problem. In the conference of tomorrow, as long as we strongly demand to let Yi Suo participate in the name of revitalizing the sect, Ye Chuan will definitely be unable to find the way out, and Great Elder will also not be able to oppose. Even if we forget that the cultivation of Ye Chuan himself is garbage, in any case, he can’t arbitrarily select a group of trash to represent the sect!”

“This plan is pretty good, unfortunately, it’s already late.”

With a gloomy complexion, Third Elder slowly said with his hoarse voice, “Although Yi Suo is young and promising, unfortunately, he is still too young and too impulsive. After just returning from his travel outside, he had a conflict with Ye Chuan. Now, why would that brat Ye Chuan select him to participate? Jin Zhikun, as a Hall Master, why didn’t you know even this?”

“I was in seclusion cultivation for last two days.”

Jin Zhikun again began to sweat, and had an ugly complexion. How could he forget about the death of his son Jin Hua? He endured humiliation as part of an important mission for so long, and helplessly watched Ye Chuan getting free and unconstrained as well as his popularity growing with each passing day inside the sect, now he truly was unable to restrain himself. So, panting, he angrily said: “It is necessary to utterly defeat that brat Ye Chuan to legitimately pull him down from the Big Disciple position of the sect, moreover we need to do it seamlessly, Third Elder, you say, how can it be done?”

“Difficult, very difficult! We still have a one night time, carefully think over it again!”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu shook his head, then slowly closed his eyes again.

With the support of Great Elder and Second Elder, it was naturally not easy to strip Ye Chuan’s status of sect’s Big Disciple, moreover, they couldn’t touch him in broad daylight. But this Great Competition of three great sects was a rare good opportunity, nevertheless if they wanted to do this seamlessly, it would not be easy.

Great Completion was about to begin, so some people were happy and some people were worried.

Zhu Sijia and Great Elder, as well as other people inside the sect, were worried, worried about the group of participants including Ye Chuan returning after being utterly defeated, or even losing their life. Jin Zhikun and Third Elder however were also worried secretly thinking a seamless scheme against Ye Chuan. It was hard to do good deeds, and it was also hard to do bad deeds!

“Third Elder, Third Elder……”

Jin Zhikun lightly called out, but seeing Third Elder turning a deaf ear with his eyes closed, he was forced to retreat. Just after he left, the air inside the underground secret room suddenly undulated, and a black robed person with his entire body shrouded with black mist walked out from the torn void. After that Third Elder who was aloof and remote just now immediately prostrated respectfully and said: “I pay respect to Dark Underworld Envoy!”

“No need for your formality, rise! Bai Yanhu, you know your sin……”

Black robed person was short, small and emaciated, but his face was blurred, so couldn’t see his appearance clearly. His voice was also strange and ice-cold. But before he finished speaking, he suddenly raised his head, and his eyes flashed with pallid light, then stretching out his palm, he slapped the pitch-black ceiling.

Suddenly, could of dust flew up and pieces of rocks flew everywhere.

Several sparrows lightly sleeping on the trees of courtyard suddenly opened their eyes and just after they half-spread their wings and jumped out of their nests, their body simultaneously fell down vertically, fall dead on the ground. The carps inside the small pond and rocks in the rock garden and water flew to the sky, then fell straight down. After falling into water, the carps showed their belly.

Instantly, the shockwave from 100 meters deep under the ground mercilessly killed all the life on the ground.

This ferocious shockwave seemed to tear even the air itself. In a corner of the courtyard, the spirit of Ye Chuan twisted as if it was about to be torn into shreds and dissipate on the spot. But with great difficulty, he managed to leave at full speed with the help of the ill wind. Behind, a fierce wind broke out, and a huge indistinct face appeared in the sky, which chased after him, wanting to swallow the spirit of Ye Chuan!

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  1. What’s with this slow ass cultivation. I must say one of the very few novels where i can’t seem to like the MC. Only because of the harem tag i came here only to find immature flirty jokes.

  2. And hope author got some interesting twist to story otherwise it is only a matter of time before this story makes it way out of my reading list.

  3. Yeah the cultivation is painfully slow. I keep telling myself that he’s doing it because he said a good foundation at the lower level makes for being stronger later, but if he’s going to cultivate this slow even after the next realm then I’m out. The story is starting to drag. A normal MC would have broken through, won the tournament, fought the other two sets and have long since exposed this shady guy by now.

    Also the MC is being a moron by nightwalking when he’s not even recovered. He basically messed up and got caught every single time so wtf did he think was good to happen this time??

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